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Koge Donbo, Pita Ten, Misha (Pita Ten) Wallpaper
Koge Donbo Mangaka Pita Ten Series Misha (Pita Ten) Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Haha christmas wallie from me! ^^ Thought it's too early to post it in MT and my site. But since I'm gonna go over to Indonesia for holidays during christmas, I don't think i can post it on 25th and celebrate xmas with you guys T^T So this wall was made early.

XD Okay about the wallpaper. It took me around 2 1/2 days and yeappp..lotsa layers x_X *lazy to count em.. argh..*...(my comp was sooo laggy. gawd I was so annoyed -o-)And uh.. I made this a few days ago actually. I did alot of brushing. Just brushes, lalalalaaa..then at the left side of this wall, I dunno why I made it so spacey for >o< I thought I made this whole thing red. Pure red. Turned out to be abit purplish/maroonish right? @_@ oh well..same OLD reason =P

Okay I'd loooove to thank kashi-sensei (exentric) for the scan =D She was so kawaii I had to use her for an xmas wall XD Well anyways, an early Merry Christmas to all =3
While u guys are here I'll be enjoying myself in Indonesia XD Haha.. (well I wish i can stay here for christmas actually ._.)

please go to www.digikb.tk for more resolutions! ^_^

*gah, don't expect more wallpapers from me starting off next year ok? My mom's not gonna allow me to use unless I study hard for 8th grade u.u So hooray for me, I'm not gonna be on often then ._. Sigh.. bye everyone =3*

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  1. jackalx66 Dec 07, 2004

    u leaving us ._.
    check here often,ok
    and study hard ^^
    so u get permission to access here ^_^
    another nice wall from u
    me love the color ^^
    and u do great job with the bg
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    +fav from me ^^
    and study hard ok ^^

  2. Kurosawa Dec 07, 2004

    Woah yumi chan ^^, really great bg I like the scan too ^^. great work ^^.Not too early for the post , I think.
    You will go to indo in holiday ? ^^ . Maybe you will be meet me ^_+. Have a nice holiday in indo ^^.

  3. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 07, 2004

    OMG....this is tragic news I never knew this.....Yumi-chan :_: I'll miss you tons and I know that the whole community will miss you as well. It won't be the same without you on, but we'll try to get by ='( Wahhhhh! I wish I could send you something for X-mas Yumi-chan...=( Just cause we won't be there, doesn't mean we can't celebrate X-mas with chu...we'll do it via telepathy =P.

    Ok, I think I'm ready to review without being crazy. *Whew* Awe who the hell am I kidding? This wall is too good NOT to be crazy about. I was about to log out and I saw you submitted a X-mas wall and I was like "Screw sleep, Yumi-chan's review is FAR more important" and wow....was I EVER right. I'm glad I didn't miss the oppunturity to post in here. This wall is simply a work of art Yumi. Not only is this so increadably magical and lush but its very soothing and serene.... Omg the resd is perfect...Marronish possibly...but still this wall is red enough to be stated as that color by anyone and I love the different tones you've set as well. The layer of fog was also a very nice touch and I simply LOVE the effects you've used in this background. I simply can't get enough of it and this Pita Ten scan.....*sniff* Its beautiful. She is soooooo adorable in that Christmas get-up. I can see why you used her. The effect of energetic to calm is a quite nice transition as well and makes it for one hell of a X-mas wall.... *sniff* Yumi-chan this is such a wonderful X-mas wall that I have to make it my fav. X-mas wall (my apologies to anyone else on my friends list that has plans for X-mas walls...this wall just touched everything I love about walls and bah @_@ Doesn't mean I can't like your work.) I have to be honest when I say this is by far the best wall you've ever made thus far and its a great going away gift. Favorite you know it and I'll be immediately using this as my desktop. It'll be my way of celebrating X-mas with you =D.

    As for you not being on much....it truly is sad....and when you get back I'll be showing you the wall I've made for you (well by then I should definately be done with it) so it gives ya something to look foward to. May you enjoy life and have many wonderful days (with ur bf too) and take care Yumi! *hugs* We'll miss you!

  4. irix Dec 07, 2004

    That's a beautiful wall!!! :nya: i like so much this one!!! ^^

  5. Kikoz Dec 07, 2004

    woww...beautifull walle!!
    the char is very cute n cool too!!
    it is rabi n rose??
    I like it very much ^^
    add to my fav^^

  6. Riku2 Dec 07, 2004

    IS SO beautiful AND KAWAII.
    the bg is so nice.
    the girl is cute.
    great work Yumi.
    keep it up.
    thx for it.

  7. aquablue Dec 07, 2004

    Wallpaper of great Santa Claus and Christmas. :D
    A rabbit ear is good.

  8. TaMa Dec 07, 2004

    wow .... that looks awesome =d
    i really love this scan of Misha <3
    And I love the way all the bright goes up from bellow =D

  9. euna Retired Moderator Dec 07, 2004

    kyaa~~ super cutie Pita Ten Christmas wallpaper!!
    Misha's so cute in her Santa suit!! and the bg fits perfectly!!
    The bg is stunning.... goes very well with the scan...
    I like that planet on the left with a nice red glow...
    So good this wall... ^_^
    a definite fav... ^^

    ps- enjoy your holiday in Indonesia.. Euna will miss you lots :D

  10. Sandy Dec 07, 2004

    Meh! I like the brushes you melted with the scenery background. Although I'm not too fond of the spacy backgrounds right now but I think you did a good job with the choice of colors and the scan is so cute.

  11. tAtEkAnE Dec 07, 2004

    Merry Christmas! yumi-chan! XD very festive wallie! it's kawaii! well done yumi! :D

  12. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 07, 2004

    Hmm nice walls Yumi-chan. Quite good indeed. But somehow Idont like that red plante THAT much @.@ so no fav. Sorry :D

  13. Samanosuke89 Dec 07, 2004

    wow.. great wall.. I like very much the bg and the scan also.. well.. +fav for you =P great work.. ah.. have a nice holiday ^^

  14. Lachette Dec 07, 2004

    I dont ever remember misha was ever that well endowned... in either rate, the scan is really good. really. The abstract red bg fits well with her and its just really nice... good job.

  15. DarkParagon Dec 07, 2004

    I think this is a really classy wall. Beautiful christmas wallpaper. The colours are nice and I even like the abstract background ;) Scan is crisp and clean as well. Good job :)

  16. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 07, 2004

    Scan is perfect and bg is superb...love how the whole thing mixes with each other...Awesome work Yumi!Merry Christmas and have a Happy June!! XD

  17. daklewijd Dec 07, 2004

    nice wallie! nothing less expected from yumi-chan! I think we should collaborate and create something together...

  18. Kenzotsuke Dec 07, 2004

    wow wow!nice xmas wallie^^your scan is very pretty and your bg a good choice of colors!
    really cool!
    good work,..........+fav :D

  19. Asahi Dec 07, 2004

    wow yumi !!! i love it. its a fav. i like the red and the white colors and the chara in it.. and all of your brush background work =) super !!!

  20. exentric Dec 07, 2004

    okok ^_^"""
    I'll comment on yer wall~~ ^_^"""
    err etttoo..
    wat to say.. wat to say..
    weird combination? ^_^"""
    i mean like there's space scene, grunge and asbtract. and there's also err cloud?
    kinda weird.. .@_@
    but~~ I cant see anything wrong with that~
    tho the comby is a bit weird, everything does blend seemlessley~ nice work~ XD

  21. Athrun Dec 07, 2004

    Quote by Yumi-ChanHaha christmas wallie from me! ^^ Thought it's too early to post it in MT and my site. But since I'm gonna go over to Indonesia for holidays during christmas, I don't think i can post it on 25th and celebrate xmas with you guys T^T

    Taht sucks! Well the part where you're leaving anyway. Hope you have fun in Indonesia. Lots of MT members are from there, but I'm sure you knew that, lol.

    Anyway... great wallie! Merry early Christmas to you too!

    The BG kicks ass and it's very shiny!

    * adds to fav

  22. Cajime Dec 07, 2004

    oh that's such an amazing wallpaper! I had to favorite it ;) so pretty......

  23. KorganoS Dec 07, 2004

    Woah! Yumi! XD this is a lovely wallpaper!! Very nice scan, yes, Misha is heavenly cuteness... + awesome effects, and the selection of colors is just brilliant! I must say this is one of your masterpiece... :D
    Noo, you're not going to wall again?? noooo >.<... uh, but okay, I guess school is far more important. I hope you good luck on your study, have a sweet Holidays and all the best wishes to your family also in this Christmas season.
    Hey, you're going to visit my country?? XD waaaaiii....
    to where? Bali? Jakarta? Bandung? Medan? ^^ wheee... make sure you have lots of fun!!
    Oh, this wallpaper is so going to my favorites! Congratulations for making such a beautiful wall.... c ya around!

  24. gundex Dec 07, 2004

    wooow!!! kawaii wall yumi-chan XD XD XD merry christmas for u too... happy holiday and welcome to indonesia... :D :D :D and yes i must not forget +fav +fav +fav...

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