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Ugh, I should really begin writing my thesis now or I'll fail my last semester...

This painting is extremely similar to my previous indy art but to be honest, both AnE and Noragami are about a guy armed with a sword, who fights against demons / phantoms sooo it's not my fault that the concept is almost the same. D:
The main character of Noragami is god Yato who grants people's wishes for five yen. He's not very famous in modern days so he takes all kinds of jobs (grants all kinds of wishes) to survive. He stores the coins he receives in a brown bottle, which he carries everywhere on his body. Besides granting wishes, he also has another job as a god. He rids the human world of phantoms (corrupted souls) and fights against them with the blade depicted in my painting.
The coins, the bottle and the blade were pretty much the only items I could think of that would fit into my image. I wanted to make references to the other two main characters as well but couldn't really come up with anything (although the blade is in fact literally one of them transformed into an object).

Also, I'm mad at myself because it took me about half an hour to realize that a teal BG will be the best choice for this thing. I don't know what I was doing. x__x

Favs and comments appreciated! :)

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  1. Shimazaki Feb 21, 2015

    great like the others, i love the BG it looks really great

  2. Angi Retired Moderator Feb 21, 2015

    This turned out better than the previous, it got more detail, a surface where the items are lying on and not just floating xD.
    Bg looks pretty, with many elements but not overwhelming, and still you don't loose attention to the main subject. Guess the teal suits it well :P.

  3. ghazalkashani Feb 21, 2015

    *sniffs* this is so beautifuuuuul! D:
    I missed Yato for a while hahaha thank you for remembering him back Elisa-chan
    and lovely work as always :D

  4. Monu-chan Moderator Feb 22, 2015

    This one looks prettiest among all of the art with the same theme! :D
    And coins looks pretty good :3 and the Blade is looking so good :D
    The BG colors are looking so good :D
    And this time you made the "floor" which gives the object more gravity of sense. <3

  5. Steffi1690 Moderator Mar 06, 2015

    Just one word for the whole art:
    I like all of it!

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