Kino no Tabi Wallpaper: The world is [not] beautiful

Kouhaku Kuroboshi, Kino no Tabi, Kino Wallpaper
Kouhaku Kuroboshi Mangaka Kino no Tabi Series Kino Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Moshi-moshi, minna-san~ :D
This time, featuring Kino from Kino's Travels
The boy is actually a girl, XD rofl <-- for you who haven't watched the anime..

Vectored image : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/65374/
Original scan provided by juanicths (Thanks!! XD ) : http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/56753/

I was thinking to make a wall that's totally different style from any other walls that I had made... it should be abstract looking, but still had the distinctive sceneric look...
so this is the result....
Layered with grungy texture, and have some striking colors, which are uncommonly found in my other walls... I decided to make it chaotic-looking, and I think I quite succeed ^^ BIG Thanks for Fragments team for the support, and suggestions!! You're all very helpful!!
I think this is the most complicated wall I've made yet...
20 hours of work >_<, 10 hours to perfect-vectoring of Kino, and another 10 hours for the background.

Dedicated to all Kino lovers, and all my friends,... especially Sandra who is going to celebrate her birthday... ^^

I hope you enjoy it! Any comments and suggestions are welcome...

Additional resolutions can be found at [ F R A G M E N T S ], soon :D

damn... I almost forgot >_< thanks to Shinta, and IM team for the tree brushes

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  1. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 03, 2004

    Hmm nice one :D I usually don't fav walls with booys in them (@.@) but this one is really something. The background is especially good, I love that sky :d
    a definite favorite

  2. jackalx66 Dec 03, 2004

    nice wall
    like always ^^
    me like the bg so much
    keep up the good job
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    +fav from me ^^

  3. Devilet Dec 03, 2004


    *stares at wallpaper in silence*

    ... yeah... I really like this one Korgie! it's quite different from your others, I love the sky, and wow, I can see a whole lot of work been put into this... omg.. the colours, fantastic choice, the scan fits in greatly, awesome work, and crazy amount of layers! 70 to 80??! X.x;; yikes..
    well this is a fav and download for me, you did a terrific job Korgie, and I hope you get the credit you deserved for it ^^ nice! keep it up~

  4. Skillzpay Dec 03, 2004

    Great job on the vectoring and I love the destructed buildings in the bg. And the bright and colorful clouds are O_O!

  5. Susan-chan Dec 03, 2004

    wonderful effects! really!! how many hours do u spend with sucha wally?:) usually 10 hours? or just this one took 10 hours? XD

  6. bromithia Retired Moderator Dec 03, 2004

    Ah... man. Some awesome work there, the road, grass, city... all perfectly fit in with the scan. Good job man~!

  7. Evanrued Dec 03, 2004

    Hey Kino looks really cool in this one KorganoS! I really like the background, it looks really good and well done! Lovely as always! A fav!

  8. ShueiTenshi Dec 03, 2004

    Most impresive!! That bground must have taken you an eternity ^^
    Like it, like it ^^ *Adds to fav*

  9. GaiJiN Dec 03, 2004

    0_0 I saw on your userpage's work in progress that you were vectoring Kino. But I didn't expect it to become that cool XD ! The vector is well done and very stylish ( those feet 0_0 ). And the bg... it really shows you put a lot of work in it, awesome work with perspective, colours, details.... everything ^^
    lol Keltosh, it's a girl so np to fav it XD !

  10. shirahana Dec 03, 2004

    Wow, I like the road and grass ^_^ The sky is definitely unique... but good XD Overall, another great wall from K-san ^_^

  11. Furikuu Dec 03, 2004

    Yay you finished it ;d

    i like what you did with the clouds in the end. And the broken pillar she's standing on is very well done too :P

  12. RaXiv Dec 03, 2004

    One of Your best works KorganoS! Since You have joined You have highly improved in Your work! ^_^

  13. bandgirl Dec 03, 2004

    nice new wallie Korgie :D

    The crumbling buildings look really good in the bg and the dust/smoke effect you used works really well ^^. I also like the scan you chose for the wall. it fits in well with your bg :)

    *adds to favs* keep up the great work Korgie ^^

  14. Ritalin Dec 03, 2004

    Can I say it's damn near perfect? =X Seriously, this wall has made me go out and find Kino no Tabi...

  15. Tama-Neko Dec 03, 2004

    Nice to see I'm not the only one who texturizes vectors =D It helps the whole image to fit together nicely, and her greens are a nice counterpoint to the swirling oranges in the background. I see you used a logo like Cyn126's :D

  16. Frosty Dec 03, 2004

    hehe so thats what you did with that thing you said you are working in progress. lol. ^^
    Looks totally cool. ^^ "so you are vectoring too eh..." ^^
    I like how the texture on this wallie, very clean, sharp, and has a bit of a cloudy effect to it. ^^ looks very nice. ^^
    a+ and + fav for a job well done. ^^

  17. MyrrhLynn Dec 03, 2004

    Holy Shoot. This wall just takes your previous standards and blows them out of the water. O_O Everything is so detailed oriented I can hardly believe it. The grass looks great, and i love how you have the fog over it in certain spots. :D The buildings and trees make for an interesting background, and the clouds are freaking awesome! XD

    And yeah the details are awesome, I love that little road sign it adds a great touch to an already awesome wall. That column looks ... perfect sheesh even the rock sitting in the grass looks rad. XD This is one of my favorite walls out of all of yours! Keep up the fantastic work!

  18. Sandy Dec 03, 2004

    The work is awesome! I especially like the style for your title. The whole setting is nicely executed. I just regret the moon/planet cliché behind. It would have been good without it too. And nice vector work! +fav

  19. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Dec 03, 2004

    waaaahhzz~ this ish reallly gooodd!! ^-^ saki waited long long loonnggg!! >o< wellllzz .. not really .. ^o^

    greaaatt vecctoorrinngg!! ^o^ korgiiee ish gettinng sooo mucchh betteerr!! O.O *lookz up* ^---^ dont forget about poor ol saki when yu turn allllll leettiiee~ ^_________^

  20. DarkParagon Dec 03, 2004

    Beautiful vector work, the overall picture of this wall is really nicely detailed. I personally don't care for the sun behind the clouds... I find that a bit distracting, Other than that though, I find it really beautiful and detailed. The grass is great, as is the perspective of the entire thing. +Fav and nice work :)

  21. Crash-kun Dec 03, 2004

    waaaaaaaa kino is a gurl! T_T lol havnt watchd it hahaha. realy nice ^_^ so u picked the one with textures *_________* lol itsh ok hehe. tate is d pro ya know. +fav

  22. kitat Dec 03, 2004

    Great KorganoS-san !! I like Kino no Tabi .. Kino is good looks .. haha ^ ^ *suki*
    I think that it is perfect performance .. Each is wonderful .. Great works !!

  23. kaidou Dec 04, 2004

    I like the surreal, "Tim-Burton-y" look of the buildings behind Kino...the expression on his face is priceless too ^_^ Nice work!

  24. tAtEkAnE Dec 04, 2004

    *____* me likes it! and ya fixed the clouds it looks better XD i like the broken pillar the...evrything! well maybe except the shadows of the flying grass >_< it makes the BG seem like a WALL literally..maybe remove that shadow XD and it'll be perfect :D

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