Tamamayu ~Miserareta Mitsu no Ito~ Wallpaper: Innocence

Mireille (Studio), Tamamayu ~Miserareta Mitsu no Ito~, Jouko Sakashita, Minitokyo, Contest Entry Wallpaper

2560x1440 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This was my entry for the 3rd round of MT Knockout 2014 and I scored first with it in the contest. (I was so unbelievably excited and happy when I saw the results.) The condition for this round was to include a set of three items in the wallpaper and my set was Castle / Weapon / Wind. I thought this would be easy at first but I was wrong. I had several ideas, most of which were leaning quite lot to the fantasy genre but I just couldn't find any good scans, which I would like to work with. So I just resorted to browsing the thousands of images on my 7 year old flash disc, trying to find something that would catch my eye. I have a super huge collection of anime images that's even older that the flash disc itself (like 10 years probably). I didn't like any of the images in particular but this one caught my attention because of the girl's extremely long hair floating in the air in all directions. Since both a weapon and wind were two of the things I had to include, I decided to work with the image and went to search for some more pictures of the girl. I managed to dig out her name - Jouko Sakashita - and the title of the game she comes from - Tamamayu ~Miserareta Mitsu no Ito~. However, I could only find one other image of her and that didn't help me much, so I just chose to go for original and adjust the girl according to my needs.

I'm pretty sure Jouko was supposed to be a vampire and I love vampires so I wanted to keep her species. I didn't like her clothes, though, so I painted the dress and used this scan as reference for her legs and this one for her shoes. I changed her hair color to white because I knew I wanted a night scene and white hair would create a beautiful contrast with the rest of the image. I wanted to place the girl on top of a stone wall or a gate but that interfered with my planned compostion so I decided for a rock instead. I completely painted the rocks and used a texture from an image-stock site but I honestly don't remember anymore which site it was. You can see the result here. Everything except for the hair, wings and blade is painted.

For the BG, I started with the castle. I used a HD photo of Neuschwanstein, a fairy tale-like castle in Germany. I merged it with a part of this stock photo, used some blur filters on it to make it cleaner, and lastly, I just painted over the photos and covered all of the snow and little, overly detailed parts. Here is my "painted" version.

After I was satisfied enough with the castle, I moved to working on the grass and mountains, I edited this scan, copy-pasted some parts and painted over it. Then I used this one for the mountains far in the BG. All flowers except the sole one right next to the rock come from this scan; I wanted white flowers so they would stand out in the dark scenery just like the girl's hair. I painted the stems and leaves for all of them, and used the petals from the same scan to emphasize the presence of the wind. The clouds in the sky are cropped from a screenshot from SNK / AOT (haha, the anime quality is just amazing), moved around, edited and again, painted over a little. The bats are cropped from this scan.

I guess the most difficult thing in this wall was putting everything together and merging the individual parts. It was hard to edit the scan with the mountains to make it look like it's night because I had to use different amount of color overlays, shadows and gradients on every part - grass, tress, mountains. It was also terribly boring to paint the rock and the grass but on the other hand, I enjoyed working on the castle and the vamp. When everything was in its place, I used the Diffuse Glow filter on the girl and the flowers to make the white areas "shine". I added blood (some splatter brushes; will link later when I find the source again) on the sword and the girl's hands and face to make it look like like she just, ahem, fought against someone and to justify the presence of the weapon in her hands. Umm, yes, let's say she's licking it clean... xD

I know this gives away a bit of Halloween feel so with that, I wish you all a belated Happy Halloween (I would have submitted this earlier if it wasn't an entry for the contest). And I also want to dedicate this wall to Zix because she's an awesome friend and has been supporting me a lot not only during the contest but for a few years already. She lost a round against me and I was feeling so bad about it but being a true friend, she still wished me the best of luck in the finale. ZIX, I LOVE YOU! <3

Favs and comments appreciated. :)
Please don't repost anywhere.
omg, another short essay; I'm sorrrrryyy D:


Chosen by pandemonium91 and Valuna

She shows a lot of promise and she didn't just give us some wallpaper, she gave us "the" wallpaper and showed us how good the artists are on Minitokyo with her victory of the 10th Anniversary Competition! Watch out for elisadevelon, she will knock you out with this piece of art.

The scene Elisa created is truly breath-taking. When a wallpaper looks amazing, I always get the feeling it should be a painting and with this, it feels like it perfectly fits as one and it even feels alive!

This really shows how someone can grow so much in such a short time with a couple wallpapers. Elisa became a sponge to learn all the things she could. Everything is in balance here and the vibrant colours in the night makes it very dazzling. She outsmarted us all by using a twisted angle to make it super dynamic. Not to mention, the girl in there is entirely an original creation. This shows she has some mad skills for drawing and digital graphics!

Proposed by pandemonium91 and highlighted by Valuna.

No other submissions


  1. Painter Nov 08, 2014

    OMG, girl, I didn't even supposed it took so much efforts to be finished! You're getting better and more creative with every wall :DD
    As I've already wrote you before I loved it at glance and don't wanna search for things to change ^-^

    Are you serious?! Is it really for me? OMG it's so awsome! I don't have words... all I can is just continue to love you! <3 <3 <3 Thanks a lot! It's happiness to have such friend as you :*

  2. DragonBlood Nov 09, 2014

    wicked! Looks amazing! awesome work my friend!

  3. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Nov 10, 2014

    Dat dutch angle <3 And dat wall of text lol. I wouldn't mind another SNK wall from you at all either.
    Iknorite? I have a few SNK screenshots of background art stashed away just in case I need good backgrounds.

    TBH at first I thought I was looking at a scan with some lighting adjustments here and there - THAT'S how good this is. The way everything flows together is basically seamless. And after reading about all the work that you put into this... Just, gah. I think I have even more respect for you than I previously had (which was a lot anyway). I would expect a lot of work to be put into the render, but the castle takes the cake - and it's not even the focus! So much work! *is in awe*

    If I may voice a minor critique: the blood on the sword looks significantly more crisp than everything else. A few drops sliding down the blade and her hand would've made it look less stencil-y.

    Overall, absolutely fantastic work. It's rare that a background is as stunning as - if not even more than - the character(s). Great job, and fully deserving of first place in my opinion.

  4. oty-kun Nov 10, 2014

    oh my god. Thats such awesome job. My congratulations for your job and the result so amazing.

  5. Monu-chan Moderator Nov 14, 2014

    OH! I thought I already did fav it o.O
    But I must say your Wallpaper is really JAW DROPPING!
    I mean everything is so good no! not good but AMAZING!
    The castle is looking so beautiful, the bats are perfect, the flowers are more than Awesome!
    The big moon, the trees and clouds so GOOD!
    and now coming to the character, she's looking just more than AWESOME! her hair that shine on her hair, the sword and the blood! OH MY GOD! they are just sooooooooo PERFECT!

    and I am in love with those Red bloody eyes!

    You did Mind Blowing job here! Elisa you are the star of MT!

  6. VanyUmi Nov 14, 2014

    Really great job!

    It was hard to do? i think it was.

    I canĀ“t take off my eyes of the castle !

  7. ShanaFlare Nov 15, 2014

    Wow brilliantly done and I love the wicketness in this :) it had me entranced :D

  8. Raffachan Nov 18, 2014

    Congratulations for Highlighted! :D

  9. DokiDokiChan Retired Moderator Nov 22, 2014

    Beautiful work, deserving of the highlight.
    All that detail built seamlessly from SO MANY different sources is truly amazing.
    That angle was an excellent choice~

    Keep up the amazing work!

  10. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 05, 2014

    So this is the piece that won MT Knockout! Well now, this certainly is a knockout in itself!

    Let's focus on the biggest thing, the last time I commented on a wallpaper of yours, I commented on that cute Rosario + Vampire wallpaper, in which I criticized the use of perspective. It certainly looks like you've gone above and beyond, but to the best of my knowledge this looks spot on. Perspective is never an easy thing, and you really challenged yourself with so many elements to work off of. My only complaint would be the bats seem like they'd be rather large if they got even closer to the foreground, but in all sincerity that's just being nitpicky at best. Besides, we get detail of what they are so heya, why the heck not!

    So secondly, scenery. I'm a sucker for a good landscape, and I can really appreciate it when someone takes a lot of time and effort to do it as well. From the glass, to the flowers, to the rock she's on, to the sky and clouds, to the castle. Everything has been given what looks like a painstaking amount of detail to make sure it all blends together properly and more importantly, look great. I also love backgrounds that tell a story. A spooky forest in front of a giant mountain with a mansion on top of it during a full moon night? This creates some really fantastic visuals to look at. Heck, I could just stare at this background all day long.

    Which brings me to the detail aspect. You have seriously progressed skill wise. I mean, you really, truly have progressed. The level of detail in this landscape is surreal. Mountains have a nice texture to them, the sky is well balanced with fluffy looking clouds and the moon, while rather large, doesn't look fake. Yet again, another example of what I really enjoy in scenery.

    Which leads me to the scan. Pardon me here, because this is very personal and by no means a reflection of your wallpaper. I'm not sure about the choice in scan. Don't get me wrong. This wallpaper perfectly sets up the mood for the choice of vampire girl, and having her with a bloody sword makes this piece even more eerie. However, there's just something about this piece that almost clashes with her. Like the piece itself needs to be darker in order to fit her, or that a more softer choice of character would be better suiting (softer in a character design sense. Something that aims more towards haunting in both beauty, as well as has that slight dangerous side to accompany the piece. I don't think you made a mishmash in terms of character choices, but I would say just because of the atmosphere I would personally of gone with that.

    Overall, this is stunning. A visual feast, and a very welcomed treat. It's rare that Minitokyo gets pieces like this, and even more so that one is something other than a beach wallpaper. Don't get me wrong, beaches are nice! This, however, is a breath of fresh air and beautifully done. You should be proud, Elisa!

  11. Makeshift Aug 24, 2015

    The background is awesome tho!

  12. FamiliarSaito147 Jun 04, 2016

    Nice wallpaper! A vampire, nighttime outside, a castle with bats flying around it in the background, the clouds are a nice touch too.

  13. thingperson 36wk 1d ago

    Amazing Halloween wallpaper to me. It looks like its straight from a anime scene its that good. I love the glow on the sword it makes it look like the moon is reflecting off of it very creative. Great Job :)

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