Arrested Man Wallpaper: The Human Condition

Bohra Naono, Arrested Man, Hideto (Arrested Man), Vector Art Wallpaper
Bohra Naono Mangaka Arrested Man Series Hideto (Arrested Man) Character Vector Art Source

2560x1440 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Woo finally finished this! Shout out to the folks who replied to my Sandbox thread with suggestions, it really motivated me to get this over with after about 3 years of not working on it XD Started from the manga page and with the vector, which was the easiest part mainly because the fire was made with the Freeform Pen Tool, which kinda makes everything look like an orangutan scribbled it unless you mess with the settings and have a hand that doesn't shake from all the pressure you apply on the mouse.

More precisely, I was stuck at this point and had no idea what to do. The initial idea was to have him submerged in water in a cave, but 1) couldn't paint that to save my life and 2) couldn't find any good stock images to avoid painting, lol. So abstract it is! After vectoring and messing around with the fire, I added a texture.
It's inspired by Kamelot's March of Mephisto, btw.

I discovered painting decomposing/burnt skin is easy and fun. Now there's a sentence you don't hear every day! Also, his nail makes me cringe.
Blooper: me trying to paint fire 3 years ago (can't pretend I'm any better now lol)

Now that I've got all the darkness out of my system, it's time for something pink and happy, lol.

Edit because comments will eventually get buried: the text is intentionally this hard to spot (it's more of a detail). So it's a feature, not a bug, lol.

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  1. Valuna Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2014

    Brace yourself or skip!

    At first sight, this one might look quite empty, but certainly when you put it on your desktop, it does justice. No, it's not as empty as anyone and everyone might think. There are quite a few subtle elements that brings this piece together as an entire wallpaper.

    Spoiler (show)

    The focus on this wallpaper is almost entirely the hand and the flame. It is quite unusual to have a wallpaper or picture having an entire different focus than the face or the character. Instead, this reminds me of some of Kitaan's wallpapers, in which the focus and emotions were entirely set in body parts.

    As anyone might know by now. Minimalism is a very difficult way of creating an image, because you use minimal elements to bring out something amazing. Not to mention that usually, 70% of the image is empty. This is why the composition is crucial to the piece. It is also the exact reason why a lot if things are left to be filled in by our own imagination. This wallpaper, is no exception. The hand is complete, with full details to take away the spotlight, while the rest fades in darkness. There isn't even any skin on his face at that. Anyone should understand that these things, that may seem odd are actually well-thought out and done on purpose (even if you don't like it).

    As for eliting it. Maybe it gives a bit more insight for people why we elite works. The level of artist's change a lot with each time period, so the judging of the wallpaper mods needs to adjust a bit aswell (same for new walls). Wallpapers get elited, because said moderator considers it a piece on which you can take as a very good example. Then you naturally get that these wallpapers are rather unique in design for the artist and for others to see. But, it is something I personally think other artists should aim towards to. It is possible that flawed wallapers get elited for these reasons because one is not perfect but can still be outstanding and not that of average.
    Again, this wallpaper is no exception. It has been a while since a minimalistic wallpaper of this level was submitted to Minitokyo. The only one that stuck to me and which I consider, that holda similarity in design and concept...even though, entirely different is one of Yuukine's wallpapers. To be honest, I was quite happy to see something like that again, but very different and entirely it's own. The overal feeling is the same, yet again, to it's own which brought the connection. To put it short on why it's good. For anyone who wants to practice or want a hint, example for minimalism in wallpapers. This one is definitely a wallpaper to have a closer look at and get some inspiration for yourself.

    Obviously, I did say that elited wallpapers do have flaws. For the third time, this is no exception (I feel funny now). It is unusual to have technically and with the final execution completely flawless wallpapers, even when you let one or two persons judge before submitting. I have edited this post, so some flaw has already been mentioned more downwards. Even though, I love hoe you mixed painting and vector together, it is always hard to make it right. I think the lines are a bit too sharp for the hair, so maybe you could have smudged or painted slightly on the lines, to keep the same painting in the wallpaper. Now there is a very distinct difference in the hand and the rest. I would have preferred if it was a bit closer together, rather than disconnected. Not much, I think a few subtle touches would have done the job. I also have to agree with elisa about the embers and a bit of the lighting. Did you use a brush? They look a little odd compared to the rest of the wallpaper. Personally, I think it would also be better if you painted like small "splashes" that give little light. They are a little out of place looking. Perhaps it is also because the amount is too small. Try to think of a real flame; wild, free and dangerous. It is a bit too tidy imo. Make those embers pop out like hot oil splattering while cooking! It happens a lot, to every possible side and very wildly. Then for the lighting. I actually think the flame should be engulved, a little more with some light around it. The red parts are less bright than yellow, so put a bit more light bleed on those parts. Then there is the text...it is a bit too dark imo. People have different screens. I'm looking at it on my smartphone and set it quite brightly, still barely seeing it. So, intensify the lighting bulb there a bit.

    Okay, I feel bad that I don't have a pc to use and make comments like this for everyone. I just thought Panda deserved some good heads up for being such a cool grill.

  2. Kurorisa Sep 16, 2014

    this is delicious. it looks simple but effective in the same way. I wish there are more details for the fire vector as in more shapes. also maybe change the text color to orange/reddish fire hue? because it's barely visible unless you intend it that way. overall, this is a great piece. great job!

  3. Angi Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2014

    Aw that hand is sweet xD I like.
    And the flames came up pretty nice.
    where's your siggy pande? I can't see x.x

  4. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Sep 16, 2014

    The hand looks a bit out of place to me because it's not vectored and as smooth as the rest of the wall. And I'd still add more embers. But other than that, I like how you finished this. Especially the fire. The flames are well done and really pretty. Me gusta.

  5. Darthas Retired Moderator Sep 20, 2014

    Not bad and definitely a lot better than the initial post about it on the sandbox thread. Glad the advice from everyone helped and the wall turned out great. Reminds me of those actual events where if you light a flame and see some guys face, only adds to realism that the rest of the view would be dark outside of the flame's general area.

    Like Val said, it's hardly plain as majority of my icons are to the left side of the screen, I have my essentials on 1 end and a great detailed picture on the right. It's also been a while since I added anything remotely with flesh and bone to my wallpaper folder since I come across few which aren't overly detailed that it ends up messing with my eyes.

    Amazing work and amazing effort.

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