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Tinkerbell Wallpaper
Tinkerbell Mangaka

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Gah, at last I submit this thing that I've long wanted to wall... >.<
This time, Tinkerbell - I noticed it's a studio's name, not an anime huh? ... XD rofl

thanks to HugMePlz for the sweet scan : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/61934/
yeah, I'll hug you for it XD lol

There's a pair of this scan (the "Light" side) and it is walled by Kenzotsuke ^^
check it out here, it's beautiful :

Comment and suggestions are welcomed!! :D
I hope you enjoy this.... ^^

more resolutions in [ F R A G M E N T S ] soon ... ^^ I hope Crash-kun isn't too busy...

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  1. Celessa Retired Moderator Dec 09, 2004

    Yay - first to comment! Woo-hoo! Right on!

    haha - I saw this scan too KorganoS - and say - you made it look very fluent and pretty- the shades going definitely hand in hand.

    And I love the way how you blended the wicked bg altogether. Through and through - simply fantastic!! Thanks for sharing. ^^

  2. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 09, 2004

    Wee.. I love oit. :D Loved Kenz wall. And I love this too :D Actually.. I like the color scheme of this wall more than the other :D *fav*

  3. jackalx66 Dec 09, 2004

    nice wall
    can't say oter thing than that
    thx for ur efort and share it in here

  4. Paolo Dec 09, 2004

    fascinating. gotta love purple. :)

  5. Radeonator Dec 09, 2004

    ----------_---------- *shocked*

    i've never seen any purple combination like this before...... :o very good.

  6. charaznableamurorei Dec 09, 2004

    I am at a loss for words.... this happens very rarely... 'almost cannot reach 64-character rule.... thank you, periods, for providing help.... (stares like kerazy at 'Enchanting Purple' wall)

    another fav! wai!

  7. GaiJiN Dec 09, 2004

    It really looks as a super-version of the scan XD The blending couldn't be better ^^.
    Yeah, I saw kenzo's wall and first thought with the thumbnail it was the same scan, but it's not XD ! I like this darker version, and the sky is really breath-taking, I love those clouds, great work with the moonlight too :) .

  8. exentric Dec 09, 2004

    hehe~ XD
    very nice wallie there korga~~ XD
    but you edited out da teddy bear. t_t
    i wanna see da teddy bear also T_T
    and from what I see in the original scan, you enlarged the scan to fit your wallpaper which makes the scan a bit blurry and low quality. =\
    well all in all~
    still a good wallpaper~ ^_^

  9. bandgirl Dec 09, 2004

    another very well-done wallie Korgie :D

    i love the purple sky w/the effects, it looks very nice with the scan. And the chair and curtains look incredible. and make the wall look more mysterious ^_^. this is another fav for me Korgie ^^, great job :).

  10. chibi-lizard Dec 09, 2004

    ~hee~ that girl is cute and that devil wings is even cuter !!! XD
    the bg is pretty as usual... and i love those lil feathers ^^
    but the girl does look a lil bit blur ._.

  11. diyo Dec 09, 2004

    You did that on purpose with Kenzo??? XD XD
    Both are great!
    Yours seems to be the dark side. I simply love this wall. The girl is very cute and the background is wonderfull. Congratulations!

  12. white-zero Dec 09, 2004

    It's a SIN not to add this to favorites. XD

    Maybe you should brighten up the girl a little. Well, that's my view anyway.

    Other than that, awesome work, Korgan. :)

  13. Jormungand Dec 09, 2004

    Wheee Korgy~! Great wallie~! The wall looks like a whole piece together, nicely blended in...
    Love the clouds and the purple scheme :D
    great work~! definitely a fav ^.~

  14. Yumi-Chan Dec 09, 2004

    *smacks korgi* XD heeeey another wall!?.. gosh you sure are one active waller in MT =D
    Wahh x__x I recognize this scan lol. I've been wanting to wall it too.. You're too fast XD hahaha.. Well anyways Goodness x___X I just love this. I mean, O_O The sky outside the window.. wooo.. it's gorgeous.. I like the clouds and moon you added ^-^
    Yeap and the stars definitely looks great. =D So are the black feathers.. =3
    Oh and yeah nice title too XD hahahaa you're da man! *hugs*
    Fav~ It's a must ^___^

  15. Rex Dec 09, 2004

    this is nice kayS XD
    any devil chick deserves a spot on my desktop.....lol

    anyways....nice job with the bg.....and love the whole purple colour scheme

  16. Kenzotsuke Dec 09, 2004

    yeahhhhhhh!!a new wallie from korgie-kun^^
    its not exactly the same scan because your version is devil side*gniak gniak*^^
    love your purple version,a nice work as always,and a favorite!!
    keep it up the good work korgie^^

  17. Furikuu Dec 09, 2004

    Hmm.. very sublime feeling to this one. I like the translucency of it all, like the chair and curtains, as well as the misty clouds. I also like how you didn't make the colours too strong, it holds it all together better :P

  18. dans Dec 09, 2004

    hmm... i thought your next wall would be a christmas wall.
    well.... nice wall, KorS. love the color.
    *two thumbs up* a fav.

  19. Athrun Dec 09, 2004

    oooooooooooooooh.... O_O

    awesomeness!!! and it's purple!!! a dark color! a girly one... but still dark! XD

    wow a sister wallie to Ken's eh? Cool!!

    * adds to fav

  20. DarkParagon Dec 09, 2004

    Beautiful as usual. I really like the coloured themes recently, there's been some nice work done and it makes it easier to theme the entire look of XP ;) Anyway, I like the mood of this wall overall and the translucent chair is neat too... as though it were made of crystal or amethyst or something. ;) Nice work. +fav

  21. tAtEkAnE Dec 09, 2004

    OMG XD crash would be stumped updating the site lol XD ya guys wall like crazy :P anyhoo! good work with this one :D

  22. cygnus Dec 09, 2004

    Hoe...new wall and purple, I like purple :) nice girl you put in there :D
    *start to like girls-wall...damn*

  23. StarCentury Dec 09, 2004

    Pretty purple girlie! :) This wall is more enchanting than your other previous submissions! Love the dark feathers floating around in the BG! Deserves my fav, big time! + 2 favs

  24. Midori-chan Dec 09, 2004

    wow!! the purple color wall is so nice!!
    the bg u made is amazing!!^^
    conclusion=awesome wall!!

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