Get Backers (Kazuki Fuuchouin, Ban Mido, Kurodo Akabane, Toshiki Uryuu)

Atsuko Nakajima, Rando Ayamine, Studio DEEN, Get Backers, TSUYA - Nakajima Atsuko STYLE


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  1. silverdragon Jun 28, 2005

    So the one in the back is really a guy? I've always wondered about that (I haven't watched it yet) He looks a lot like a girl, but has no chest :)
    Anyways the scan is really cool, thanx for it.

  2. KuroiTsubasa Jun 29, 2005

    hi queen!!! ><
    thankies for sharing all those Get Backers images!
    i love this image - couse of the kimpatsu guy.. (always forgetin his name... ^^o) - hes the lover of Kazu chan O_<

  3. Rinslet Jul 01, 2005

    Baaaan-chaaan *-* love the way he looks with that hair, thx for sharing ^^

  4. Mikofake Jul 04, 2005

    nice picture..although I have never seen anything about this anime :(

  5. Losuni Jul 06, 2005

    Kazuki is a mean..... i cant belived.... o-o .. he really look like a women!

  6. Ryu8210 Jul 09, 2005

    i love it, i hope ban wins lol cos if he lost ginji would be alone, id have them all

  7. sUmm3r Jul 11, 2005

    I thought Kazuki was a chick to at first but then I releasied that he was just a very pretty guy >.< love it! that other dude is hot! I have yet to see episodes with him in it heheeh

  8. bucket-shot Jul 15, 2005

    ...maybe I'm just disgustingly twisted, but I never really thought Kazuki was a girl. ^_^'
    Anyways, thanks for sharing. Interesting piccy - I like the conflicting emotions.

  9. shojuko Jul 22, 2005

    ahh niceeeeee! i love kazuki>. who;s that dude> what happened to the other guy??!?! D: cheatingg. kazuki, that sly chick... err.. dude *cough cough*

  10. InSaNiTyRuLz Jul 28, 2005

    I liked this part in the anime. Akabane is going all crazy and Ban is just... wow.
    Anyways, hope you don't mind me faving this one. Thanks.

  11. Sayonara Aug 27, 2005

    nice scan, i luv all the pic of Kazuki, yeah he is really pretty ^__^ man! is that his lover? wow, that guy really know how to get people attention. but whatv. he is just adorable ^_^ nice one!

  12. Dakiel Oct 15, 2005

    Nice nice ncie, Dr. J and Midou, muy buena, pero prefiero a Dr. J, el mejor , ja ne.

  13. kesshin Oct 24, 2005

    Two parts of the love triangle! It just needed Juubei...This is a great scan, and Uryuu is really really hot...

  14. namy24 Dec 28, 2005

    Beautiful pic, I love Ban!

  15. sherlain Jan 23, 2006

    Quote by DakielNice nice ncie, Dr. J and Midou, muy buena, pero prefiero a Dr. J, el mejor , ja ne.

    I think d same.....:) I love Akabane-san he's so cute but I also like Ban Midou :nya:

    Dr. Jackal the best :pacman: :)

  16. kayo04 Jan 24, 2006

    wow... nice work. Kazuki look sexy everytime I see him. If Juubei was also there OMG.... Gonna add to my favorite ^_^

  17. ELAINEDUDU Mar 05, 2006

    nice work!
    kazuki is so beautiful...^^
    he really look like a women!

  18. ELAINEDUDU Mar 05, 2006

    Banchan is so cool >///<!
    i like this pic .....

  19. TheSinned Mar 23, 2006

    Kazuki is man... but is so pretty o_o (lol)... Who's the other boy o_O?


  20. sailorcapuccino Mar 25, 2006

    Hein ? The person behind is a MALE ? Well, anime's stuff. Anyway, nice scan. Lovelly blonde guy. Who is he ?

  21. eowynB612 Jun 24, 2006

    Nice scans, really beautiful ! But, I want more Kazuki and Jubei ! Hix ...

  22. aznprianime Jul 30, 2006

    ok now i am confuzed who IS kazuki's lover?

  23. okasamyn Sep 04, 2006

    3 letters... OMG

  24. jukibs Nov 02, 2006

    aznprianime->of course juubei

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