Kamigami no Asobi Wallpaper: Empty Guardian

Yone Kazuki, Kamigami no Asobi, Thoth Caduceus, Minitokyo, Contest Entry Wallpaper
Yone Kazuki Mangaka Kamigami no Asobi Series,Visual Novel Thoth Caduceus Character Minitokyo Source Contest Entry Source

2560x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So this was my entry for the the 1st round of the MT contest, which themed 'retro' and you weren't allowed to do any vectoring.

Soooooo when I first saw the requirements for the first round, I stared at my screen blankly for about 5 minutes because I have never not vectored...ever. So this was a giant curveball and learning process for me and I didn't think I was gonna make it past the first round. A lot of my judge comments for this was a lot of things I had already known about and had tried to address in my wallpaper, such as the right side is rather empty and lack of texture.

I had looked at a lot of the older retro wallpapers to get an idea of what retro really was, and to be honest at that point in time I knew my style didn't fit and it was going to be difficult for me to getting retro at all. My wallpaper is probably the most least retro of all the submission. Sorry D:

There is a lot of things I'm not happy with in this wallpaper, but I didn't think would right not to upload it. So please go easy on me haha

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  1. Steffi1690 Moderator Sep 05, 2014

    Well I do not know many things about walling or Retro... - but I know that I like this wallpaper! The sky with the clouds and feathers floating around looks really good! The Bg fits to Thoth =)

  2. happytail73 Sep 06, 2014

    I love the clouds, they look so fluffy.

    On the side note, I agree to the judges as what you have mentioned on your description about the right side that is kinda empty and lacking some texture. But overall, I think the wall is very nice.

  3. Valuna Retired Moderator Sep 21, 2014

    It's definitely not something you would normally do, but that's just what makes it fun. Retro walling is simple, but they force you to focus more on the overal execution and bringing various elements in it to be one of it's own. It's diffficult if you never did it, but very enjoyable. I love how you can focus entirely on the things I personally love and drop all the worries and tears from vectoring.

    I can see you painted quite a bit. You know there is tons of cloud brushes and images you could use and get the same or similair effect? I do see slight blurred bleeds from rendering. Still good for a first though. Since the left part seems a little empty, maybe you should have added some subtle effect or object in it? Perhaps more contrast in the clouds would have done the job aswell. I do really like the mood in this wallpaper. It's very serene and has a classic feel to it.

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