Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: A Seed Christmas

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Athrun Zala, Torii (Gundam SEED), Lacus Clyne Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Athrun Zala Character Torii (Gundam SEED) Character Lacus Clyne Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Here's part 2 of the GS xmas wallies~ Dedicating this wallie to Athrun. ^_^
It took a while to find the right pictures but I did it! ^_^
The girls are in front this time. I had to redraw Cagalli's kimono on the left b/c it gets cut off. I hope no one notices my lame attempt of rectifying it. I had to fix Athrun's too. Kira is a little different~ I couldn't find a picture of him in a kimono. >_<; So that's the closest thing I could find. Also, this time, the bg is my own doing. But you can barely see it. ^_^; Oh well~
Hope everyone likes~
Lacus credit: http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/25488/
Kira, Athrun & Cagalli credit: http://www.animevisions.net/

*edit* 'kay~ took out the blush b/c it doesn't seem to be liked. Plus, I guess it's not neccessary. There isn't much I can do for Cagalli's kimono though. ;_; I am still not that efficient with PS so that's the best I can do at the moment. Sorry for sloppy work~

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  1. peachtea Dec 13, 2004

    awwww nice

  2. Butterflygirl Dec 13, 2004

    Wow.......Very cool wallpaper, sooooooo nice. I love it so much. Great work.... XD

  3. meteorcloud Dec 13, 2004

    ow yeah!!
    a really really nice and cool wallpaper=D
    now I have a nice x'mas wallpaper for my desktop =D

  4. streamside Dec 13, 2004

    ermm... sorry for saying this... i know it might seem harsh... you might even say 'who am i to talk'....

    but... the blush on their faces aren't done that well.... and cagalli's kimono isn't that nice either....

    that's all i probably needed to say...........

    despite those... your wall would probably be fine...........

  5. Jormungand Dec 13, 2004

    Whee~! I like this version even better :D nice placement of the characters ^__^
    i like the mood better because the girls in colourful kimonos are in front... the whole wallie looks happier XD and the bg is nice too
    great wallie~! ^.~

  6. Kei-kun Restricted Member Dec 13, 2004

    Is it me or do those 3 characters who have their mouves opened, have them opened in the same length wide and height? I.e. they have the same mouves opened.

    This is good. Colorful, and very sparkly. :)

  7. sylvacoer Dec 13, 2004

    Hmmm, I actaully like this one better than the first, because it's ever so much more dynamic. Good job!

  8. kai Dec 14, 2004

    Very nice, I like the pictures you used. Nice background too. :D

  9. KorganoS Dec 14, 2004

    Oh wow... might be simply the best Christmas scene of Gundam Seed I've seen yet... :D
    Nice work with the re-cg of the kimonos... looks flawless to me...
    just that the scan quality seems a liiiiitle bit low...
    overall it's soo nice and has lots of beautiful colors... and the fluffy snowballs ^^
    nice work, Mari..... +fav

  10. r33an Dec 14, 2004

    a lot of cute girl there.... :D
    it's a cool wall WALK...
    i like the girl with blondie hair on the right...she's very cute... :D

  11. Icarus Dec 14, 2004

    whaa so beautifull wallpaper, you make good background and snow effect. Good Job :p

  12. Fuji-Syusuke Dec 14, 2004

    Awww.......what a beautiful wallpaper, i really like it, thanks for sharing! :D :D

  13. DarkEVO Dec 14, 2004

    Another one?! I like this wallpaper. Really nice at how it turned out. This is a favourite for me.

  14. ProjectD Restricted Member Dec 14, 2004

    not a big fan of gundam seed but nice Wall.

    http://www.iownjoo.com/freeimghost/Project_D/Macross Plus WP.jpg

  15. Danny2004 Dec 15, 2004

    Can't ask for a better pic of Gundam Seed in the context of holiday seasons. Well thought about that, it's really awesome!

    Great wallpaper!

  16. Athrun Dec 15, 2004

    Wow, that's really great how you re-drew the faces! I can't really tell the difference! =O =D

    Great job as usual, Walkure! =)

    * adds to fav

  17. tobalone Dec 15, 2004

    very nice. I like what you did with those pics. the overall is good and pretty. Keep doing

  18. Evanrued Dec 15, 2004

    This looks very good! Wonderful Job! I love it! I get a good feel from the image itself, much time to do I assume for thats the feel I get, Very lovely work! And sorry for the late comment..

  19. evasion Dec 15, 2004

    ooooo! Another sweet seed wall :) Very lively and perfect for the holidays. Awesome work! +fav+

  20. Fantasia Dec 16, 2004

    compare to the D C one,I like this better~^^cuz this one the main part is girls,XD(kick the panda out)
    Lacus&Cakali are very cute~
    and as said,the bg&snow are very nice
    they wear kimono on Xmas seems a bit strange,but this matters nothin,it's still a pretty wall

  21. dragonforce Dec 17, 2004

    I like this holiday pic of the four. Definitely like the quality of the picture too.

  22. dragonforce Dec 17, 2004

    I like this holiday pic of the four. Definitely like the quality of the picture too.

  23. bodo1234 Dec 17, 2004

    wow....... this is a very good wallpapers! :) the colour compositions are really nice!!

  24. Tirdaelyn Dec 17, 2004

    Nice wallpaper, I like the image you used. You have done a great, I have to say you are very talented when it comes to making wallpapers. :)

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