Tenjou Tenge Wallpaper: ::Isuzu Emi::

Oh! Great, Tenjou Tenge, Emi Isuzu Wallpaper
Oh! Great Mangaka Tenjou Tenge Series Emi Isuzu Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

x_x erm, decided to make a wallpaper... *still not sure bout going to Indonesia, parents are still thinking about it so i still have time for walling =D* Anyways, I just watched half of Tenjo Tenge and hell I'm lovin' that anime ^___^~ So I wanted to wall Isuzu *I dunno why, She looks cool to me XD*

According to Kashi (exentric), the scan and bg colours don't really match ne o_o? T__T *points at the st00pid monitor* blame that damn thing <_<
Well still, thankiu kash for helping me check on da colours =D

I walled this when my boyfriend was busy playing Counter Strike =.=" I was bored so, yay time to wall something~ This took me around 7-8 hours. =/ Around 50++ layers -.- Too lazy to count accurately. I used mostly brushes for the bg *argh again! I dunno why I love brushing sho much ;_;*
Scan was found here in MT. Thanks to whom that posted this scan here ^^"

www.digikb.tk <--- go there for more resolutions [>_> gonna update sooner or later *yawn*]

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  1. exentric Dec 15, 2004

    the color just somehow dont match >_<
    tho the bg ish just shuperb~~ XD
    you're jush shuperb on brushing... T_T
    oh and da scan alsho a bit low on quality... ^_^""
    well not sure bout da quality but it just doesnt fit the crispyness of da bg. ^_^"

  2. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 15, 2004

    Well at least I'm the first to fav this :d I loooovvveeeee it :D The bg is really superb.. In everything. And btw.. I at least think that the colors do match :D
    Good wall!!! :D
    *huggles little sister*

  3. Alpha Dec 15, 2004

    thanks for share this great work I like the bg indeed but I agreed with exentric a little...
    But the bg is very cute indeed. See ya!!!.

  4. GaiJiN Dec 15, 2004

    That bg is awesome. I really really like it XD ! Don't know if ther match the scan, but the colours are wonderful. And the details... keep brushing, because it looks so good :D ! Even the text is nice. To bad I don't like this character so much T_T , because that's is one of your best wallpapers Yumi-Chan OX

  5. jackalx66 Dec 15, 2004

    nah the color is fine to me :D
    and the bg is just nice XD
    and i rarely see the chara as a wall
    overallis nice wall and deserve a fave
    thx for ur effort and share it in here ;)

  6. joelawawaw Dec 15, 2004

    wow i like this. the background is really nice. the colours are just a little weird, but its not too bad. and the text is pretty cool.

  7. white-zero Dec 15, 2004

    Superb wall yet again. XD

    The scan is little poor cause it's taken from the manga. It's pretty neat and forgivable in my view.

    The BG is superb. Nuff said. :)

  8. TakamuraReiji Dec 15, 2004

    Wow...cool smilies...I just noticed it. :D
    Erm, well, okay. It match, the colour, the background and her hair. But looks weird :x . Should use blue with the bg. Then it'll looks nicer XD . Good work :) .

  9. AkinaSpirit Dec 15, 2004

    Nice bg... the colour is nice XP XD <-- which smilie do you prefer? muwahahahaha :D
    mmmm wow... I gotta remember the codes for all these smilies :nya: hahaha anyway... maybe the colours don't match cos of the glowness of her hair o_0 ^_^' Anything else like the bg is great~

  10. Athrun Dec 15, 2004

    Quote by Yumi-ChanI walled this when my boyfriend was busy playing Counter Strike =.=

    lol, you sound upset.

    Well anyway...

    Hmm regardless whether you go to Indonesia, I wish a Happy Holidays! (Even tho we still got about 2 weeks to burn down mind you. :P)

    Whoo! 7-8 hours!? You are one hard-working graphic artist! XD Your brushing skills are truly awesome!! Wonderful job, Yumi-chan! =D And I think the colors are quite fitting tho, lol. It matches the scan's hair color.

    ...but I have to truthful. Seeing that wallpaper close up gave me a scare. O_O Sorry, I just find girls with big lips to be really frightening... XD

    But such hard work must be added to my favs! :P =)

    * adds to fav

  11. ayanechan Dec 15, 2004

    the girls looks odd o_O scary yet er.. how do i say this.. she doesn't gimme the impression that she's scary/ebil smiling o_O =X

  12. gundex Dec 15, 2004

    pretty isuzu emi... with lovely bg... :D :D :D great wall yumi-chan err i don't think that the color isn't match... it's ok... yup +fav +fav... (err sometimes could u teach me how to brush...)

  13. KorganoS Dec 15, 2004

    Lol she is the most unique (yet psychotic) in the TenTen serie... xp
    i aggree with everyone... bg is super!! Amazing... and it's purple.... :D ... brushing eh? very nice.... you're very good at making sceneric with brush combination... excellent job...
    mm.. maybe the scan and the bg don't match because the scan is a manga scan, so there should be graininess in the bg too to compliment it... but that's a trivial thing imo... ^_^'
    all in all.. very nice work, *zaps* goes to my favorites... XD
    Well done!

  14. tAtEkAnE Dec 15, 2004

    the BG is nice yumic-chan XD but the image is kinda grainy especially of the hair part..but it's really nice :D

  15. Mistress Dec 15, 2004

    cooool bg!
    +fav ^_____^

  16. Kenzotsuke Dec 15, 2004

    hum......the colors are beautiful and great use of IM tree brushes!!
    the scan is pretty too!
    .hop........ :pacman: ..................+fav ;)

  17. Jormungand Dec 15, 2004

    Wheee~! I really love the colours~! ^__^
    great background.. it looks really nice ^.~
    i don't know about that character... but she looks cool to me, too XD
    definitely a fav :D

  18. StarCentury Dec 15, 2004

    This is a cool one! :nya: Love the red scenery and the redhead matches well! Instant fav all the way! Thanx for sharing, Yumi! :D

  19. ungooma Dec 15, 2004

    Wow, that is truly amazing. Nice wall, I love it. I dont know why some people dont like the bg, but I like it. Good job. Cant wait for your next one.

  20. DarkEVO Dec 15, 2004

    Cool background sister.
    I really like it.
    Haunted and in the cemetery some more.
    I like the girl. She's beautiful.

  21. Asahi Dec 15, 2004

    very great one. i like the colors of the sky.. and the backgroundmotive .. its different to all the ones which are 'in' at this time ! ^^ the fog makes a good mood in it ! =)

  22. Midori-chan Dec 15, 2004

    wow...the bg is awesome!!
    u just watched this anime?? well better finish it soon....cause it's really extreme!! XD XD
    thanx for sharing it here!!
    fav too!! ;) :)

  23. evasion Dec 15, 2004

    cooool! I love the way you did the bg and used the scan. Great composition and color tone. +fav+

  24. ultimaslair Dec 15, 2004

    Nice wall. It's a good scan, I like it. The background is really cool too. The sky really accents the characater. Great job on the mist and all, looks really great!

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