Air Wallpaper: For an Angel

Key (Studio), Air, Misuzu Kamio, Doujinshi Wallpaper
Key (Studio) Studio Air Series,Visual Novel Misuzu Kamio Character Doujinshi Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

D'oh, I started this originally for a new layout for my userpage... but it obviously didn't turn out that way! >.<;

I blew up a scan I had on my old hard drive... she was originally like 800x600, so I cleaned up the pixels on that. @_@; No idea who she is, who drew her, or where she is from if it's an anime/game.

Look! No stars! ><; I finally did something without glitter and/or stars!

Edit:: Yep, it's from AIR.^^ I confirmed it with a friend.

Edit 2:: I fixed this like a day after first making the wall, but forgot to update here... lol. version II uploaded, it just has some color changes and fixed clouds.

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  1. chibikko Nov 30, 2004

    i think she's from Air. very beautiful angel wallpaper and nicely cleaned ^^

  2. penpen Nov 30, 2004

    Tres tres joli wall !!!!

  3. halcyonTwilight Dec 01, 2004

    Nice ^^ The walls and such in the bg are a nice touch....and the clouds look great too. The clouds could be a lil more randomly placed rather than be in lines, but that's just nitpicking ^^ Great wall :)

  4. ungooma Dec 01, 2004

    Hellllooo, that is fantastic, love it very very much :D

  5. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 02, 2004

    Awwwww......Psh like stars or glitter are bad? Bah I say go with what you wanna go with. If others don't like it, too bad. Personally I think you work is far too good to get nit picky about things like that, BUT thats just me. I must say though wow..... That background is simply something else... Makes me wonder about your userpage then....*checks it out*I see......well I'm very glad to see that you had bigger plans for this =D. Blending the buildings and lush angelic-type colors together was a beautiful choice and (what looks to be an arc from what I can see....though I'm probably wrong) the scan is simply amazing....just fine detail and considering you blew it up, still portaining all of the original values...but then again this IS you. So this shouldn't come as a surprize....nonetheless it still amazes me so... Just the overwhelming harmony of everything in this angelic wall just fills me with bliss.....favorite of the day for me..... Simply a masterpiece.. I love it. I really love it.

  6. Hikari87 Dec 04, 2004

    Woooww~~ the wallie ish soo pweetty! ^o^
    Luvvvie her wings much~ ^.^ Keep it up, Ritalin-chan~ :)

  7. aquablue Dec 06, 2004

    Very excellent wallpaper,I Love background and angel feather.
    good job!

  8. andiyar Dec 16, 2004

    Really touches on the actual OP theme to air... wonderful stuff. Especially love the feathers floating. :)


  9. Grooven Dec 25, 2004

    I found this picture on the Key Fan Club forum a while back maybe it is one of theirs? Anyway really beautiful, I'm not sure what was changed from the original tho. I will have to compare :) WOOT air is coming

  10. rainbowseason Jan 03, 2005

    wah her wings and stuff are so happy
    i thought air was a anime or a movie or something XD
    i didnt no it was a hentai game untill my friend said so BOOO lol
    nice work i really love her wings and stuff
    background and so on

  11. Shilian May 29, 2005

    Really nice one! Love the effects of the building in the background. Not too much, just great! Keep on doing it! :)

  12. minamitakayama Jun 26, 2005

    awesome wall *.*
    it's amazing ^^
    i love it!
    great job!

  13. kireiyuhi Jul 08, 2005

    the colors are all soft. ^^. very nice job.

  14. nimiru Jul 16, 2005

    i like the way it looks! =) it 's really pretty especially the way misuzu looks with the wings and all! good job!

  15. kupoyasha Jul 21, 2005

    w-wow! i really really like this background! yet another one of my favs!! its soo awesome! i reallly reallly like it! and i like the background that blue shade!


  16. adventshadow Aug 01, 2005

    i really like this wall, +fav. the background fits Misuzu perfectly, and she looks great in this wall too, nice work :)

  17. kira89892 Aug 02, 2005

    nicely done! i'm gettin addicted to wings.. =D reallyreallyreally NICE!
    good work on cleaning it up...


  18. osakagirl Aug 19, 2005

    great effects! love the background color mixed in with the character, makes it natural

  19. vlader Sep 27, 2005

    Found another fav. Wow! this wallie feels like a dream. :) :) :)

  20. Jin91 Aug 30, 2006

    I love how she's an angel. its so pretty

  21. merelie Feb 15, 2007

    the wings are really bright, but somehow it adds to the glow around her
    and of course i love the blue sky in the background
    thanks for sharing!

  22. abelini4 Mute Member Sep 13, 2009

    beautifull ^_^...

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