Samurai 7 Wallpaper: Samurai 7 [Emergence]

Gonzo, Samurai 7, Kyuzo, Heihachi Hayashida, Kikuchiyo Wallpaper
Gonzo Studio Samurai 7 Series Kyuzo Character Heihachi Hayashida Character Kikuchiyo Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

And they came like a shaterring wind!
Pouring like the seeping rain...
Their silence is their maidens,
Death is their companion forever in the shadows...
for its their barriers which make up their own demons.

So yet again getting good at this grunge thing....it was hard to re-cg some parts of the image, got the scan from ACE in MT and i PURPOSELY TEXTURIZED it to make it seem oldish and ancient...to capture the samurai typed thing but yeah just dont care what you say but i like it all together.!!!!!!!! Lots of new brushes here from Vbrushes, duplication, overlayed and experimentation layers all over so its 79 layers and 7 hours of workage babay! XD

Hope you likey! ^_^

More resolutions in Imanimetions so chrck it out!

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Browse Samurai 7 Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. DernierCri Dec 13, 2004

    "Count it the greatest sin to prefer life to honor, and for the sake of living to love what makes life worth having. " - Juvenal, Satires (55 AD - 127 AD)

    another face in the bg to look over us...
    another great use of texture...
    another excellent wall from the master...

    *i kept creating walls because of your comments over at ao... thanks*

  2. DayBreak Dec 13, 2004

    oho! the grunge king has pulled another wall out of his pockets ><
    i really like this as usual! *thinks hard how he can compare his grunge to Oracles*
    god damn >< the grunge bg i really love XD!
    all i want to knoe is dat where you get all ur grunge brushes >< the ones on ur wall i have never seen before ><
    tell me! or i shall pull out....*gets out shotgun guitar*

  3. Skillzpay Dec 13, 2004

    You certainly are getting a solid handle on your grunge style. Looks great as always bud :D

  4. ultimaslair Dec 14, 2004

    Very nice wall! Cool scan, and nice text too! The grunge is really cool, and the colors are nice. I'm not too sure about the texture of the characters on the wall, it kinda seems to fit, but I personally think it's kinda wierd...Anyway, it's still a great wall. Nice work!

  5. DarkParagon Dec 14, 2004

    Great wall. Love the scan used, and the texture fits nicely. Also, I love the series so +fav for me ;)

  6. exentric Dec 14, 2004

    this wallie aint half bad oracle~
    I really like it~ ^_^
    nice work~ XD

  7. white-zero Dec 14, 2004

    What can I say? Your works floors me down as always... XD

  8. euna Retired Moderator Dec 14, 2004

    Whoa.... another awesome grunge work!!
    Very fitting bg and colours.... brilliant choice as usual...
    The number of layers you use for walls always stun me to silence.. ^_^'
    Excellent work as usual. *fav*

  9. UndyingShadow Dec 14, 2004

    Another awesome grunge wall Oracle! I also like what you did to the texture of the image. Nice wall!

  10. tecnophreak Dec 14, 2004

    man, that is a savage BG, very nice. I like the darkened "7" effect you used . on another note, I just made a wall recently dedicated to you, check it out, see whatcha think

  11. Nayako Dec 14, 2004

    Great wall!!!
    I love this series!!!
    Good job XD

  12. Aa-chan Dec 14, 2004

    Cool background.
    Love the background, it looks really neat :) .

  13. kenzuke Dec 14, 2004

    Oviously you have so much time to make walls......XD....wish I had that time....
    ..and for this wall....well, it's nice and grungy as always....^___^
    ..I can't stop myself from clicking the fav...XD...

  14. jackalx66 Dec 14, 2004

    great wall
    i love the chara u use and the grunge bg XD
    quite long not see grunge this good
    keep it on , oa XD
    flood IM with ur wall XD
    *runs away from sammo >.<*
    a def fav for me ^^
    thx for ur effort and share it in here ^^

  15. akai Dec 14, 2004

    Yeah! A samurai sevenwall that I like... finally. V(^o^)V
    The texture of the characters picture works really well and it complements the background.
    Wonderful work. :)

  16. Oshii-Rion Dec 14, 2004

    I like Samurai 7 (Kyuzo and Katsushiro XD ). Great wall! I like it! Favorite!

  17. crapmonster Dec 15, 2004

    this wall is amazingly awesome, the show sadly is not. i have to say this is one of my fav walls from you, the brushwork especially is done quite nicely here!!

  18. miaka036 Dec 17, 2004

    w00t!!!!!! I love this wallie!!!!! I love what you did w/ it.

  19. miaka036 Dec 17, 2004

  20. shirahana Dec 18, 2004

    It's back to your awesome grunge walls again ^_^

    Brown works so nicely for this one. I like the olden feel ^-^;

  21. Noctum Dec 18, 2004

    I'm not sure, if it was a good idea to use that texture on the characters, but what bugs me even more is how much they stand out of the bg because of their colourful appearance.
    I also wonder on what platform the characters in the second line are standing, since they stand more than 1 meter above the others.

  22. sammo Retired Moderator Dec 20, 2004

    as expected from IM's grunge ace XD it looks great to me, no matter what anyone says! great job AO!

  23. artgeek12 Dec 21, 2004

    The texture and the text fit so well, they look like they were destined to be put together!! Nice wall!! THe positioning and stances of everyone fit soooo well. Definitly a fav!!

  24. Spike67th Dec 26, 2004

    wow... very niceeee!

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