Neon Genesis Evangelion Wallpaper: Over the Limit

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Gainax Studio Neon Genesis Evangelion Series Asuka Langley Soryu Character Minitokyo Source Contest Entry Source

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

WOW, OK SO I'M GOING TO SIT HERE AND TALK A LOT SO IF YOU DON'T WANT TO YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ? First off: this is a super modified version of the wall I made for the MT Knockout Round 1 This was my original entry. I know there's people bound to like that version more than this one so here you go. (WHYYY THOUGH?) Next I need to tell you why I submitted this version instead of the other. There's one reason: I never liked that version, I like this version. I messed up while submitting (super super long story) and the wall I submitted wasn't one I liked. I'll go into the reason I messed up but first: wall stuff. Also I hope everyone can forgive me for submitting the updated version? I like this version a lot lot more because it's cleaner and actually what I envisioned when I first started. (CLOUUUUDDDSSSSS!)

Scan: asuka ok
Background: ruined building, I kept painting over it on accident because of the clouds.
Rocks: pax-caryatid + castock @ deviantart
Sky: vending machine (I filtered, smudged it and repainted some of it) + ruined building (sky from this)
Stars: skin detail brush I had, bless.
City: by neverfading-stock @ deviantart
Destroyed buildings: cgartiste @ deviantart
Smoke: blurred out (+original cloud smoke thing in original wall): by flordelys_stock @ deviantart


Spoiler (show)

Next for the wall, wow so I wanted to make my wall look retro but not dated? I knew what I wanted to do and that was a scenic wall. I decided from the get go that I was going to challenge myself and do something that I would never normally do so scenic it was. I browsed and saved a ton of walls for inspiration. Picked a color scheme and scans to start with. Funnily enough I still remember how walls were back then so with that in mind I tried to restrict myself with certain things. I wanted to go with a warm color scheme even though a cool color scheme would have made my wall look what old school walls looked like back then. It was a huge struggle because I rarely work with stocks and I was on the edge the entire time since I didn't want to paint. From the beginning I decided to restrict myself with painting only using it for things like details or blending. lmao I will say that I have a really good talent for making things look painted though. I actually made a tutorial of how to fake paint (aka not from scratch, making filters look decent) a couple years ago over @ LJ. The crazy amount of filters (smart blur tyfyt) used on this wall's hilarious. Every scan/stock went through the same process of filter and some smudge. I usually first put the images through the filter and just paint around the edges to cover the pixelation from the filters. The clouds and rocks were the hardest part of this wall. Trying to work with the stock I used while keeping some type of cohesive look but not crossing the line to fully painted was honestly one of the hardest things I've ever done. Unfortunately in the original wall I worked on the sky so much that the clouds felt unnatural. It got pretty bad. I reworked them quite a lot for this version and I like them a lot in this version since wow scan.

Started off with this scan + this scan. I started by filtering them and resizing them. On the background I set a red layer to darken and erased some of the parts I didn't want colored. As I started to get more comfortable I added things as I went along. Next came the rubble which was two stocks combined. I combined the two stocks, extracted them, and colored them in with a black color so it would look like a black silhouette. Next I extracted the scans again (this time separately) and on both stocks used a ridiculous amount of smart blur, then smudged the pixelated areas. I took them after I colored them red, flipped them the opposite direction the original silhouette was in and started to arrange them. I kept duplicating certain rocks (setting them to lighten) and arranging them to look more like ruin. Bless masking tbh. Added a steel beam stock, colored it and placed it along the rocks. Eventually added a sign because why not. Colored red again and added some details with a fine brush. After I was done setting everything up I took a brush so I could paint some of the edges orange. I did that about 3 times because I couldn't get it right...yeah. Then I started working on the sky after arranging everything. I had no idea what to do for the sky. I tried a wide variety of stocks but none of them looked great? Added the sky, added the lens flare, colored Asuka and bam other things. (THE ORIGINAL WALL HAD TERRIBLE LIGHTING ON HER, I MEAN IT'S STILL AWFUL BUT IT'S A LOT BETTER NOW.) In the final version I colored it differently (CONTRAST), added some light beams, the sky was reworked to look better, added some texture made from the background scan, birds were from a brush, etc. Yeah, I'm surprised this doesn't have text.

Unfortunately for me the thing that happened was that on the last day (the day it was due) I was adding details and I fucked some things in the wall. Due to that I spent my very last day modifying the wall and making things worse leading to frustration + rushing. After that last day was almost up I noticed the time and I noticed there were some borders from resized edges from a gradient I used. Since I thought I didn't have time to fix it I quickly cropped it (the canvas was 2300x1438) to 1920x1200 and gave up. I was disappointed in my entry because I thought I could do better. I mean I kind of liked the wall but it wasn't what I wanted to make so the next day, even though I had already submitted, I decided to keep going until I got to what I envisioned. Today was finally the day I was 90-100% satisfied with it. Let it be known I'm a HUGE perfectionist. I'm rarely ever satisfied with anything I do unless it looks at least 90% of the vision I had. Everything from the other wall's there just reworked. Also this is the fourth version of the wall, yeah it's that bad. Also both walls went through a similar process so basically my sources are the same.

tl;dr: I filtered the living shit out of everything (SMART BLUR YOU CONTINUE TO LIVE ON IN MY HEART) and added small details with a fine brush after making everything look red. That's it, that's the wall.

SHOUTOUT TO EMIELS/EX-REGIS/EX-FIENDIE @ LJ BECAUSE SHE TAUGHT ME HOW TO DO THE LIGHTING THING I DID ON ASUKA. I took a dark layer and set it to multiply over Asuka's face and just erased some of it, smudged it a bit and BAM it looked the way it looked. I painted over some of her tho and ruined it.

Find me here: TUMBLR + Tumblr Things + LJ + Icons

Wow this was longer than I had anticipated, I'm so sorry! Watch as I regret not proofreading this. *rolls away*

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  1. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Sep 04, 2014

    *is hit in the face with wall of bricks text* Even I don't write them that long!

    It was interesting how you applied yet another restriction to your wall, aside from the round requirements~ Dat properly used lens flare, unf. And kudos for having insane amounts of red yet no pixelation, not to mention doing so much blending; it's rare to see that nowadays, what with vectoring being the easier/faster/less frustrating way to deal with things. Yeah, I still think your wall was one of the best of the round, and the update just makes it even better.

    I kinda prefer both, actually. The lighting is heaps better and more dramatic in the MT version, but I really like the clouds on the sides in the KO entry D: So to you I say: why not both? They each have their strong points, so I don't feel like trading one for the other. I'll probably have them on rotation.

    Spoiler (show)

    You CAN turn in the wall 1-2 days after the deadline, but it should ideally be as close to it as possible. Don't want to give the judges trouble :3 Just know that if you want to ask for a 1-2 day extension, you can, and without being deducted points or anything. *runs from angry knife-wielding pamkips*

  2. Alenas Retired Moderator Sep 04, 2014

    *gets dizzy from seeing the description lol~*

    I agree with Pande - this was one of the best entries in the contest and I also like both versions. This one does look a bit more dramatic and all but both have their charm. I especially love how red everything is without, as Pande mentioned, any visible artifacts. Everything is so smooth and pretty and dat lighting~

    Overall, this really looks awesome and good luck in the next round, can't wait to see what you'll come up with next! :)

  3. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Sep 04, 2014

    This is fantastically put together. I bow before you. You used a lot of resources but made it look like all the parts really belong together. Everything merges beautifully. I absolutely love the lighting, and as both Pande and Alenas said, it's surprisingly clean despite so much red, which is wonderful. This totally deserved the highest score in Round 1. Congratulations!

  4. valentinaocchiblu Sep 04, 2014

    I'm not good in english to express my opinion, but just let me say "I love you"

  5. Mayuuki Sep 04, 2014

    I agree with pande, actually both versions are really good and has it's strong points, but I totally understand your perfectionism and think that is better to give your all to make it look how you imagined. I'm suffering from the same problem with my wall, made a lot of changes till now and hope be able to upload it soon, hahaha.

    Btw: ASUKA-SAMAAAAA! <333333 (yeah, I love her)

    About both versions, I just have to say that I'm love with then. Seriously, you made an awesome job and I just believe that the bg isn't just one image because I read the process (yeah, I read all your comment) and can see how it was done. I want to learn to use the smart blur as well as you, snif. ;;

    Congrats on passing to the second round, you totally deserved it! And don't stress yourself so much, I'm sure you'll come with something awesome as always. :3

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 05, 2014

    OMG PAM! HAHAHAAA, I was like "Who the heck is Pamkips and why am I subbed to her?!"
    LOVE THIS. I really like this version compared to the other one you posted in your description. The lighting is just so much better and I loooove the colors! Great job!

  7. skyhot004 Dec 20, 2014

    I think i would prefer the name "Over the cloud"
    (Because i like that music)

  8. Fran Retired Moderator Apr 06, 2015


    how come you're still walling i'm just

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