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ok ...he he he... long time no seen huh? :) well I think that this draw is not so good, but I like it anyway.....
well I'm waiting for comments and critiques :D

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  1. Fatall Dec 15, 2004

    "not so good" ? mi takie w zupelnosci wystarczy bardzo excelent work -] czekam na kolejne prace...

  2. susanoo Dec 15, 2004

    ja ci dam "not so good" :) ktora kolwiek wersje bys dala to byloby oki.
    This is great work!!!!!!!!particularly eyes they are kawaii :)

  3. harakiri Dec 15, 2004

    I am the third one to repeat it: "not so good"? xD
    This picture is simply nice and cute. The facial expression seems so real and the pose is well drawn, too.

  4. KorganoS Dec 15, 2004

    Well, I'd be the fourth to say : "what the heck is not good about this pic?" ^_^'
    it's cute, well drawn, nice linearts,.... nice expression.....
    it has all.... nicely done...
    might as well add this to my favs...
    more 'not good' drawing pls... or even better,... I'd like to see your 'real good' stuff.... i'm sure it'll be astounding... :D

  5. evasion Dec 15, 2004

    I think the pose and lineart is very well done :) You ought to color it! Very great work :)

  6. TakamuraReiji Dec 16, 2004

    Argh! *scream* What's that!? I'm seeing bat wings behind her back!!! Lol. :D
    Impresive. And really nice drawing. Really, I like her big round eyes. :D Good work. ^^

  7. pixelboy Dec 16, 2004

    very nice draw man. looks really good. should be proud of it. ;)

  8. pixelboy Dec 16, 2004

    very nice draw man. looks really good. should be proud of it. ;)

  9. ventures Dec 16, 2004

    hey,karolina-san!this pic looks really good!the cute lil devil sitting in a cute lil pose... :nya:

  10. ventures Dec 16, 2004

    hey,karolina-san!this pic looks really good!the cute lil devil sitting in a cute lil pose... :nya:

  11. Oshii-Rion Dec 16, 2004

    Karlina! You have beautyful drawing! XD I like this! :D

  12. Nayako Dec 17, 2004

    You have great talent!! xd
    i love this pic!! +fav

  13. artgeek12 Dec 18, 2004

    How can you say it isn't drawn well? The expression has feeling behind it. The hair hangs off the shoulder nicely. The proportions are correct. The only gripe i have would be the end of the dress where the thigh is. It's a little too stiff...static. Like there is a lot of starch in her dress. It may just be the style of the photo but just makin' an observation. ^_^'

  14. Bloodlust Dec 19, 2004

    simply great, really nice drawing, ok it doesnt have the great coolness of your other work, but its so cute

  15. Ari-chan Dec 19, 2004

    What do you mean by "This draw is not so good"? It wonderful, you draw so well.

  16. izeas Dec 19, 2004

    T_T soooooooooo cute!!!!!!
    a say litel femail devil !!!!!
    i love the winga!!!
    but i cent see them all T_T -_-
    and that litle kawaii nose!!! i will to do a kitchou to it!!(if you dont know what i mean see gravitation)

  17. Omega-Knight Dec 21, 2004

    Very cute! The only negative thing I'll say is it's a bit dirty, I mean because of it's pencilled or becausae of the scanning process. Other than that, it's very fantastic!! Really nice work, very cute, keep it up :)

  18. jumetun Mar 24, 2005

    Och, ona jest sliczna! Naprawde udana praca ^_^ Chwyta za serce, w kazdym razie moje. Nie podoba mi sie tylko smuga biegnaca od lewego gornego rogu, to prawdopodobnie efekt uboczny pracy z olowkiem, ale nic wiecej nie napisze, bo obrazek odmawia wspolpracy i nie moge go powiekszyc.
    Z premedytacja dodam DeVill do ulubiencow!

  19. calisqo May 29, 2005

    so devilish xd
    i like the expression.
    I'd like to see the presentation much better.
    Looks great anyhow keep it up ^_^

  20. mentis Jun 12, 2005

    Wydaje mi sie ze to jest jeden z najleprzych od ciebie :D. I love it! You have shown good emtion with her, and of course she is very cute :D. Good job!

  21. Koujisama Jul 04, 2005

    OMG she is so cute with those black wings ^_^ yea she is real devil girl but very sweet :)
    Great sketch so amazing :)

  22. mihopl Jul 24, 2005

    Niezly pomysl, kolorki w klimacie. Sliczna buzka, a paluszek w ustach - jak wisienka na torcie! Super!!! Prosze sie nie mazac tylko duzo rysowac! ;)

  23. pegassuss Oct 13, 2005

    Lovely drawing! :o you are a great artist!! I really love her expression, it's so sweet!, her pose is really nice, and I really like that soft coloring ^^ And the wing is a really nice detail! You did a great job! Keep it up ^_~

  24. Nyuu-chan Dec 11, 2005

    Ahh she is sooo kawaii! Well I must be blind but I saw it just now :P
    Anyway it is a favie my Sis XD!

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