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Finally. my last wall
i tried some scenery just to change :P
i have a lot of people to thank.
First of all i want to thank my brother and the GF of my younger bro.
thanks for they advices. Thanks to sammo for its help with the tutorials and all, it really helped :)
thanks to bucket-shot, irix, and many other members who inspired me to do this wall
Thanks to Deus fot its opinions.

it was made only in PS and after a few weeks.

i reall hope you all like it .
well, i leave this one to you.

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  1. Demonius Dec 04, 2004

    oh, very good work! Pretty girl and beautiful scenery. Seems like a phantom the girl. I repeat, very good work!


    PD: sorry for my english, im from spain!

  2. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 04, 2004

    Great wall, I really love it :D A definite favorite I like the scenery.. and the girl... well.. she's good as well :D

  3. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Dec 04, 2004

    ^___________^ THIS ISH SOOO AWEEESSOMMEEEEE!!!!!!
    oh my holliiieeeee~ ^o^ this ish sooooo greaaaatt!! *nods nods nodssss*

    *SETZ AS deskiee*

  4. Stenbuck Dec 04, 2004

    Amazing wallpaper, I love it a lot. I like your choice of background and the character is cool too.

  5. kc2 Dec 04, 2004

    Nice wallpaper, like a lot the colors you used! and it has a nice mood too..
    Keep on working! :)

  6. Sayaki Dec 04, 2004

    hm the bg is nice and the char is kawaii :> everything is very good :> nice nice :>

  7. Majosha Dec 05, 2004

    Wow, man, nice! I love the background, the whole thing is just awesome! Cool wallpaper!

  8. pano4th Dec 05, 2004

    Very well done Zeruel. You were able to convey a sort "longing for" mood. and I really like the moon in it for some reason.
    Again really good.
    One question:
    Why did you say that this is your last wall?

  9. darkwaterbunny Dec 05, 2004

    very very nice! I love it!
    Its so pretty ^_^ The effects that you used are really pretty!!
    Great job! Keep it up!

  10. TakamuraReiji Dec 05, 2004

    What!? No way! How could you!?
    Well, lets just say, I've seen this picture before...And I think I know where you got that from. *smirk* Or maybe that's you making the same wallie I've seen it. Hmm...*wondering* could it be?...
    Nice wallie though. Good job.
    Okay, I'm adding. Well, I'm a weird person. ^^

    PS:Sorry about it, please don't get mad. I don't want any trouble.

  11. Junjinkai Dec 05, 2004

    WOW! It's just beautiful, realy love it, those firefly? glows are awesome highlighting the scenery here and there. The water looks ace and she seems to fit that scene you made very well +fav awesome job!

  12. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 05, 2004

    Words worth living by 'Never Look Back' I saw the title and I just had to check it out. Little did I know that YOU, AH_Zeruel, were the waller. I must say you've got a real refined skill (double points for being a Solid Snake fan =P, not like you needed them). I really love the atmosphere you've got in this wall...just a very lonely background....yet its such a beautiful night time scenery I can't help but be bewitched by its beauty. VERY nice job on the landscape.... I must say I haven't seen such realistic looking trees in awhile (Trees is just one of many things I liked about the realism) and the lighting on the moon? Simply amazing....I can't believe how well detailed you've made everything, from the stars in the sky right down to the grass blowing in the wind (Or is it just how the grass is....looks like its swaying...or maybe thats my eyes....@_@) is simply remarkable. I must also add in that your choice of scan was an excellant choice at that. Not only does she fit perfectly with the background, but she does with the text as well.... Rare to see a character so fitting for both title and scenery.. I must say you've won over my favorite. Nothing short of a masterpiece to me.

  13. bucket-shot Dec 05, 2004

    Crap. XD I've lucked out having to post after CyBli, tell you what. Now there's nothing left to say. Amazing atmosphere? Check. Scan fits wall fits title? Check. Gorgeous bg in general. Check. The only thing I'll query is that a bit of the grass (to the right, a bit under that flare) looks to be floating on nothing. XD But that could just me my eyes playing tricks. <-just woke up.

    All in all, stunning wall, AZ! The weeks' work were worth it. :) Always better to do something to perfection than to churn out half-assed things every second day. Congratulations on a job well done!

  14. jackalx66 Dec 05, 2004

    wow oO
    nice wall
    and the concept is nice too
    me like it
    +fav from m ^^
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  15. DeusIth Dec 05, 2004

    Quote by pano4thVery well done Zeruel. You were able to convey a sort "longing for" mood. and I really like the moon in it for some reason.
    Again really good.
    One question:
    Why did you say that this is your last wall?

    i can answer that now: it's his latest, not the last one ever done ^^
    nice job dude, and thanx for the greet ^^

  16. DJ-OVNI Dec 05, 2004

    Good work, you are progressing very well since your firsts wallpapers. Keep on that way.

  17. MadWiz Dec 05, 2004

    oooh~~ teh scenery is beautiful
    nice font used and everything! I don't like the moon when I look at it closely though.. =p

  18. irix Dec 05, 2004

    wow!!! sugoi!!! that's a nice wall, specially for the bg!!! woooooooooow!!! :nya:

  19. Yura Dec 05, 2004

    beuatiful wall
    nice sky and the water looks realistic, but the grass seems to come from nowhere in some parts
    but the whole bg is really scenic love it and the glowns is a nice touch

  20. Carmen Dec 06, 2004

    Vaya... ella realmente se ve muy bonita, y el fondo le va de maravilla, felicidades, buen trabajo :).

  21. leoha Dec 06, 2004

    de todos tus trabajos... esta imagen es la ke mas me ha gustado... me dejaste kon la boca abierta...

    grandioso trabajo... me enkanto...


  22. Larynx Dec 08, 2004

    Wow. Very nicely put together there. Background is great and suits the character very well. You can definitely be proud of this one.

  23. KorganoS Dec 10, 2004

    omg... damn nice one!!! XD
    Awesome scan, and perfectly fits the bg, although it's the cliche 'Stars, Moon, Cutie' style XD rofl
    Great job with the grass, water, sky, and planet....
    whoo, you added those night glows... fantastic view...
    Nice improvement!!
    Maybe one day soon, you'll be recruited to Imanimetions... who knows... :D lol
    +fav from me...
    Keep up the great work!!

  24. MuZ0NaZ Dec 18, 2004

    awesome lightning, atmosphere, everything - just one minor bit i'd like to be changed - there is no reflection of grass on the water on the left(or visibility of it underwater) - it would give more depth there imho.
    anyway, this wall makes me wanna wall again >_>

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