Isshuukan Friends Wallpaper: With every week, I love you even more

Brains Base, Isshuukan Friends, Kaori Fujimiya, Yuuki Hase, Vector Art Wallpaper
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1920x1080 Wallpaper

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“... It’s impossible for me to make friends. Not matter what! That’s because... my memories with friends fade away after seven days...” ~ Kaori Fujimiya, Isshuukan Friends

“... That won’t stop me. I’ll be your friend. Week after week, we’ll repeat these seven days. Over and over, without end...” ~Yuuki Hase, Isshuukan Friends

Wonderful short series by Brain’s Base. I’m kinda sad it has already ended (for matter fact, my GF and I watched the last episode yesterday). I really liked the characters, so I guess I could always read the manga for more....

Anyway, I did this wallpaper for my girlfriend around 5 weeks ago. She isn’t really into anime, but she watches it every now and then. She really liked this series though (she kept reminding me not to watch it without her), so I made this for her. She likes simple, cute, and pastel-colorful wallpapers, so I went with that.

////// The Wallpaper:

Characters were vectored from a screenshot that I took from the ED. I used screenshots from the OP as references to make the BG. Wallpaper was done using Ai and Ps.

I want to mention that before this version, I had a version with more vibrant colors (like the ones you see in series like Space Dandy or Captain Earth), but then I decided to tone them down to go more sync with the series color pallet. I also had a couple of different drafts for the BG that were more scenic than abstract, but I discarded them after I decided that I wasn’t going to spend more than a couple of hours for a couple of days working on this. Plus, I think this current BG fits the characters a lot more than something scenic.

Characters’ screenshot (source): http://i.imgur.com/ybjC3mm.jpg

Note: I’m not adding a progress chart. The main screenshot of the characters should be more than enough.

/////// End Notes:

The truth is that I wasn’t planning on sharing this whatsoever, but my GF wouldn’t stop “nagging” me about “why not?” every time we’d start watching the series.

At the end of the day, I did this taking in consideration all my GF preferences, so if you like it, then cool, if not, so be it. I still hope that some fans (if there is any at all) of the series somewhat appreciate it. I really don’t think you will see more wallpapers of this series, so I really hope you do...

See ya around,

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  1. solartrifle Jul 02, 2014

    Loved the series and the style of this wallpaper I think really fits the style of the series
    Good job :)

  2. aurorawitch Jul 04, 2014

    After seeing you wallpaper got curious about serie and watched it thanks to you.Cute wallpaper <3

  3. zerolelouch Jul 08, 2014

    I’m not sure about anyone else, but this is a really wonderful wallpaper. The first time I saw it, I got this great anime-vibe from it. It really made me want to check this series out for some reason (and maybe I will). From the well thought out composition to the excellent use of colors and subtle textures, I honesty think that you have done a fantastic job with it, and I really hope to see more of your stuff in the future.

    By the way, I gotta say that screenshot you decided to use it’s great for a wallpaper; no doubt about it.

  4. TiffYG2133 Aug 06, 2014

    So cute & bright! It makes me smile - Nice work!

  5. daun2acc Mar 31, 2015

    nice walpaper.. i think, i should change my tool. :D

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