Inari Konkon Koi Iroha Wallpaper: Inari @ Shrine:Betwixt & Between

Morohe Yoshida, Production IMS, Wagaya no Oinarisama, Inari Konkon Koi Iroha, Kuugen Tenko Wallpaper

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Inari, 7-tailed fox goddess, standing in front of a rusty-red-post&beam delineated pathway, that was "caught" with the gate to one of the heavenly realms open -- with more pure colors than would exist on our earthly plane, with a watery-surface effect at the entrance (ala a StarGate-SG1 wormhole boundary, or gate to another world).

It's meant to be very "slight", but the innermost poles and beams are not exactly straight -- but with the centers slightly bent inward toward the gate, as though they are being pulled toward the gate. The front most poles/beams are more perpendicular & parallel to the frame as they are on slightly more level ground, but the path appears to slightly twist further in -- as seen from an external point of view.

If you walked in, you wouldn't notice it being at as steep of an angle, as the pathway beneath you acts as a source of gravity, making the archway feel more on level ground as you walk further inside.

Most of it is produced using vectors or formulas, including her outfit, the hair ties, each eye-let where the ribbon weaves in and out, the gate and interior, rings, bell, fans, the waves of translucent energy coming off of the fans and the ends of her tails, and even the threading at the end of the two ties -- each thread is a separate line that I manually twisted & bunched using the "free transform" operation on all of the points & lines in the threaded ends of the the cords coming from the ends of the sleeves.

Bitmapped portions include some merged, distorted and clipped images for the cherry blossoms on the right, the basis for the night sky, the moon, the watery surface in the gate, the wood grain on the poles & beams, and, of course, the hand-painted tails, which involved several created brushes

The expression on the face is to appear enigmatic and slightly playful as though she was caught coming or going between the worlds, but has a slight smile and slightly averted gaze as though she knows or senses some hidden thought in the viewer.

The working size of this (which is needed to see some of the detail) -- was 9600x6000 and a tad over 700mb and took about 9 months.


p.s. -- The colors are "muted"/not right in the preview (sorta looking like the color-profile was stripped off). You'll have to look at it full-size to see the correct colors.

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  1. angelxxuan Banned Member Dec 29, 2015

    yay an Astara piece ! good to see you're still around and giving us work, hope it sticks around ;) it's a really cute piece, nicely done and great job on it.

  2. UberDog Dec 30, 2015

    Man you have been working on that piece for Lord knows how long. Looks great! I see you have added a background. Keep 'em coming. *Salutes*

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