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long time no upload. I just wanted something to print onto a blank silicone case for my phone, since niche Samsung doesn't have very much choice in terms of phone covers :|

* more resolutions on KISUKI - sorry, the widescreen thumbnail looks awful so I opted not to upload that to MT.
* video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g39aZ_7F4Uw
* software: Manga Studio 5 + Photoshop CC
* time: on-and-off, 3 nights
* music: Malefica (Once Upon a Dream - Lana del Rey) and the Book of Bantorra OST

~ this part is not really relevant and may be skipped ~
a long time ago, I was generally remembered as 'that guy who does backgrounds' - it was and still is a pet obsession of mine, to the extent that my characters were little more than sticks. That state continued for quite some time until I got a message from a person I won't name, who asked me to remove the character from this wallpaper because it was ugly.

My reaction, of course, was 1) like hell I will, and 2) wow they [my characters] really do suck :|

Since then, I've been drawing whenever I have time (work, life etc) and what you see here is where I am now, in terms of drawing characters. I like to think there has been some improvement since that time. Though if I get another message asking me to remove characters from my backgrounds ~_~ you'll still get the same reaction.

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  1. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jun 04, 2014

    You're still miles ahead of me in terms of talent, but a few things did stand out to me. The one oval panel in the front of her dress (with the white border) stands out a bit too much. The thumb looks amazing, but when I full-viewed her dress is too smooth. If she's sitting down there should be a few folds/creases near her waist.

    I love the color palette that you used... and the world can always use more Baby~ <3

    Nice to see new work from you Tsu!

  2. mamome Banned Member Jun 04, 2014

    Goooooooooooood,Thanks for upload.

  3. Himitsukou Jun 09, 2014

    I dunno about others, but I very much liked your paintbrush touch on your wallpapers, those backgrounds can only be called works of art and the characters are ugly by no means either, be it the one you linked in, or any other on the pieces you made.

    Perhaps this is why your picture here doesn't feel so captivating as others. The character, her face and dress certainly seems very well made, though I would argue that the small pictures are a little strange given their numbers and if you could make the headpiece as amazing as you did, then the dress itself something else for ornaments that are more natural.

    As for the background, I miss the life your pics had the a little. You call it baroque, but the view of the wall doesn't give that feel save for the coloring which gradually turns brighter as you move to the source of light on the side. A small painting, a piece of wood or an old clock hanging there however could have given it a slightly stronger feel, especially how the character gives a sense of nobility when you look at her. Therefore, the place she calls home should show her position as well as her personality more. That's how I see it.

    It is certainly a very eyecatching wallpaper. But it somehow feels, it could still be better with a little more unless you went for a more simplistic image for this occasion, in which case my suggestion would be to make another version of this wall with the additions and see how it looks. If my opinion didn't offend you which I wish it didn't, please take it into due consideration. And thanks as always Tsunoh. Keep at it please.

  4. Taurec Oct 12, 2014

    You gave it such a bright source of light but where are the shadows?

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