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4 chars this time, so I've been working on this for much longer than my past works and it's got some 150+ layers.
the original vector was some 15megapixels so I had to actually switch to my new computer since the old machine didn't have enough memory.
┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

as usual, the BG had been giving me trouble, but I think it came out pretty well in the end.

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  1. Himitsukou Mar 30, 2014

    It looks like a very well made wallpaper at first, but on a closer look, it has a few flaws.

    For one thing, the background seems really blurry, and the grassy area where the characters are take up too much space without actually being anything there. It's like an empty space with some green paint over it which is painfully deserted for an outdoor wall. You should have used more colors to make it more pleasant to look at, and also use lighting with shadows. Which brings up the second problem.

    The characters on this wall don't blend into the BG. Not one bit. They are much too clean for a visibly not as good BG, their pose don't match the place, and they just kind of look like they have been taken there from a vector art with no real editing behind it. When you're making a vectored wall, you have to make sure all the elements of it are on a high level for it to look good, because a vectored wall is all about the details and I can't see it here. Sorry to say, but as I see it, pretty much everything that should be there is missing from this wallpaper. Still a nice addition nonetheless.

  2. kagedarkmode Mar 31, 2014

    thanks for the comment. yeah, I definitely haven't gotten the hang of doing BG's quite yet. much less getting it to complement the chars. I have a habit of exclusively using brushes for these, you see.

    in any case, I really appreciate the feedback cuz it's critiques like these that are the most helpful.
    cheers. ヽ(´ー `)ノ

  3. Cirru Apr 03, 2014

    As for the comment on the grass, there are estates, parks, and other places with this much green grass that people can walk across. Don't see a problem with it, personally.

    The only pose I see a problem with is the second to the left. It looks like he should be leaning against something.

    Nice looking background and characters, Kagedarkmode.

  4. Himitsukou Apr 05, 2014

    This is a park. Unbreakable Love by kenzuke
    Unbreakable Love by kenzuke
    And this is a park. Rainy Day by Lady89
    Rainy Day by Lady89
    And this is also a park. Winter walk by KaMoonDNA
    Winter walk by KaMoonDNA

    Sorry to say, but if you didn't see a problem, then what you say is irrevelant. Yes, walling is a difficult art, that's why it takes years to master. But saying a picture is good when it isn't doesn't help those who made it in becoming better.

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