Wand of Fortune Wallpaper: Destroyer

Kagerou Usuba, Idea Factory, Wand of Fortune II Official Visual Fan Book

2560x1600 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Holy Batman, It's finished in time! o_o

Congratulations on 3 years Elisa!

It was a surprise that's why you had to wait for so long ^-^'

While vectoring the character Zix decided to make a wall of it as one more present.

Zix mostly has problems with making smth of such empty scan resources ಠ_ಠ and she askes Valuna for help with trying to create an abstract wall. She's glad to help, but there's no idea to help with. --->

1st day of vectoring: the idea about using one more scan with the same character's alter-ego. Some troubles with the tablet leads to such a sketch. Zix blames herself for stupidness x_x

2nd day of vectoring: looking on character reminds of Assassin's Creed and Zix thinks about a funny wall, makes another silly sketch and feels terribly disappointed

3rd day of vectoring: thinks of Val's suggestion about some magic and dark BG, no more silly sketches >.<

4th day of vectoring: the idea of magic turns into fire... The final strike's made by The Birthday Massacre's song. Words "When night expires across this town. I'll light the fire to burn it down" borns the picture of ruined town (she even steals the name of the song). "Elisa likes fire, "The Birthday Massacre" and bishes " thinks Zix "You just have to make it this way!"

After finishing the vector Zix makes completely new sketch, which's quite dirty and loose, with her tablet and starts to work on it imagining Elisa's face. The work takes almost 3 days to be finished (poor Elisa doesn't even know what she's waiting for, while Zix cries and askes her for a little bit more time).

Now Zix's really surprised by the fact she could make smth like that... And she thanks Valuna for her time and suggestions <3

Zix hopes you'll like this work and goes to finally play some games...

WIP (Finally D: Thanks to Elisa <3)

P.S. Just realized that it's the 2nd of my fire walls and submitted also in winter XDD Hot walls for everybody! >:DD

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  1. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Jan 09, 2015

    omg, oh my god, oH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!

    This is beautiful! This is so breathtakingly beautiful! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

    You did some magic with that scan. o__O The vector is so perfect. Perfectly smooth, perfectly shaded (I love the lights on his hair!), and perfectly filled with textures. The one for leather on the black parts on his clothes looks reeeally amazing. :3 Ohhh, and those shiny eyes! I want those eyes. I want those clothes, that hair, that entire guy. I'm sure I'll still find a lot of details to appreciate but I wanted to mention at least something.

    You also did a fantastic job on the BG! I'm absolutely impressed! Thanks to Val for helping, lol. You combined her and your ideas very well, including everything I like in the wall. <3
    I'm laughing at the sketches. But honestly, I just looked at the wall and my first impression was "assassin's creed". Not that much because of the character (although tbh, I think he'd make a good *cough* HOT *cough cough* assassin) but mostly because of the BG. I've just been on a mission in some fortress and it burned down in the end and the BG totally reminded me of that destruction.
    If you sketched and colored the BG all by yourself, I must bow before you. Very nice perspective on all the elements, and again, perfect lighting. I love the fire. And all the little sparks flying around. And the smoke. That smoke looks good! Maybe you can't paint clouds as well as Alenas (not that I can) but omg, that smoke is something as well! :O

    OK, just one tiny little thing to criticize - the blade of that dagger could use some more shine.

    Wow, I'm in ecstasy right now. This is so wonderful! The best present around this Christmas. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I love you, gurl~ i LOVE YOU! <3 <3 <3

    Also, "Holy Batman". PffFFFFFFFFF xDD

  2. snyp Jan 11, 2015

    Love this warm feeling !
    The background is so nicely done ! Great job !

  3. Valuna Retired Moderator Jan 20, 2015

    What a heartwarming surprise. You even blew me away with how fast you actually did this. I was like, I'm gonna reply to Painter and guess what...she submitted it and left me without words. I've regained them, so now thou shall crumble wallpaper!

    I'm actually quite happy you went with scenic. It was pretty difficult to think of an abstract something with a picture like that. Perhaps next time, you should take a more "abstract" artstyle to work with rather than realistic. The alter ago idea was great, but you know...seemed like a lot of trouble to me and unless you implement it a very specific way, abstract was off. Either way, this neutral type is nice too.

    His eyes seem to glow red, even more in your vector (I have no idea how you can oull off idea-factory vector so fast). It looks great and evil-ish. Not very dark. I love how you added extra highlights to blend in the scene. Something other's could learn from you. I see it back in the background, which looks quite lovely. One thing about the background is that the textures although great, may be a bit too soft. I am missing a bit of "roughness" on the stones. It looks like perfectly smooth cement or something. For the rest, looks like pure love. I might start poking you for some background since I don't quite have a tablet (scan/photo+vector, the painz). Then to think backgrounds are quite detailed. I like your style.

    The fire somehow seems to be more in the background until you have a better look at the lighting. It's lovely, but maybe it could have been shown a little bit better.

    I do think when it's night and fire the lighting on objects is more intense. The guy is lightened up a lot, so perhaps a little fail there. Nevertheless, it doesn't really show. The text could have been done better. It is nice to do part on the left, part on the right, but it actually distracts more than anything. So personally, I am not a fan of it even when it "looks" nice. What the text says becomes almost meaningless. I know you wanted to keep it centered, which is and looks great. I am not even sure if there is a better way to put it, but just my opinion on the way you put it up. I tend to keep the text close together, from top the bottom and from left to right. If it's not spread too far and is still connected, you read it like a sentence in a book, giving full meaning to it.

    Then finally...the part that kind of bothers me here is...Elisa knows. The angle! It could really use an angle to make it a bit more dynamic. The pose is a little too stale (visual novels use it a lot to give it a bit extra). You did a great job in the execution though, so it doesn't bother me.

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