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Well finally after long hours my first wallpaper sees the light :D Before this I couldn't do anything with photoshop, so I had to learn everything :D I think I worked at least 50 hours on this wall, maybe more. The PSD was 50 MB, 35 layers. Actually I felt like something was missing yet but in the end I decided to post because I'm a perfectionist and I will never be happy anyway.

The concept is this: there has been a terrible storm but that girl is chasing the storm away by dancing on the water, hence the title of the wall :D
After many tries, I decided to make the wallpaper fairly simple, since in the beginning I added too many elements and it felt cluttered.

The image was extracted from this great scan http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/19946/ though the extraction was really painful @.@

Now on to a most important section...

I must thank all the persons who were kind and patient enough to give me tips, show me how to do things etc. There are too many to remember.. but the ones I bugged the MOST were, in sparse order, Nuriko, Tama-Neko, Sammo, Shinta, Limality, Yumi-chan, Semanga, Dustin,Katzbalger, jackalx66. I know I have forgotten somebody.. sorry for that.

Well that's it. This is my first wallpaper ever so please comment it. I really need any comment you may write :D


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  1. Rex Nov 30, 2004

    hmm...not bad at all for your first wall :D

    the clouds looks really really nice, and u did a great job with the water too

    everything looks great actually...except for the lightning...so how...it doesn't really "fit" with the whole wallpaper

  2. Nukecloud Nov 30, 2004

    You got this kind of quality on your first wallpaper? Man, thats tallent. It takes a long time to get this kind of result from photoshop. How long did the moon and starry background take? The star placement looks random, which probably took you forever, and the moon really shines well against the night. Great job!

  3. Orypop Nov 30, 2004

    WOW i like it its Great i know i couldn't do that for my first wall

  4. GolgoXIII Nov 30, 2004

    wow that is a pretty good first wallpaper. :D I can't really say too much but great job.

  5. XDarkDestinyX Nov 30, 2004

    Wow I love the layout and concept~ Great job for your first wallie...but I think some things can be improved.

    -Space on the left, I see that you put thunder there, but it doesn't match...? Maybe if you had put more there and used more space it would look better. It just seems...empty.
    -I think the ripples can be slightly softer...they seem too sharp.

  6. Nuriko Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2004

    Bravo! It's improved a lot since the first time I saw it! XD +fav

  7. Keltosh Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2004

    Hmm well as for the lightning.. I put it there cause I wanted to be clear that those clouds are a storm :d
    As for the ripple.. I tried to soften it.. but I liked it more this way, and that's why I posted it so :D

  8. ultimaslair Dec 01, 2004

    Very nice for a first wall. It's a cool concept, and it's really great that you were able to learn so much before during your first wall. That's cool. Keep it up, your'e doing good!

  9. PikaMoon Dec 01, 2004

    First wall?! 0.o Wow! This is really amazing and nice for a first wall. It's pretty simple. Luv how the girl looks like she's dancing away the storm. Very nice. Though...that one lil' bit of lightning seems out of place cause it's all by itself. Other than that, it's truly amazing!!! :) Me like a lot. Thanks for sharing!!! :D

  10. shinta Dec 01, 2004

    Nice work Keltosh! Hehehe! Ya added sparklies!!! *__* The lightning thing looks alone there...>_< Maa ne! Its a great wall!

  11. Katzbalger Dec 01, 2004

    You fool! You forgot me!!! *removes Kel from friend's list*

    jk, jk.

    Anyway, nice to see that you took everyone's advice seriously. And I do agree with Shinta, in just about every aspect (that includes tha Maa ne part). Great job!

  12. exentric Dec 01, 2004

    well I really like yer concept
    very nice~
    tho here's a few comment~
    make the water looks differet from the cloud. I dont really mind it looks the same, but the thunder makes it kinda weird.
    all in all good work~ ^_^

  13. exentric Dec 01, 2004

    well I really like yer concept
    very nice~
    tho here's a few comment~
    make the water looks differet from the cloud. I dont really mind it looks the same, but the thunder makes it kinda weird.
    all in all good work~ ^_^

  14. Celessa Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2004

    Hm... one part that I might have to add on. You did a very fantastic job for your first wallie and I do have to commend you for that ^^

    Anyhou, try to make the thunders from the cloud look a lot more cooler and more realistic. Other than that, you should make a few other touch-ups. But don't matter, much better than I expected. Wonderful job! **Thumbs up**

  15. Tama-Neko Dec 01, 2004

    Well, I've already commented extensively in IRC :P But you did a really great job, especially for your first wallpaper, and I enjoy the fact you have a story and composition to complement your image instead of just "It's a wallpaper."

  16. Barbara Dec 01, 2004

    Very excellent work, this wal looks great. No more comment, add to fav :)

  17. irix Dec 01, 2004

    maybe blur some parts, more work in the xtraction, nice ray, nice moon, work a little with the strafield!!! that's all! good one!!! :nya:

  18. semanga Dec 01, 2004

    oh boy it look great .... you are welcome to my littel help i have do it willingly for you :) your wall locks very good and that is your first wow :o :o :o
    I have make 66 walls and i can't make so wonderful walls like that :) love it very much and add to my fav :) i hope we see in future moor from your great walls :)

  19. euna Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2004

    wow.... ^_^
    i luv the scan and the bg... but what I like the best is the title and the water ripples.... ^^
    Great wall!! *fav*

  20. Lachette Dec 01, 2004

    This is a wonderful first post. it looks like a wall that a vet made. the parts came together really well and i think that the extraction came out nicely. my only gripe is that the colors and shading on the character dont match the smooth gradients of the rest of the bg and im sure you allredy can see it but hey, i prally couldent do anything about it so more power to ya for posting this one. +fav.

  21. Yumi-Chan Dec 01, 2004

    XD waaaa... you finally posted it up!! ^___^ great job for a first wall! x___x goodness! 17 favs! XD
    Wow ^___^ you even asked help from other wallers woohoo!! XD Man you did a wonderful job! ^__^ Try to improve a little more on da clouds n stars thats all.. =D
    hehehe great job big bro =D

  22. afan Dec 02, 2004

    Omg...very nice first wall. Welcome to walling!

    The left part could use something. Love the glowy stuff. :)

  23. Kenzotsuke Dec 02, 2004

    excellent wallie;the bg is just great and the scan very good!good work!

    hop hop................+fav :)

  24. sammo Retired Moderator Dec 02, 2004

    o wow, i cant believe this is your first wall, because it beats most of my wallpapers without lifting a finger! great job :)

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