Shingeki no Kyojin Wallpaper: Die Dämmerung der Menschheit

Hajime Isayama, Production I.G, Shingeki no Kyojin, Armin Arlert, Mikasa Ackerman Wallpaper
Hajime Isayama Mangaka Production I.G Studio Shingeki no Kyojin Series Armin Arlert Character Mikasa Ackerman Character

2560x1440 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is another one of my long neglected SNK wip's and I'm glad I finally finished it. More SNK walls still coming (hopefully). The Colossal Titan is in like every other official art and has become some kind of SNK mascot so I wanted to somehow distinguish my wall from all the other images and decided for a pretty sunset shot.

Resources used:
Original Scan
CT Left Hand
CT Right Hand

So, I cropped the Titan and Mikasa from the original scan, recreated parts of the wall and the Titan's body, and traced the lineart to clean it up a little. I placed a cannon in the Titan's hand instead of the slice of pizza to make it look like he's crushing the cannon, because honestly, I can't have a Titan eat pizza in my wall. Sorry about destroying a good joke, though. :/

I painted Eren and Armin from the other images because I wouldn't probably be able to paint the rest of their bodies based on the original scan. I guess the shadows aren't really in the right places but i tried to cover that with light placement as much as possible. I painted over Mikasa's 3DMG as well so that it would have the same texture as Armin's and Eren's 3DMGs. And I can say I'm still not a fan of coloring the 3DMG equipment. I also vectored (yay!) the smoke behind the Titan based on the scan and some screenshots from the anime. The smoke was surprisingly easy.

The clouds were done with the help of some Cloud Brushes by EligoDesign on Deviantart. I used several gradients on them and then on the entire image to get some nice shades of red and purple, and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. In the end, I added the numerous sparks around the Titan and the characters to both create a little contrast between the darker sky and the glowing particles and to make the wall more interesting to look at.

Oh, and the title is in German (again! because SNK is associated with Germany so please prepare for more) and means 'the twilight of humankind'. You know, the human race is losing the war against the Titans so it's a metaphorical twilight of their existence plus there's that pretty sunset in the wall, riiiiight? kNEEL DOWN BEFORE ME AND MY SUDDEN CREATIVITY HAHAHAA.

Work in progress:

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  1. Painter Dec 07, 2014

    Nice wally, I like the idea and could see all the efforts you put :)
    Buuut must say Eren and Armin look a little bit out of place because of how light lies on them and how light lies on the Titan (the source of light is behind his back and there should be great shade of that Titan whicn covers the characters).
    And why does he eat rubbish? ^-^'

    Also, it's not your idea, but why does this Titan have nails?! He's a huge meat bag ._.

  2. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Dec 07, 2014

    A Shingeki no Kyojin wall from Elisa around the winter holidays? I'm sensing a pattern here!
    I am slightly disappointed the CT isn't swinging around a giant slice of product placement anymore. And he had a box for it, too - how convenient!
    But everything else you added to the wall more than makes up for it. For example, the thicker outlines near his neck, which make him appear bulkier than just relying on the size comparison or lighting.
    Props for reconstructing part of Eren's device as well; it's a pain in the three letters.

    HA! I found a mistake: "You know, the human race is losing the war against the totans" *gloats*
    sorry, had to do that XD
    And everyone knows German titles instantly make everything creepy/solemn~

  3. DragonBlood Dec 07, 2014

    stunning! the colors and effects are amazing! there is this feeling of rawness that makes it even better! Great title! :D

  4. oty-kun Dec 08, 2014

    awesome and creative. i love it

  5. Valuna Retired Moderator Dec 10, 2014

    Looking good there. Elisa gives me nostalgy with her going crazy about walling a certain series. She is so much better than I was back then.

    Great job on the construction of everything! It looks great as one picture and shows SnK in a nutshell. Giant skinless titan against 3 young courageous fighters.

    I have a comment though. It seems you reconstructed Eren's hand. I wasn't sure about it first until I confirmed it with the scans. Why Elisa..why does he have two right hands? The way he holds the blade is impossible to be backhanded @_@

    Great job regardless. I love your colours grill. Me so proud.

  6. BurnedToast Dec 11, 2014

    *w* wow your amazing Elisa!

  7. galilio Mar 20, 2015

    awesome..it looks a amazing.. nice work

  8. RogerNavi Mar 22, 2015

    That is real beauty.Awesome

  9. kelvinror Banned Member Mar 22, 2015

    This is much appreciated .

  10. Roghael Apr 19, 2015

    Really Niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥

  11. Jessicakunj Apr 24, 2015

    This is great wallpaper.

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