Kannazuki no Miko: Re-sublimity

Kannazuki no Miko, Chikane Himemiya, Himeko Kurusugawa, Member Art
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Artist Comment

It's been a while since my last submission ...and I have no improvement on wall yet >_<!
So... I think I'll just submit one of my recent drawings :D
Anyways, this is a drawing from the back cover of Re-sublimity - The l33t opening theme of this anime XD
Feel free to post comments and suggestions... and fav if you like it~! XD

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  1. lildragon07 Dec 06, 2004

    Very nice drawing here. It looks exactly like them!
    Chikane & Himeko forever!

  2. Crash-kun Dec 06, 2004

    Sooooooooooooo nice! i love the way u shade! amazing! im not that gud at detailed shading n lightings but im practicing tho. ^_^ +fav hehe

  3. Frosty Dec 06, 2004

    omg..... now how long did it took to do this one. XD
    this is very nicely sketched. XD not to mention the clearity of this sketch. XD
    you are way too good. ^^ *I think you and Gaijin should have a Sketch battle for the best sketch artist here in mt.* XD
    great job bubby. ^^
    a+ and +Fav for an outstanding sketch. ^^

  4. volrath77 Dec 06, 2004

    Excellent work here. I like it. Thanks. :)

  5. KorganoS Dec 06, 2004

    Amazing work !!! XD
    The shading and the details are awesome....
    not to mention they look exactly the same with the original....
    hey man, can u teach me sometime???.... ^^

  6. jackalx66 Dec 06, 2004

    whoa ^^
    very nice
    love the shading on it ^_^
    ur art skill is amasing
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    +fav from me

  7. MadWiz Dec 06, 2004

    this is a terrific work!
    shading is very good and the details are there
    even just tracing the outline for me I can't make something look so alike~ =p

  8. FallenAngel Dec 06, 2004

    Amazing work jormungand! *_*
    Love the shading and the hair
    Nice job. :)

  9. vampyre Dec 06, 2004

    Mikoooooooo.I love it a lot XD .Chikane & Himeko 'are so cuteeeeeeeeeee! :D
    ur wory is very nice. :)

  10. GaiJiN Dec 06, 2004

    Incredible work on folds and shading, makes the picture really impressive. Of course, the linework is outstanding too :) . You're really talented, I don't think I could do that ^_^' . This deserves more attention, even if it's not an original I think it's one of the best pencil sketchs here XD !

  11. dans Dec 06, 2004

    man, this is goooodddd....
    impresive work, man.
    very nice. give you a fav.

  12. Devilet Dec 06, 2004

    woah... you should definitely show more of your drawings Jormungand.. good stuff, I really love the shading, the detailing you did an excellent work of.. very nice drawing, show more~
    + fav for me ^.^

  13. Susan-chan Dec 06, 2004

    i didnt know that u can draw soo good!! it's wonderful!! i very like it^^ add to fav^^

  14. evasion Dec 06, 2004

    Oh wow! You took on a very difficult pose ^^ and it turned out spectacular! I love how you did the hair and shading :) Excellent ^_^ +fav

  15. derlong Dec 06, 2004

    wow!! you are so talent. i like your chiaroscuro. Excellent add to fav

  16. cygnus Dec 06, 2004

    damn it's good! ever think to make your own manga? or illustration book? i'm definitely the first person to get them! *fav*

  17. Lethia Dec 06, 2004

    waaaaaaaaiiiiii~~ ^_____________^

    whoa looks so damn good and well hand drawen!! o_o
    u ARE surely A talented artist !! i envy you XD
    wish so bad i cud draw and shade a drawing like that! i luv the black haired girl shading~

    hmm...never see Kannaduki No Miko before...is it good? XD but its must be ecchii cuz from Kaishaku *lol*. But luv ur drawing! cool XD
    keep ur talent up!

    add to favourite! ^___^


  18. rknight1 Dec 06, 2004

    Hey.. really really good. Words cannot describe how good this sketch is. The clothes.. the faces.. the expressions.. Wow.

  19. Led Dec 06, 2004

    wooooooo have you draw it by yourself?!?!? ITs fantastic, i like it. I wish i could be draw so good :-(

    But nice work!!!!! and of course fav ^^

  20. Judith Dec 06, 2004

    Holy shit that was great. Damn I wish I could draw but I can't. I hope you’ll draw more of them. :) :)

  21. GintheTwilightswords Dec 07, 2004

    The amount of detail that you put into this drawing is phenomenal^uu^!! You have done an overwhelming amazing job on it,even the faces are good(they are very cute and some people usually have trouble doing them).Marvelous job :D !!

  22. erebusnight Dec 07, 2004

    youuuuuu!!! you need to help me draaaw...like...come to my page and gimme some pointers, especially on the 3rd pic of rei! cause shes the only one wearing clothes you can actually see, and i need help with the wrinkles. pleaaase! my masta!

  23. KittyPuchiko Dec 07, 2004

    wow! Great drawing you got there. ^^ +fav Keep it up!

  24. Inu000 Dec 07, 2004

    *stares* wow!! if u haven't already been told a hundred times, u have amazing skill!!! omg, how do u shade like that?? itz absolutely amazing, lol. detailed and beautiful, non-perv and kute, definetly an outstanding piece. great job, and i hope to c a lot more frum u!! :) +fav

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