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another wallie by meh! XD
this time its an artowrk by Renga
the girls picture is actually from K-BOOKS telephone card illustrtation done by renga
but of coz, the one I use is from a scan in an artbook.
thanx gilgul for the scan~ XD

ok back to da wall >_>
took around 7 hours I think. 37 layer overall.
the tree I have to thank Yumi-Chan for drawing me the basic look. ^_^ Thx dude! XD
tho... its hard to actually blend the tree since yumi kinda drawn it in a different perspective of da wall. still~ the tree couldnt have existed without ya~ Thanx~~ XD
the choc, there was originally only 2 outside the box, but I added some more to make da wall more delicious~~ XD

more reso will be availiable http://www.theanimewrld.com soon~ <-- lazy to update =P

oh yah though the thumbnail it looks kinda dark. if ya view fully ya can actually see its not that dark. ^_^

anyone want a chocolate??? XD

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  1. neko-chan Dec 07, 2004

    Wow!!Very nice wallpaper!!That's an awesome work!! XD
    The picture and the tree are beautiful :) and the chocolate looks very Delicious!!Every thing is great!!
    Definitely add to fav^^

  2. jackalx66 Dec 07, 2004

    me love chocolate ^^
    nice perspective of the wall
    and nice bg ^^
    bout the tree
    is it top perspective ?
    coz it look like top view
    or just trunk form another angle
    but over all is nice wall
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  3. DarkParagon Dec 07, 2004

    I really like how the perspective is handled in this picture. :) Really nice work. :) The only thing I might consider changing is that I would probably diffuse the leaf shadows a bit more. There wouldn't be such crisp shadows reflected from the leaves on a tree. That's about it. Again, very nice work. :)

  4. Yumi-Chan Dec 07, 2004

    duuude I just had chocolate yesterday and today.. wana gimme more ar?.. =P its fattening rofl!! XD *ahem, fat during holidays.. sigh..* XD
    haha =X Damn im so sorry bout the tree though t___t Sigh >o< @_@ and i just realize, u coulda just put more texture on da tree. Uwaaa and the tree's outline I made, was it too thick? o_o;; *to me I think I made it look more like an octopus u.u seriously.. im so bad at drawing tree roots T__T*
    Gah overall, obviously you made it look so much more beautiful XD And great idea bout adding more chocolates =P It definitely looks tastier hahaha.. the more the better lol~ I wonder if you made it all over da place x_x that's just in Yumi's dream.
    Haven't heard of Renga. But yeah their artworks are absolutely amazing. *damn now how come I can't draw just like them >o>*
    Okay I like the leaves effects too. =D The shadings, lightings above da girls are 'chun' XD
    Haiyo why must u make this b4 our friday lepak. makin' me malu lar.. hahahaha.. hahah wat to do you're teh super duper uber Kashi Sensei =D
    Hey don't cha think I'm talkin' a lil' too much =P Shut me up now... now... and i mean now..

    XD sorry.. haha.. i'm faving this =3 Kashi did a wonderful job.. v ^____^ v Now time for me to go get ready for friday and play a game called "let's all spot Kashi Sensei!!" =D Man it'd be so fun! =D me and... ok i'll shut up NOW =p....

  5. chibikko Dec 07, 2004

    very cool perspective and the shadow of the tree is really well done, i would never think of something like that. really great!

  6. hidekeitaro Dec 07, 2004

    Very very very nice job!!!
    I am not fan of Renga, but this wallpaper is beautiful XD
    Congratulations :D

  7. Sandy Dec 07, 2004

    I think the tree trunk is really disturbing compared to the perspective of the characters @_@. Maybe you could have placed the "camera" higher (i.e. we could see some branches) so that it looks more from a view from above. Looking at the color of the falling leaves, I think the grass should be a little more yellowish too~.

  8. Jormungand Dec 07, 2004

    Wheee~! beautiful wallie~! I really love the perspective of this wall...
    The chocolate sure looks tasty...it's a good thing you decided to make more of those XD
    It's a great looking and interesting wallie :D definitely a fav ^.~

  9. KorganoS Dec 07, 2004

    Nice perspective, Kash! yeah, but the tree's perspective is a litttle bit amiss..., everything else looks awesome, though.... and most intriguing are : THE chocolates!!! XD yeaa.... if I were there I would've eaten all that and left no piece for those cute ladies!!! *me chomps on chocolates like t-rex chomping on a human* rofl XD
    *uh... yum yum, now I go to the stores and buy some Ferrero Rocher*
    Nice work!!!
    this goes to my favorites!

  10. StarCentury Dec 07, 2004

    Cool overhead perspective, exentric! It's like I'm taking a picture of them while hanging on to that awesome tree u made! Ooooo, chocolate! Don't mind if I do! (*eats it out of exentric's hand, accidentally bites his finger*) Oops, my bad! ^_^' Sorry 'bout that, exentric! I get crazy when there's a piece of chocolate in front of me! Still, great submission you have there! Cya! :)

  11. gundex Dec 07, 2004

    ho!! a brand new perspective wall... :D :D :D amazing!!! yeah the tree is a little weird... but still this is an awesome wall... great job kash-san...!!!! :D :D :D

  12. Midori-chan Dec 07, 2004

    wow....a wallpaper with rare perspective...
    itz really awesome!!
    the scan is cute too!! XD
    great job!!

  13. Devilet Dec 07, 2004

    hehe, was going through my notifications and couldn't wait to see your latest wallpaper, you always come up with neat ideas in your wallpapers ^.^ ohhh, this is a very interesting perspective you have here, I like how they are sitting under the tree (eating chocolate, hehe) the grass is nicely done, and the shading is good, maybe a bit to dark to show the shading, but I think you did a great job nonetheless, your hard work shows, a favourite ^__^

  14. aquablue Dec 07, 2004

    The season of the autumnal leaves of autumn matches well.
    It is in agreement with two girls.
    good wallpaper.^^

  15. ShiroiLina Dec 07, 2004

    very nicely done! great perspective :D well done well done! :D keep it up! :D :D

  16. UndyingShadow Dec 07, 2004

    very creative wall you got here excentric! the perspective is neat, and the two girls are cute. great job!

  17. GintheTwilightswords Dec 07, 2004

    Cooooolll :) !!I think the perspective is awesome,and the tree dosen't look to bad either^uu^.The girls are totally cuyte-Renga can draw guuuddd :P-and the ground looks so lush and colorful :) .You and Yumi did an excellent job on your respected implements in this wall :D,I luv it XD !*adds to favs*

  18. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Dec 07, 2004

    this ish sooo awessuumm!!


    ^0^ ive never seen a wallie like this befooree .. .!!!

    *poke poke pokkkee*

    exciiee should make some tuts for us~ *wink* ^O^ lollzz ..
    oohz . the tree looks fine!! ^o^ realllyy!!!

  19. Led Dec 08, 2004

    Hey Exentric! A really really kewl wallpaper!!! I like the way which you have created it. The girls are very cute and the colours are beautiful ^^
    GReat Job and of course a new favourite of me :)

  20. euna Retired Moderator Dec 08, 2004

    mmm... chocolate... *drools*.... hey!! that's my chocolate you've walled there!!! XD
    Exentric, this is lookin great! Very nice perspective and shadow work!
    Everything fits in nicely... very nice...
    Great job! *fav*

  21. irix Dec 08, 2004

    I like how do you do with the shadows of the leafs in the girls!!! :nya:

  22. Mizuki-Chan Dec 08, 2004

    Nice perspective XD XD XD
    This is a really nice wall!
    I love the tree trunk and fallen leaves! They look really kewl!
    XD XD XD Awesome wall in all!

  23. RonWeasley Dec 08, 2004

    it's awesome!!! nice perspective!!! good job!

  24. Fantasia Dec 09, 2004

    a sunny&windy afternoon
    the wall gives me this nice feel~
    the bg you made is very nice,and the 2 girls are very cute~
    keep it up~

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