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Woot! I finally finished the CG version of "A Break from the Rain". Thank you to *everyone* who commented, faved, and critiqued the pre-version sketch! (You can view it at http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/53665/). I tried to fix all the mistakes earlier (the belt, the hand, the umbrella, etc.) It really means a lot to me that everyone was so supportive and helpful ^_^

So here it is! It's a christmas card I am going to give to one of my friends who's into the comic book things :) The bg kinda...sucks...lol. All of you wallers out there make pro-bg's in 4 hours, while it takes me 20+ to make crap, T_T *cries* lol. I wish I had that sort of skill :P

*EDIT* Also added in Santa in the top right, *lol*
*EDIT* Removed Santa in the top right - he just was a messy distraction

Well, Merry Early Christmas to everyone!

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  1. tAtEkAnE Dec 05, 2004

    wow! it looks cool! when it wasn't cged it looks more comical...when ya cged it..it's kinda funny but it's more serious in a way.....XD anyhooo! THE shading rocks! ur cg looks awesome great job :D

  2. AkinaSpirit Dec 05, 2004

    Wow.... that's really good ^^
    a superb job of finishing it off and you know... both the sketch and this is good~
    He looks very cool. Nice work and the bg is fine ^^
    Merry Christmas to you too :)

  3. belmikry Retired Moderator Dec 05, 2004

    oh wow evasion!! you knew i was a big fan of the preliminary sketch- but man- do you ever have talent with CG'ing!!! XO *bows to your shading skills*

    man- it looks like a natural medium!!! XD

    *fav* from me!

  4. TakamuraReiji Dec 05, 2004

    Holy crap! This is so cool! I like this much better than the old one with no colours. Man! This is so totally cool! Look! His hand is clutching a newspaper! XD XD XD

  5. renato Dec 05, 2004

    Quote by tAtEkAnEwow! it looks cool! when it wasn't cged it looks more comical...when ya cged it..it's kinda funny but it's more serious in a way.....XD anyhooo! THE shading rocks! ur cg looks awesome great job :D

    dude this is awesome!
    good job in making it! :)

  6. GaiJiN Dec 05, 2004

    o_o ... you did it ... you really cged it XD ! Now I think it's one of the finest piece of art ever here XD !
    The original sketch was already nice, now that you fixed it and brought it to life with colours, I can't find my words...
    It's incredibly expressive. I couldn't have thought of a better choice of colours...
    Rainy christmas, it's so beautiful, a feeling of sad serenity, strength and vulnerability at the same time... a super-hero with common newspaper... nah~ it's to good XD !
    I love your style so much, because it's not just "coloring", it's really painting ^^ (and you do that all with mouse ?).
    You know, you should make a cg tutorial, I would use it on my incoming sketch XD !
    huhu it's not fair, I should be able to give you more than a fav for this >_< !
    Ah and the bg, please don't call it crap... it was worth your time, really !
    ps : why is it so small T_T ?

  7. SamuraiHaruko Dec 05, 2004

    ha cha chickens!!! sammy luffels it! heh he ^^- tis a favie now and Merey X-Mas to u too my friend heh he ^^-

  8. harakiri Dec 05, 2004

    Ah, I see. Because it is coloured now it looks very very good.
    It is simply amazing how fine the colors are and the BG is an artwork of its own (I mean, itself would be an artwork, too). So we have two artworks in one picture.
    You're great, evasion-sama.

  9. Karolina Dec 05, 2004

    Ahhh my!.....How nice! Youv've done great job on coloring, this looks awsome :D And I like the background and the rain a lot!!! Really very nice work :)

  10. AtomicAngel Dec 05, 2004

    i like the quality and attention to detail the most in this work :P my props for ya hehe my most fav part i must say rain effects! when water hits the umbrella

    awesome :P

  11. KittyPuchiko Dec 05, 2004

    :o It's so beautiful and full of great details and great on coloring! :D +fav for my bishie. :)

  12. Jormungand Dec 05, 2004

    Wheee~! an amazing cg~! @_@
    the drawing is already a great one, but the colours are even more crazy~! that looks like a real painting :D
    btw, what's the Santa doing there? XD
    hehe....I'd be crazy not to fav this >_>

  13. Frosty Dec 05, 2004

    wooo... nice one. XD
    how thats is really nice, especially the coloring you use on this piece. XD
    it looks like you colored it first on paper than you worked your way to cg it. ^^
    must of been alot of work. ^^
    a+ and +fav for a great job well done. XD

  14. Daisuki-chan Dec 06, 2004

    wow evasion!!!! ^_~ amazing cg work my friend. ^_^ Just saw the drawing, thats already great but his is really amazing. ^_^ You are too good evasion-kun. ^_~

  15. toujin1 Dec 06, 2004

    ooooh wow!! hes really cute!! i love what u did with this...wow....i really like!

  16. bucket-shot Dec 06, 2004

    Ooh, nice muscle toning. XD Heh. And that bg's not bad. 20+h is a long time, but rest assured it's far from crap. :) I like the typeography the best. Reminds me of that... Sometime's Dreamers (?) anime. Good work.

  17. walkure245 Dec 06, 2004

    Are you kidding me? >_< This is so awesome. You are so good at cging. The effects and the colorations are so great! ^_^ You definitely should create a tutorial. I would love to learn from the best.

  18. chibikko Dec 06, 2004

    lol very funny idea for xmas doujin. it looks like a normal drawing, too but ok. anyway what's with that umbrella XD lol you have a huge fantasy

  19. Yura Dec 06, 2004

    awesome work nice shadow
    it looks great colored this are the thingd that inspire me to learn to cg
    great work u really know what to do

  20. Yoh Dec 06, 2004

    Looks good, nice draw and great cging, the bg doesn't look that bad, I can't do that stuff! ^_^' :nya:

  21. cAiCa Dec 07, 2004

    :nya: :nya: oh la la! It's a really good bg work!! :) wow..I just love it!! XD see u~

  22. blue-chan Dec 07, 2004

    He looks really cool. I wish I know how to cg my drawings. ^_______^ looks wonderful and very nice. ^_____^

  23. Hita Dec 08, 2004


  24. Fantasia Dec 09, 2004

    really really hope this can be printed out as a post card and send it to my friends,XD
    the night bg and the rain feel are very nice~
    I like how you color his body,very real like
    and let him carry a newspaper&an umb. is really a funny idea~
    Great X'mas gift^^

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