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Miwa Shirow Mangaka Production I.G Studio GUILTY CROWN Series Daryl Yan Character Tsugumi Character

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is my Valentines Wallpaper, it might be not very romantic but i didnt had the time to make special adjustments.



I tried not to make to much Changes thats why i didnt made the Shading like i usually do.
In the Beginning i wanted to make it like the Original Scan in Monochrome but when i finished Tsugumis Basic Color i tried how it would look in Color so i choose to finish it that way and see the result and i was surprised that it didnt looked to bad.

The Wallpaper is pretty simple done and i wanted to keep the Dark Background also i coudnt see too much to even think about changes.

For the Pillar i used a texture to make it looks as in the Scan and make it Natural but not standing out to much.

First i thought im still missing something but i was told i shouldnt focus to much on the Background so left it empty behind the Pillar.
Usually i would add The Title on the Wallpaper but i thought without it it would looks more appealing

I hope some people like it.

Tried to put more Depth to their eyes.
Daryls Hair is now Lighter.
Add one more Shadow layer to their bith Faces

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  1. Monu-chan Retired Moderator Feb 14, 2015

    Whoa! Such an Adorable Wall (but it feels nothing "romance" in it xD)
    I really adore the way you make eyes and Tsumugi's hair are done sooooooo Well!
    The texture used in pillar is also looking well.
    And I also think that like the wall is now like looking far better than monochrome! :D

  2. Aliceblond Feb 14, 2015

    Good job!
    And my favorite pairing by the way. ^^

    I think those two do not need any special signs of romance to prove their relationship. Besides, Daril's hand without a glove (such a rare view) implies that he has special feelings towards Tsugimi. XD That's what I think. He wouldn't have taken his glove off if he wasn't standing next to a person whom he trusts. So, any special effects like hearts, flower petals and other "romantic" stuff are really not needed here. Those two are good the way they are.

    The only thing that bothers me a little is the eyes, especially Tsugumi's. They started to look kinda strange after coloring. =/ But this just my impression. ^^

  3. soryane Feb 14, 2015

    Looks awesome ! Thanks for making it !

  4. ghazalkashani Feb 14, 2015

    I didn't know this wall gonna be like that!
    excellent work and waiting for your next ones :)

  5. Valuna Retired Moderator Feb 19, 2015

    It is Val-Val-day enough to me. Obviously there is a couple, but the relationship displayed is done in a rather unique matter compared to the cliché one. They come to me more a bit as a silent couple, which don't "show" much. That's what is quite charming in this wallpaper. I love Tsugumi's hair btw. I always wonder how you can work properly with black hair being actually black and not blue-ish and it worked well for you.

    The dark and empty atmosphere actually compliments the scene. The background is fine with the pillar since it is actually in an angle, which covers most of the wallpaper, puttinf the focus nicely somewhere in the middle and don't make you look in all the corners, but in a nice straight line. I like that the very top part fade into the background, it shows that it is just there for them and adds to the emptiness. The texture is nice. I do think if you are putting cracks in a wall or stone, it should have come off a bit around the edges and not just a crack like you would see in glass. Last thing is the shadows. They should be quite a bit softer. The scene has a realistic feel to it (not abstract). Shadows are basically never perfectly outlined, they are blurred. Keep in mind that, the stronger the light, the darker and sharper the shadow. Adjust your wallpaper to that, the light here isn't strong so the shadows should be soft.

    Foreground/characters. Since I ended with the shadows, I noticed Tsugumi's shadows in the skin are much softer than Daryl's. It should be about the same, unless he is in a brightee place for example...but that would mean she has to be overal more darker. For skin, if there is a pure black part and you're vectoring. You should just make another shape that is even darker than the normal shade, like normal shading. This way, you keep the same effect as using black without oddly gradienting from a very dark colour. Atleast, that's what I alwags do when I don't like the black parts which are usually under the face/in the neck. Don't be afraid to use extra shades, if you need it or thinks it fits better, use it. I usually have 2-3 shades for the shadows. Clothes are fine, but if you intend to get rid of the black shades in the skin, try it for the clothes aswell so it doesn't clash in style. Daryl's hair could be more fabulous imo. The clothes are fine/nice entirely greyscaled but with red accent colour on both. Then their eyes...I am not fond of the white shine in them like that and they have a bit of a zombie/lifeless look without the supposedly black dot. Depending on what you wanted, I guess it is good...but I would leave out the highlight if you want to go for lifeless. Now it is inbetween full of life and lifeless. I would go for full of life personally, to show some passion despite the emptiness.

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