Kohitsuji ha Mayowanai Wallpaper: My dark home

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1440x900 Wallpaper

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Well I did a wall ' 3' ~/0/

program: pscs6
Image: http://socialspirit.com.br/link?l=http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/664587 / http://socialspirit.com.br/link?l=http://lvxion.deviantart.com/art/Gothic-Lights-433416665

I opened a document 1440x900 and then added the scan and the background adjusted ; Then I started to rebuild part of \ 0 \ . First rebuild the bottom stamped extending that black \ 0 \ , then went to the ground and rebuild there , after her face and glasses. I then add the brightness and contrast to darken just a bit, then added the brush candle , put some picture styles and went to the merge option , mechi La Numas things and left . Back part of the scan I also went into the blending options , and La mechi ready, came back with the candle and the opaque brush I made light \ 0 / , and then went and lowered the lights and turned up the contrast and tals , and I went with black opaque brush to darken the scan , then added a typography and then we put them in a wind effect , and finally signed mesclei everything and then I took a few final adjustments \ 0 \ : 3

translated by google translator because I have no patience to go to the English part by part -q

I hope you enjoy :333

Original wallpaper post on my accont of the spirit : http://socialspirit.com.br/galeria/imagem/spirit-wallpaper-wallpapers-desktop-my-dark-home-2696941

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  1. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 06, 2014

    First off, kudos for your ambition. You really took a leap and decided to go for something both creative and cool! With that in mind, there are few suggestions I have.

    Perspectives. This is the toughest part of all. The biggest problem I have with this piece is that the light fixture and the scan are on two different completely perspective. As you can tell from the scan, the girl, the chair and the floor are all angled. However, the light fixture is completely level. The end result is that the gothic lighting looks completely separate from the scene and causes the whole piece to become disjointed. In order to fix that, you would have to adjust both the perspective and proportion of the light since it would be angled and part of it would be closer to us.

    I really like what you did with the girl. I'm glad you cleaned her up and did some work on her too. Removing her glasses helps create a new look for the piece and gives it some distinction as well. I also really like the fact that you went about adjusting how the lighting in the scene would affect her. While the parts of her that weren't being hit by light would be far darker with only something like candle light involved, the concept is still there and you get an A for effort!

    However, that comes to the chair and the rest of the background. When you have a dark scene and introduce lighting into it, it becomes a focal point. As in the lighting is the critical part of the piece and how it interacts and affects everything. You took the girl into account, but the chair, flooring and anything else wasn't taken into account. Or rather while it was taken into account it wasn't nearly as much as it should of. Candle lights do give off quite a great deal of light, but they also create far more shadows and in a situation like that it's not taking place. Which really drives me out of the scene, because when you a sole fixture providing light you should have shadowing as a result and there are no shadows in this scene.

    I apologize for how harsh this may come across as, but lighting is difficult stuff. and while you certainly acknowledged that in aspects, the execution definitely needs some work and shadowing needs to be addressed too. However, I commend you for your effort and for the good attempt you put in!

  2. bigfloppydonkey Nov 25, 2015


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