AMNESIA Wallpaper: Shattered Memories

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Mai Hanamura Mangaka Brains Base Studio Idea Factory Studio AMNESIA Series,Visual Novel Shin (AMNESIA) Character

2560x1440 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So, I joined the Secret Santa event and this is my Christmas present for Fearless. Merry Christmas to you, dear!

Resources used:
Original Scan
Marble Texture
Crack Brushes I
Crack Brushes II
Glass Brushes

After receiving the PM with the name of my Santee and reading her wishlist, I decided almost immediately to make a wall from that Amnesia scan. I once saw it in the gallery and wanted to do something with it for months. Amnesia was on my Santee's wishlist and she seemed to like it a lot so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to use the scan.

The image is really complicated so I made some very small edits and gave the entire image a more anime-styled look since I didn't have that much time to play with shadows and make them smudged or transparent at the edges. For the texture on the characters' jackets I simply used the marble texture and some textures preinstalled in Photoshop. I also tried to use more gradients than in my previous walls. Hopefully they're visible enough. For the cracks on the ground, I used the two sets of brushes linked above and some Photoshop textures again. Basically, almost all textures used were preinstalled in Photoshop, including the ones on the bones and Shin's, um, boots(?). For the flowers and leaves, I made my own brushes.

I don't know what Amnesia is about and have no idea why the characters are lying next to a pile of bones or what exactly is the surface beneath them supposed to be. I simplified the background a lot, again, to make this wall in time so sorry if I ruined some kind of idea portrayed in the scan. :/

In the end, I decided to put the transparent shattered glass around the characters to symbolize the heroine's lost memories. It took me so long to find free broken glass brushes and that site where I found this one free pack was in Arabic and it took me like half an hour to figure out the pass for the zipped file was actually just the site's url and I was so mad. Anyways, I love the effect; the brushes are beautiful.


As always, do NOT upload this to any image hosting or wallpaper sites! I'm still mad at whoever it was who leaked my winter wall from last year. SNK addicts are now making bad edits from it and I can't stop them all alone. >:[
Ok, now it's all.

Work in progress:

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  1. Valuna Retired Moderator Dec 27, 2014

    Oh geez. Overkill again. No idea how you pulled this off so fast. Surely, the contest shows you improved greatly. Looks good. Although, somehow the angle is a bit off/different (not bad though). Compare it to the original, the platform isnt exactly from the top.

  2. Monu-chan Moderator Dec 27, 2014

    You were worried about nothing!

    Now coming to elements of wall I love: I love the dress of Heroine here! and then the Zabimaru skull and the spine! (But I'm wondering are they sleeping in any sort of desert or graveyard of bison? lol)
    And the small glowing flowers are looking so pretty! I also like Shin's jacket, it is looking pretty good with all those folds :D

    But one thing in the wall that is looking a bit weird (and in scan too somehow, maybe it just me who is thinking in that way but) the hands they both are holding, fingers of Heroine is looking like they passed through Shin's hand, maybe adding a few folds in his gloves will do the trick, because the whole clothing have so many folds and the gloves are looking bit glossy and clear than the whole wall.
    And another part which is looking a bit weird to me was Heroine's other hand, it is also looking a bit plain than the whole wall, it is on the spine so it must have a little highlights or something like that, right?
    But I understand you made it in such a short time, so I can avoid all this things and can gaze it all day XD Your Santee was Luckiest Santee IMO!

    It was my one of favorite scans of Amnesia and you made it into such a Beautiful wall! <3
    I'm surprised how could you can make such an Beautiful Wallpaper in so little time?
    As I said, your wallpaper is really something, NO! You are really something, Elisa!
    I should make a Shrine of yours, so I can worship you! XD Goddess Elisa, I bow down to you!

  3. Korra Dec 27, 2014

    As always, excellent vivid colors and amazing work ! You really never cease surprising - so quality in a minimal time!

  4. Painter Dec 27, 2014

    Just got and idea: what a romantic scene when couple lies on flowers in a frame of skeleton XDD
    You're really so quickly working waller my dear :)
    Love the details (but still don't understand why do all those guys love that empty girl? >.>'). Watched the anime and can say the surface doesn't have anything common with the main idea (must say all of AMNESIA arts don't).

    Also like that glossy spark on one of his boots :3 (don't know why)

  5. DragonBlood Dec 28, 2014

    wow! Great christmas present! stunning work! love it!

  6. Fearless58 Dec 28, 2014

    Hi there!

    omg this is so amazing! Thank you for the gift, I appreciate it~ (besides, they're my favorite in the series)

    I hope you had a great Christmas and New Year! Once again, I'm thankful for this~

  7. SheenaChan19 Dec 30, 2014

    Wow, such a great work it's as if it comes from the anime, seriously it's such an amazing artwor ^_^ !

  8. BurnedToast Dec 30, 2014

    You never cease to amaze me with your art, just watching the 'Work in progress:' show's how much you put on your work it's a really nice detail.
    Can't wait to see the next one.

  9. YoruAngel866 Jan 21, 2015

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the details and especially the color scheme.

  10. ShanaFlare Feb 28, 2015

    Wow great job on the wall, it's the best 'amnesia' wall I have seen so far on MT :D awesome job :)

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