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1920x1080 Wallpaper

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EDIT (8-22-15): Inspired by Monu-chan's advice, I altered both wallpaper versions by adding better clouds and fixing the blurred shading on Nao's uniform, knee, and upper thigh. I also added a lens glare to Jojiro's spectacles. Finally, I added a "Divide" layer to darken the right side of the "twilight" side of the wallpaper.

EDIT 2 (8-25-15): Oops, I made a boo-boo: the Daylight alternate ended up less sharper than its Twilight counterpart, so it should be more clearer now. I converted it wrong when shrinking it from 3920x2205 (I use Bilinear in PS to preserve quality). Sorry! Should look much better on the desktop (which is where I noticed it on mine. -_-)

First, some pointless info:


Created in: Photoshop CS6, Pen Tool w/ Fill
File Size of Final: 104 MB
# of Layers: 385
# of Groups: 85
Project Duration: 18-19 Days, avg. 3-4 hrs a day
Source Image
Original Size vector art


Hello again, I have returned from my vector cave and reunited with my Photoshop! This is my first vector in...in...*counts on fingers in years* 3, I suppose? But enough with that, let's get down to the basics!

To start off, I suck at backgrounds: always have in the six years I've been here. Next, I suck at reconstruction of missing body parts. Lastly, I suck at vectoring missing lines covered by translucent circles and texts from scans. Unfortunately for me, this project had all three of them, which is why this wallpaper took so long. I also had to center the scan to align to the 1920x1080 dimensions or it'd look off-center. That's where I had to reconstruct Jojiro's finger (the easiest) and Yusa's right leg and hair and discard the idea of including the pink and green smoke in the scan. That was the easy part.

The hard parts were the lines and colors covered by the text and bubbles. *shiver* I had to vector Nao's camcorder belt pouch, Jojiro's pants leg, Yusa's sailor top, and Yuu's shirt. I had to be creative with Yusa's ribbon because I had no reference on the scan itself, so I scoured Google for screenshots and constructed the ribbon using a few headshots from the official website. This is true for Nao's pouch as well. Using "Difference" on the scan over a grey background layer I could make out the lines for the pouch; the colors were determined from a screen of Nao from the back wearing the belt.

Colors were mostly used from the screenshots mentioned above, although I had to darken certain shades since the colors from the screenshot would not do. I also had to get imaginative with my shades for Yusa's stocking and Jojiro's leg, so forgive me if they're not proportionate. There's also gradients in certain places like Nao's hair, Yusa's reconstructed stocking, and some brushing for Jojiro.

There are two variants to the background: the average daytime sky with sun and clouds; and the "twilight" background including a parallel between twilight and nightfall. Both backgrounds used a cloud brush. The stars were brushed manually and replicated several times with outer glow for each duplicate with low opacity. The lone meteor, inspired by the anime's OP, was created with brush and the smudge tool with a purple outer glow. I considered adding more than one, but I think it would have looked superfluous. Plus, like I said previously, I suck at backgrounds. :p Finally, I added a dark layer using (I think) Darken to mimic a galaxy. Since I colored the characters using artificial light, I had to add a Lighting Effect to blend them in with the background without destroying the color. Not sure if it looks good or not. The "Daylight" alternative colors were unchanged.

Please let me know what you think! I am rusty after all. ^^;

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  1. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Aug 22, 2015

    Aahhhh Such a clean and nice vector! *0*
    Welcome back to the walling/Vectoring! :DD
    Love those clean lineart, pure love, it makes want to drool! *q*
    Few things I found a bit weird are;
    There are some smudged shadows on girl with grey hair's thigh, knee, and her blazer (near her bow tie) which are looking a bit weird and awkward with rest of sharp shadows.
    And the clouds! They are more like smoke to me, you would've used more cloud like brush, which look a bit heavy.
    (In Alternate version) And as the light source is strongly near the guy with glasses, and other than his hair rest of body blends well, but his hair has so less highlights when the light is strongly coming near hair.

    But you're NOT rusty! keep walling girl! :D

  2. naruto47834 Sep 02, 2015

    muy buen wallpaper :3 me gusto mucho tu trabajo muy limpio y nitido +10000 :3

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