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Not my usual style; never tried a mecha scene. This is mostly a huge photomanipulation of the original scan, but I of course added my touch to it so it is considered a wallpaper.^^

Scan - http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/13122/

Edit:: I got lazy when reCGing it, so expect an updated version later one with a cleaner plane (the one in the front) ^_^

EDIT - APRIL 25, 2005 :: I have no idea why it suddenly stopped showing up... I reported it to the MT staff so hopefully something will come out of this. Until then it is downloadable at my site, here: http://caffeinated-dreams.net/wallpapers/macross/ Sorry!

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  1. ultimashower Dec 09, 2004

    This is a great wallpaper. The colors are brilliant, and the streaks left by the planes really make you think they're soaring through the air. Simply great.

  2. GaiJiN Dec 10, 2004

    Wow ! I love what you did. The scan was already nice, but now it's awesome. It's like a doodle and a final sketch, well comparing it too a painting would be more appropriate ^_^' . The colours are really wonderful ^^.

  3. afan Dec 10, 2004

    Dang! I haven't seen this type of style in awhile. Very awesome compared to...
    -pretty girl
    -shiny bg
    Awesome...but the turning plane looks funky (to me).

  4. toujin1 Dec 10, 2004

    i think its awesome!! i love the color of the clouds and the contrast between the background and the planes

  5. halcyonTwilight Dec 10, 2004

    It's really nice that somebody made a mech wall...espically a macross one ^^ Really nice work with the bg. Admittedly, the scan needs some cleaning, but other than that sweet wall :) !!

  6. KorganoS Dec 10, 2004

    Ow... that's absolutely terrific!! O.O
    Very very great work on the photomanip... and really nice concept!!
    simply one of the best mecha wallie I've ever seen XD
    Great work, Ritalin!!!

  7. DarkParagon Dec 10, 2004

    Hmmm... The only thing holding me back on this one is the image quality of the jets... otherwise I love this.

  8. Tibul Dec 10, 2004

    really nice i especially like the clouds, the bg fits the fighters perfect. +fav

  9. The-Stuff Dec 11, 2004

    wow .. lots of awsome macross papers coming up lately .. more the better i say .. this one goes inthe favorites folder :P

  10. The-Stuff Dec 11, 2004

    wow .. lots of awsome macross papers coming up lately .. more the better i say .. this one goes inthe favorites folder :P

  11. BlackNinja Apr 13, 2005

    Combat... mechs that turn into planes... I can't get enough of this kind of art. Now If the site would just let me download the damned thing...

  12. Phren Apr 24, 2005

    it's not just Blackninja, I don;t think the file is there, I've tried like six times over the past three weeks.. nothing.

  13. kailord May 31, 2005

    Awesome stuff man. I remember the background being exactly like that when Isamu and Guld fought. Good job man.

  14. Phoegon Jun 07, 2005

    Reminds me of Top Gun...but like, in the upper atmosphere. Very spectacular.

  15. grizlyed Aug 14, 2005

    i love the color and the mecha. the wallpaper is beautiful. add to fav

  16. marcoskatsuragi Aug 20, 2005

    No words to describle this one! amazing! I always want a wall from this batlle! ^_______^ Thank you!

  17. Hosoji Oct 08, 2005

    That's beautiful...and the sunset ain't half bad either ;-) Oh man do I love those planes...great job, thanks :-D

  18. aIucard Feb 16, 2006

    very nice dogfight scene, it wudve been really nice if you showed isamu or gulds valkyries firing a shot, vulcan laser or those mulltimissile barrage they usually do heheh, nice sky color and angle though hehehe good job dude

  19. diablillo Aug 30, 2006

    damn is awsome dude, great job with the scan
    the macross mecha rules jeje ^_^
    thank 4 sharing

  20. Greomer Jan 18, 2008

    It's a bit blurry close up but after so long it's still beautiful and it attracted me...so whatever i say is not of importance.
    Great work. Great colours..Great choice!

  21. email938 Nov 11, 2008

    I love macross papers if they are done right. This is a paper dipicting one of the best scenes in macross plus and at a massive resolution. Thank you for this incredible paper.

  22. Dimention Dec 14, 2009

    Oh that great !

    nice scan

    thank you very much. =D

  23. nova5 Mar 13, 2010

    thanks, i like it .... ^_^

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