MAGI: The Labyrinth of Magic Wallpaper: Magis butterfly

Shinobu Ohtaka, A-1 Pictures, MAGI: The Labyrinth of Magic, Judal (MAGI), Aladdin (MAGI) Wallpaper

2560x1440 Wallpaper

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Hi, this time a walled one fo my favorite anime. I began with the original picture scaned and loaded on zerochan : http://www.zerochan.net/1767890#full

I do all of the line art with Ilustrator. With photoshop erased some lines and started coloring. I wanted do the wall to gold color, its not finished as i liked but this time a learned some gradiant so, this is the first wall i wanted try with the gradiant effects.
The butterfly effect is added from my another picture i make. I copy them, added to Magi and resized.
At end i added the outer glow i have learn from this tutorial. Its not goo enough, but next time i hope it will be better.


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  1. Monu-chan Retired Moderator May 25, 2015

    Glad to see you're trying to add more details/effect in your artworks! :D
    The main issue needs to fix is the part where judal and Aladdin's hair are overlapping, there are many jpg artifacts, maybe you didn't colored there properly, please fix it and update the wallpaper ASAP because it's ruin the quality of vector so much!

    I'm mainly gonna comment on skin and hair, the skin of Aladdin especially his face, the shadows and highlights are looking like he is in a dark room or cave and a candle is lit in front of his face, especially those small highlights below his eyes, and the shadows of whole body are too dark for that all bright BG, try to lower the opacity/fills of shadows' layers. I think you've used a complete different color shade for coloring his skin's shadows and highlights right?
    I now rarely do that, I just use the same color as the base color and change the blending mode. (most of time to "multiply" mode) and then just change the opacity/fill of the layers to made them blend with each other.
    And as the scene is too bright, you should have used gradients on base color layer too, it's simple just open layer properties, click on gradient overlay, choose the gradient style of "Color to transparent" and add the color of base and use the "Multiply" blending mode in gradient for shading and use the "screen" blending mode for highlights, play around with opacity and scaling and gradient style to Linear, radial etc. I mostly use linear for skin.
    I'm sure it will definitely help you to color skin better with all the gradients! :D
    And then hair, again Aladdin's hair look too dark for the BG, to fix this issue use the same trick I mention for coloring skin. And yeah it's just a personal preference, that I don't like outerglow in shading the hair, because they ruin the crispness of hair (For an instant I thought that braid of Judal are some balloon like things). It's obvious that we can't make every single hair strand in vectoring, it'll take ages to have skills and speed to make them like that, but we can make hair crisp to at least make them like hair, outer glows sometimes looks good on brightest highlight though.
    And if you can't work well with gradients, then try using atleast 5 layers for shading; 1. Base color, 2. shade, 3. Dark shade, 4.Highlights, 5.Too bright highlights. (you can even use more to give depth to your arts)

    As for lineart, you still need in practicing more, because there are some parts too thick and some too thin.
    And the foot of Judal is not looking like a "Foot" at all, make fingers in his foot.
    And the overall atmosphere is too bright, and as the characters are not looking bright, it makes the lighting of whole wall off.
    Try to imagine the result of your plan and then work on it, if you feel that you're stuck in midway ask for advice to any active artist here, we all are ready to help.

    I hope you'll improve more in your next work, keep your good work up!

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