Kuroko no Basket Wallpaper: Duty as the ACE

Tadatoshi Fujimaki, Production I.G, Kuroko no Basket, Taiga Kagami, Riko Aida Wallpaper
Tadatoshi Fujimaki Mangaka Production I.G Studio Kuroko no Basket Series Taiga Kagami Character Riko Aida Character

1280x800 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It's a pretty SIMPLE wallpaper. regardless as it is, I hope you like it.
I did this wallpaper quite a long time ago though, I uploaded it as a request of a close friend of mine(hopefully you are happy)

At any rate, I actually love Aomine more, but Kagami deserves a wallpaper so it's fine.

I feel this scan is very intense, it portraits clearly Kagami's will, I'm glad I used it.
I was worried in which colors to use but, I feel these colors are just so Kagami like so I just went for it.

DVD Scan
Edit** I didn't use a higher resolution due to the manga scenes in the back, as for everyone "why?" I didn't.

I will be reading the comments for any suggestions or advice.

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  1. coffecanva May 24, 2014

    hmmm... that resolution... if you say that was a long time ago i hope that were years because now the resolutions have change... if it was was for the manga images that you didnt take it for a more longer resolution, well start doing linearts, also if you are going to cut off the render be careful with the lines and the details of the original, i see that you tried to fix tthe above part of the hand but still you should have leave it like it was before, since i only see movement only in his index finger... and about kagami's lighting you could have work more on it then just adding some gradient effect, about the typography well looks decent but "my team to" you could have take it more below, it doesnt looks so good slightly above the other typo, and the line below distracts me really. Besides that, well like you said is a simple wall.

  2. akiranyo May 25, 2014

    There is no vector used in this wallpaper. Is obviously a render, looking at the pixelation. And if you use a vector you need credit the creator, unless you didn't made it yourself.
    Outside that this wallpaper has two and half noticable issues, resolution and background. 1920x1080 became pretty much a standard in the last 3-4 years. Your resolution would be usable probably only some cheap laptops with a 15" or smaller screen. You can resize a big image to smaller without losing quality, but backwards it doesn't works, unless everything would be in a vector shape.
    Background is basically a collection of manga portraits, outside of the fact that they are from the same series, there is no particular connection with Kagami. It would be better if the background would use some kind of action movement, like with motion blur. Even your text would have more impact then, now is kinda lost between the too busy background elements
    The half issue is the quality of everything. While it might be acceptable, it isn't that pleasant on the eyes as wallpapers from the regular wallers, who utilize more advanced techniques vectoring or painting.
    Walls based on mere renders with simple brushes or image collections aren't that appealing anymore as they where back in 2005-2008. Everything evolves, walling too.

  3. algobipolar May 25, 2014

    I love the composition. It is true that you must try to use higher resolutions. But it looks cool anyway.

  4. wafflefox Jul 07, 2014

    i think that it would look with more quality if you had vector ALL the wallpaper, since there are some odd edges in kagamiĀ“s render also it could had helped you with the resolution issue, the wall really looks dynamic but just the fact that kagamis scan saved you because i dont see relation between the background and the render.

  5. SolemnSerpent Aug 10, 2014

    I agree with the others about the resolution; and the text is somewhat jagged upon closer inspection, and could be improved. But... you know how much I adore the style of your wallpapers. IDK, your textures and gradients win me over even if the resolution doesn't and hurts my feelings because I can't put it on my desktop but I download them anyway because they're my style but I really really really want it on my desktop //cries


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