Kimi ni Todoke Wallpaper: Whispers of the falling snow~

Production I.G, Kimi ni Todoke, Shouta Kazehaya, Sawako Kuronuma, Vector Art Wallpaper
Production I.G Studio Kimi ni Todoke Series Shouta Kazehaya Character Sawako Kuronuma Character Vector Art Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Fuuuu.... Finally! this Wallpaper is completed!
It was supposed to be a Christmas gift for my special girl, but I wasn't able to complete the wallpaper so I just gifted her the Vector I made and now the wallpaper too is Dedicated to her~
All of you guys can avoid this

Spoiler (show)

I Wish you a Belated Merry Christmas and a Belated Happy New Year!
My Princess, I made this wallpaper to show my affection and love towards you <3
I got the idea of Vectoring the scan while listening the song
So the title of Wallpaper is Whispers of Falling snow, same as the title of song, Kazahana: Whispers of falling snow
here I wanna Dedicate this lyrics to you~
Falling snowflakes are piling up on the ground
Sitting side by side, we gaze at them
If I stretch my hands, I can reach you
This distance between us is frustrating

Each time our eyes meet
What is this stir that I feel in my chest?
Looking down, I swallow my words
Yet again, I didn't manage to say how I feel
As I clench my frozen fists

This is the first time I ever feel like this
Ever since the day I met you
Why is that the more I try to look away from you
The more you become the only thing that I want to see

If things go on like this
It feels like I'll be always alone
To someone like me you smiled gently
Over and over again

The time, the scenery, and everything else
Are all constantly changing
But the miracle of encountering same season again
Even if the eternal night passes
I believe it will never fade away

With a gaze as pure as snow
I want to keep looking at you
I'll put this feelings of mine
Onto the falling snowflakes
So, that can be linked to you

On any day
Fate may come along mercilessly
Such peace times, too
will disappear someday

In this moment that we'll never encounter again
Let's hold hands together
Now, I want to tell you
"Every time when you smile
The world is filled with a light of joy"

No matter where you are
for your smile to never be clouded
Let me stay by your side

This is the first time I ever feel like this
The happiness of loving someone
I'll put my eternal feelings
onto the falling snowflakes
Because they will bring my feelings to you

Stay the way you are forever......

Now for Real artist comment:
Initially I was planning to vector another pic but it was taking too much time and I messed up with Gradients so I left that pic and used a Kimi ni Todoke scan (link) for vectoring, the vector was fun to make and while making vector my old mouse stopped working and it was HELL to work with Laptop touchpad so I had to buy new one, and then after the new mouse my speed gets double!
Time required to Vector the scan was about 15-18 hours shape layers for Vector 65.
This is the first time I used Textures on the clothes and it was hard for first time but now I get to used to it, but still the texture I used here on clothes are my first made texture of my life.I wanted to use Gradient on hairs too, but don't know why the gradients were pixelated and showed lines instead of smooth blends, Pande-san helped me to fix out the problem but it wasn't working....
This time the whole vectoring was fun! I loved vectoring the whole piece!

Now coming to the background that sure killed me nearly, I was extremely confused what should I add as background.I poked Pande countless time for helping and suggestions and she helped me a lot!
So after browsing tons of scans I like this scan, and I painted the background with the reference of this scan.Though it looks completely different from the scan.
I have a really hard time in vectoring the branch (or maybe I was really lazy at that time) I vectored the branch from this scan.
I then added shadows and depth to the branch with brush, and then added the snow of the branch.
Time taken to paint and vector background is 10-12 hours and Layers about 10
here's a pic showing the progress of background (sorry don't know how to make a gif)
Now it comes the time to blend the two pics together in which I'm worst!
I'm not good in blending pics together but I tried my best this time, I used Blur to create a distance between characters and the background, and then played with filters and Gradients with opacity of 4-6.
Total time 25-30 hours and total layers 80, I guess.
Most fun parts Eyes and most toughest part I guess the branch?
And thus completed the wallpaper!
I hope this wallpaper is accepted here :3
Alternate version with more snow on trees and mountains and also bigger snowflakes!

A Special Thanks to Valuna, Redwyn and most Thanks to Pandemonium91 for giving advice and helping me out! Thank you very much guys!
As Always favs are appreciated but this time Constructive Comments are mostly appreciated by me!
Please Minna-san give me advice to make my walling skills better~

And I've seen that people steal wallpaper from here, so, PLEASE DO NOT REPOST IT ANYWHERE! FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!
(I will be away from MT for a while so I maybe late to reply the comments, but I will try if I have time!)

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Browse Kimi ni Todoke Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. redhatgirl Jan 05, 2015

    I'm thoroughly impressed, Kohai-kun! Amazing work! <3

  2. oty-kun Jan 06, 2015

    Beautyfull, my friend! Really fitting

  3. adri24rukiachan Jan 06, 2015

    Awesome work, i love him! *-*

  4. elisadevelon Moderator Jan 06, 2015

    Nice vectoring, Monu! Maybe not as smooth as it could be but I like it anyway because it reminds me of sketching with a pencil. Don't be afraid to use more textures or some more prominent ones. Maybe even combine them. They will give your works more depth (and help you cover the pixelation in gradients, too). Dunno what Pande suggested to you but this is one of my tricks how to fight against jpg artifacts. ;)

    About the BG: I love the branches. They look awesome, the snow on them as well. The trees in the distance could be less generic and each of them more unique, and could maybe use some more shadows, too. I like the small white "caps" on top of them, though. :3
    Now, the snow. It's a huge mass of snow, there's snow everywhere, everything is white and covered in snow and honestly, I think it's a bit too much. Next time, try to move the horizon line a little lower. Not exactly to the middle because that will make the image too static but for example 2/3 should do. When you have just a small piece of sky visible and too much homogeneous area like here, the image loses its "dramatic" impression. I took a photo of a book about drawing for you because your image made me remember it. HERE. Maybe it'll explain better and help you in the future.

    That's it from me. Hope I helped you a little and keep up the good work! Yooo! \o/

  5. Redwyn Jan 07, 2015

    I meant to tell you earlier, I'm sorry I couldn't say it before you submitted XP (I was a bit busy with stuff)

    The horizon line should be lower (as elisa said) to about half the wallpaper (a bit lower is ok too). And make the trees bigger so that they look closer and will help fill up the space. Brighter at the front and darker/faded at the back for layering effect. I'm horrible at explaining stuff so I'll draw it out for you (when I got home later and have access to my tablet). I have no problem with the way the tree look.

  6. Painter Jan 10, 2015

    Finally got time :DD
    The vector is nice and the BG choice, too :) I agree with higher comments and want to add some from me. It's really a step up that you use textures to fill some space (seriously this makes pics look more lively :DD) but you should try to work with them a little bit more, too. Try to warp them when the clothes suppose to and the result'll make you be glad, I promise ^-^

    Hope to see more, keep it up! :)

  7. Blue-Crescent Jan 10, 2015

    Gosh! So much cheesiness! Great job my little brother! I specifically love the concept that the winter can be warm if it's spent with the right person. ^^

  8. fitarol15 Jan 14, 2015

    omg , you really did it~! <3 SO BEAUTIFUL! Specially the background!

  9. Pinkya Aug 26, 2015

    i loove this :D nice vector and i can feel your warm feelings towards her :p

  10. Steffi1690 Moderator Apr 08, 2016

    Nice "wintry" feeling. I like the braches with the snow. And I'm really glad that you changed her surprised face to a smiling face. Looks cute.
    But is this a birthday present? Looks more like a valentine present also has the feels to it.

    Something else;
    You should take up poetry! lol

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