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BONES, Scrapped Princess, Pacifica Casull, Raquel Casull, Shannon Casull Wallpaper
BONES Studio Scrapped Princess Series Pacifica Casull Character Raquel Casull Character Shannon Casull Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Okay! :) I found a decent Scrapped Princess pic in a Newtype magazine and had to wall it since there are just too damn few SP walls out there and it's one of my favorite series. So this was my attempt at a good wall... I'll let you be the judge though. The picture needed some minor cg and a good deal of cleaning. I think it turned out nice. Originally started with a daylight picture but somehow it morphed into my vision of a cold night, the sun JUST starting to leave the horizon to let the night sky above begin to peak out of its slumber. :)

*EDIT* Updated the wall and fixed some of the mentioned problems with the pixelated lines, etc. :)

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  1. The-Stuff Dec 02, 2004

    i think it worked out nicely .. i know what you mean about lack of scrapped princess .. such a great series .. only dhoomed by lack of advertising.. . but as your title says .. i think you captured it very well ^_^

  2. jackalx66 Dec 02, 2004

    woah another nice bg ^^
    good job , dp
    me love ur work
    keep it on ok ^^
    the xtraction also nice
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    +fav from me ^^

  3. heavens-Dragon Dec 02, 2004

    OoOo, excellent work! I love Scrapped Princess and you're right about not alot of walls for it but this absolutely beautiful! I love how the sky looks! The scan is really nice! Awesome work! +fav for me!

  4. ange-argente Dec 02, 2004

    You're so right. There just aren't enough good SP walls out there. Yours definitely makes it as one of the best. I love the bg. Works really well with the scan. It's a spectacular wall. Nicely done!

  5. Kenzotsuke Dec 02, 2004

    wow wow!cool wallie!your scan is really nice and very clean!the bg is so coooolll!i LIKE your wallie!......hop..........+fav :D

  6. UndyingShadow Dec 02, 2004

    excellent starfield and water! the scan is also very nicely touch uped, great job!

  7. tAtEkAnE Dec 02, 2004

    really nice darkparagagon ^__^ it looks cool :D but maybe the characters are a tad blurry? maybe coz of an overlay? maybe XD i dunno lol

  8. KorganoS Dec 02, 2004

    Woww.. nice nice colors and the sky is amazing! but I think the overlay on the scan is a bit too much... just like tate said... ^^
    anyways... SP walls are indeed rare... this one deserves a +fav

  9. streamside Dec 02, 2004

    the bg is reeeeally awesome! not sure about the scan though...
    i'm not sure, but something seems to be lacking...
    or maybe it's just because i've seen walls with the same scan...

  10. exentric Dec 02, 2004

    nice one dark~
    tho the scan looks kinda blurish... its not bad or anything or just kinda... blurish.. ._.
    oyther then dat~~
    nice work dark~ XD

  11. Asahi Dec 02, 2004

    well well well ... i dont like the 'texture' over the heads of the left and middle person. it looks weird o.O its a little bit pitty that the stroke from the water is .... not a line. the rest is still good work ! =)

  12. Miroku4444 Dec 02, 2004

    Cool wally darkparagon . The starfield and moon look real nice. The water need work though. It need a sence of movement in it. Also the waterline that meets up with the trees is very jagged and rough. Overall this is a great wall. :) :)

  13. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 02, 2004

    A really nice wall.. pity fro that water line.. but well.. still a fav ..

  14. Jormungand Dec 02, 2004

    Weee~! nice wallie as always :D
    One thing tough, actually two... the line between the water and the tress seems pixelated... and there's another between the person on the right and the middle...
    Other than that, I really love the atmosphere of the background :D the blurry mountains look so nice... great work~! ^.~

  15. bucket-shot Dec 02, 2004

    First thought: blurish, like exe said, but that's okay. :) I think it fits the mood alright. Shannon's face looks a bit lined (maybe my screen's too touchy XD), but otherwise, good job. A bit dodgy on the extraction at the bottom right side of Rachel's (? i forget her name..) cloak...

    I'd suggest putting a tiny bit of black Inner and Outer Glow effects (normal setting, 2px or something small like that..). Kinda like your blur, it makes the figures look a bit less like they were placed on their bg.

    The only other thing I'll point out is the un-anti-aliased line at the edge of the water (and there's another bit between Shannon and the Princess). Especially compared to the not-sharp figures in the fore, it really kinda sticks out.

    But overall, it's a neat wall. :) I really like the atmosphere. The pre-dawn scene suits it well. Solid work; keep it up!

  16. Furikuu Dec 02, 2004

    I really like the sky on this wall... but I'd still say the moon needs a bit of glow :P
    Since the sky and background are quite detailed by comparision the water looks plain. How about adding some texture for the water surface?

  17. Ritalin Dec 02, 2004

    Nice, I like the sky/stars a lot. Very light yet gets the job done. The lighter clouds look odd though... compared to the lower ones, it looks like you used median on them? Well, they stuck out and don't flow as well as the others.^^;

  18. evasion Dec 03, 2004

    Oh wow, the sky is very beautiful! I love the reflection in the water - a very nice touch ^_^ I think that if the clouds would all be done the same that might help :) Wonderful work!

  19. cloudcherry Dec 03, 2004

    Wow, cool bg!!!! luv the blue!!!
    And the scan fits nicely with the BG, nice choice.
    Luv the sky too, very beautiful. Good Job!!! (n____n)

  20. euna Retired Moderator Dec 03, 2004

    Awesome wall as usual Paragon-chan!
    I luv the title... the night theme and the bg are great! I luv it.
    *fav* (as usual). great joB!

  21. shirahana Dec 04, 2004

    The sky's awesome ^__^ Good fading techniques used. I like the subtle bg effects, too. A very good job indeed :D

  22. shirahana Dec 04, 2004

    The sky's awesome ^__^ Good fading techniques used. I like the subtle bg effects, too. A very good job indeed :D

  23. Clover Dec 04, 2004

    i like this one, simple and clean^^
    i know it is a snog but in this case a matching discription^^

  24. Shota Dec 04, 2004

    wahhhh, i love scrapped princess, i like your starfield, and the clouds, this is one of teh few good SP walls ive seen.

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