Wand of Fortune: Summer Love

Kagerou Usuba, Idea Factory, Wand of Fortune, Lulu (Wand of Fortune), Lagi El Nagil
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Artist Comment

This Vector is a gift for Elisa-sama and Ghazal-chan! :D
I wanna say thanks to both of you! Elisa for always giving inspiration to me from her Awesome walls and her cheering words and Ghazal 'cus she's soooo SWEET (Kidnap me sis! Lol)
And plus it's Valentine's Week So, HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL GIRLS! (>^3^)>~<3
I hope you'll like this "Summer" theme vector in Winter Lol, but it's already spring here in my place! :D

This vector was fun to make just I needed a little creative and artistic mood to make it, and I'm most creative during exams as I got bored in studies xD
Initially I wanted to vector another scan of Wand of Fortune, but then it was bit Erotic so I left it and stuck with this one.I thought it will definitely take me 5 months to vector it but surprisingly I completed it in only a month and in which I only worked for like 8 days.I think my speed has gotten faster!
Scan used is this.
I must say this vector is the most complex vector I've ever worked with, so many gradients!
I'm planning to make it into a Wall soon, I need some time to vector + paint the water, and I'm thinking of keeping the same summer beach theme for BG.
And I know the vector is tooooooo BRIGHT! but I kept it bright because it's summer theme and Summer = Sunlight!
The thing that is missing in the vector and scan is EYES! there's only one eye! Damn! I love vectoring eyes! ToT
I hope my this new vector which is different from my "simple" ones are not bad.
Time taken = 30+ hours
Layers = 140
Tool used = Photoshop's Granny version Lol xD (I mean PS 7)

Please comment if I have done something wrong in vectoring and as always Advice and Favs are welcome <3

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Browse Wand of Fortune Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Shimazaki Feb 11, 2015

    great Vector i love the BG you added from you will get a Fav+ for the hard work ;)

  2. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Feb 11, 2015

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much, Monu! You're the best little brother! :)

    As I have already said, I like your vectoring style. It's clean and yet reminds me of painting. The only thing really troubling me is probably the girl's shoulder. That should be more round IMO. Yes, the colors are a bit too bright but I understand and respect your decision to keep them this way. However, I would maybe change the girl's skin color and move it more to the red tones because it seems too yellowish to me. :/ Oh, and smudge the blush on her cheek. It looks a bit like she has paint on her face now.
    In any case - very nice job overall! Keep it up, bro! I'm looking forward to seeing more works from you :D

    P.S. I love to work on eyes, too. Eyes are fascinating, aren't they? *__*

  3. Valuna Retired Moderator Feb 11, 2015

    Well done Monu, not bad at all.

    I'm surprised you got to finish it. Must have been frustrating xD
    I can see you got a nice grasp on vectoring now. The outlines seem slightly too thick most of the time. It is fine when zoomed out but they really come forward in full view. They look quite nice. I do suggest that you follow your outlines and check them, since I noticed a mistake that happens to many with the guy's ear (see the small dark line?). Also, be sure they all connect!

    Base colouring is good. Gradients seem to be troublesome to you. The guy's top hair part has a coulouring error and doesn't look fluent. Overal, it is nice. The shading however, I found it odd in the girl's face because of the shading. Maybe the dark part should be more saturated? It comes to me a bit too cartoonish because it doesn't flow properly. I see similair mistakes in her hair >dark parts, lighter parts having entirely different colours instead of being more "one" with merely tones. You can go a bit more extreme with many gradients, it is barely noticable in many parts, especially the dress and a lot of the skin. Due to that, I don't get the amazing use of gradient look in this vector.

    The eyes, (lighter part of the girl's, all of males')hair, shoes, hair ornament all look great. As for the flowers in the shoes, I have the tendency to reform things the way it makes most sense to me because lots of artists get rid of certain details in their works and with something so detailed, I don't want something to start looking a bit off, so I add how I imagine it would be. It tends to be a lot of connecting certain lines though, but sometimes it is more.

    I also like the little lace texture or whatever it is. Very smooth xD the bg should have been lighter! It is too dark to compliment the happiness in there

    Good job though and sorry for saying bad stuff first xD

  4. Painter Feb 11, 2015

    You're getting better and better, keep it up! :DD

  5. ghazalkashani Feb 13, 2015

    a gift for me and Elisa? TTwTT guess we both are too lucky TToTT
    I wanna explode now because I'm toooooooo.....happy ToT
    *sob* I really wanna kidnap you this time so please stay there until I come and take you with myself and I WILL KILL YOOOOOUUUUUU.....

    damn something inside me wanna explode but don know what is it?! lol
    ohhhh....I LOVE IT and seeing something again after a while from you made me happy :)
    much appreciate you lovely gift little bro and I would love to use his hair as carrot (but if you don mind) XD

    don know what to say because I love all the details of it but wait for your kidnapping day little bro lol

  6. Angi Retired Moderator Feb 19, 2015

    Nice job bro :3
    I see so much improvement here hm hm :P I bet Val and Elisa have covered all your mistakes by now lol so I'll just say, keep up the nice work, and so glad that your works are getting better :3.

  7. Carrera-chan May 26, 2015

    I did thought you would improve
    the improvment is getting better and better
    last time when i got offline u were(sorry to say) not that impressive but the improvement is very fast...
    No doubt you learn very fast :3

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