Touhou Wallpaper: Her Solemn Hour

Crowdesu, World Through Fantasy, Touhou, Flandre Scarlet Wallpaper
Crowdesu Mangaka World Through Fantasy Artbook Touhou Series,OVA,Game Flandre Scarlet Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

So, after like half a year, I made another wall. >_>

I know next to nothing about Touhou and this chick but I needed a break from Uni and so I've been browsing my folders, looking for something inspirational. Stumbled across this one and remembered I really liked the scan of this girl sitting there, all pensive and stuff, with crosses around her that she may or may have not been the cause for.

So, as usual, I positioned the scan, extended the borders and painted everything. The clouds still don't look the way I wanted them to, but after nearly 20 layers of clouds alone, I had enough of them and the sky lol. The hills were hell, too because my smoothing, smudging OCD prevents me from making anything look too gritty like that but eh, I really wanted to work on something after so long, so yah, this is the result. The crosses irk me, too for some reason but I had fun with the girl and the crystals, though. Best part of working on this. xD

Original scan: HERE.
Time: around 4 days of steady work.
This was also a pretty late birthday gift for Ass Dart. Happy birthday, you....you. <3

And that's it. Feedback is as always, welcome and no ripping, removing the sig or cutting the girl for a 'render', please. :T


o__o Whoa...thank you for the highlight!


Chosen by Angi and pandemonium91

Once again, Alenas wows us with her specific way of doing the lighting in her works, which have become a personal mark at this point. The strong colors and contrast in this piece creates an almost claustrophobic mood, which is indeed possible in spite of the scenery that takes up roughly 80% of the total space. The amount of attention to detail - especially in the dress and hair - make this a must-fullview in order to fully appreciate everything.

There's taking the original scan and building a little upon it. And then there's taking the original scan and bringing it to life. This is definitely the latter.

And don't listen to her, those clouds are beautiful.

Proposed by Angi and highlighted by pandemonium91.

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  1. MisaSasekage Moderator Jun 25, 2014

    Gotta say even though you re-did them a bunch, I really like how the clouds turned out. ^^ Shows all your effort wasn't in vain. ;) They look nice and since they are dark colored; like a storm is approaching or something along those lines, they add to the overall mood of the wall. Flandre is docile most of the time but also pretty insane as a character from what I understand. Because she's alone and the crosses signify death it fits with her character to see her here. I also really like how her wings look.

    Overall a slight haunting but pretty wall at the same time, great job Lena ^^

  2. wafflefox Jun 26, 2014

    Its sooo beautiful O: worth the long working (;

  3. josephine12cute Jun 26, 2014

    The clouds turned out more elaborate and more detailed than the original! I love that. The improved lighting source looks so good too. I'm not too sure for the lighting on the left side and I thought it would interesting if you used a different color scheme but overall, very amazing wallpaper!

  4. fukushuusha Jun 26, 2014

    Great example of a re-syc and a good eye. Beautiful wall.

  5. elisadevelon Retired Moderator Jun 26, 2014

    Yay, great to see something new from you! I love the colors and the overall atmosphere. The amount of work you put into the clouds is visible and I think it payed off. Also, amazing lighting as always but what I admire the most in this piece, is probably her dress. All those folds.

  6. angelxxuan Banned Member Jun 27, 2014

    outstanding job ! she looks so sad and humble, does well with the mixture in the background with the cemetery, which I have to admit you did a fantastic job on it. nice and outstanding details to the wings and clouds, it's plain to see why this got elited so fast !

  7. Meronheddo Jun 27, 2014

    I always love your attention to detail, as well as your realistic style. Her skin makes her seems so life like, its a little creepy (In a good of course) and those clouds, you must have such patience.
    My only thing I would say about it, is that some of the texture thats in the original scan, I think it would have been nice to see it your wall.
    But none the less, Love it and its an awesome wallpaper :)

  8. Angi Retired Moderator Jun 28, 2014

    Its noticeable that you had fun with those wings xD they awesome!
    The lightning, oh gurl the lightning is the one that gives this wall such greatness o.o
    Aaand yeah, the clouds look awesome too ¬.¬

  9. bloosom Jun 29, 2014

    the feel of ur work here ...reminds me of DAWN..
    the first hit of lights ... which " I " think suited her wings.. haha
    this.. wall is...brilliant ..haha (thats what i think) .. (-^.^-)

  10. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Jun 29, 2014

    Those clouds be ballin.

    And the lace on the dress left me just OqO

    *facebook like*

  11. lisz Jun 30, 2014

    hey, still doing better than me, love.
    + waaaah, I love this * - * I love how smooth your walls are ~

  12. Ruints Jun 30, 2014

    Magnificent !
    Love every detail of it, take a look of that clouds ....
    Thanks for sharing
    Definitely +fav

  13. Darthas Retired Moderator Jul 01, 2014

    Cemetary, solitude, darkness, distorted sadness, idleness, sunless and overall stygian.
    Clearly traits of a wallpaper made by the local undertaker.

    There is no one capable of making something dark and twisted turn out so unique and non-threatening. But it seems you've outdone yourself once again - clearly no amount of illegal substances can make anyone as dangerously artistic as you.

    As with most of the work done these days, adding elements toward a wall isn't really commonly done, as most people would normally re-do a wall in their own style which could be different from the original. Flandre mostly lives a sad life in the game, being locked away just because she was born with something she couldn't control. In some sense, you've created a clearer depiction of an alternate future if she was really running around rampantly, whereas everything would probably end up the way it's shown here.
    Something I appreciate really as not only have you shown before that you can add onto things in your own way, but you're also capable of completing something by adding similar elements to what the original is based on.

    Another picture for the folder, and another job well done.
    Great work Alen, hopefully someone does something similar for you 2 months from now and may you forever take pride in imagining that one of those graves belongs to me.

  14. YoruAngel866 Jul 06, 2014

    This is really beautiful, i really love how you did the sky, it's so magical. Your wallpapers always have that unique style of coloring which is always so gorgeous.
    Anyway, beautiful details, i don't know what to say.
    And congratz for highlight on this one, cause you deserve it :D

  15. happytail73 Jul 06, 2014

    Talk about DRAMATIC...this one really nails it.
    Talk about CINEMATIC...this one really shouts for it.
    Talk about GREATNESS...this one really deserves it.

    Detail wise and the extension was flawless.
    The lighting was majestically beautiful and the contrast was really epic.
    The sky...the clouds...the girl and the...
    Simply hands down...I'm out of words for this.

    By the way, talking about the BEST...I think, this takes the number one spot in my FAV list.

  16. Nysha Jul 11, 2014

    Oohhhh! A new wall from you?! Well well! Though I only know a bit about Touhou, Flandre is one of my fav characters from it. :D I like how you've improved the definition of her arms and legs from the scan, and of course, extending all those clouds! I'd probably apply another radial gradient to darken the outer edges of the scene for stronger lighting, but that's me. XD

  17. AssasinXXX Jul 15, 2014

    Damn, haven't lost your touch at all, this is just too good. So happy to see you still making walls. Wish I still had it in me.

  18. SolemnSerpent Aug 04, 2014

    The title of this called out to me.

    Those clouds, and your painting skills make my retinas want to cry from the beauty.

    Absolutely worthy of a Highlight.

  19. renlilica Aug 05, 2014

    I love the pic, especially the melancholic mood it has. The thing the attracted me were the crystal like things as feathers. Cool!

  20. Carrera-chan Aug 29, 2014

    Very beautiful indeed the color contrast is best not epic i like it but yes it would have taken much of your time to... Well this was a lovely wait

  21. srsn Sep 24, 2014

    I'm soooo hyped to wall again see this. Problem is my original laptop where I do most of my work is under repair due to malfunctioning video card. I can't use the work laptop since the colors are somewhat different since they come from different brands.


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