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For all noobs: This Douijn was only colored by me! The original one is by Kubo Tite, the great Bleach Mangaka. So this is my first real and finished CG. I chose an easy one to practise a bit and i'm quite satisfied but I seriously need more tips to get better. Critism is welcome! Ah, I almost forgot to tell the noobs, that Ishida Uryuu is not a shinigami, he just wears the soul society cloth. It was ironic that one who hates shinigami, must wear their uniform.
Sorry, but I forgot which scene this was. I think with this ugly mecha captain, but I'm not sure. Here's the original drawing meuppe.

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  1. eileenium Nov 30, 2004

    mmm!! Bleach! Yesssss...there needs to be more bleach love out there. Ishida is so great- that part when he was fighting that captain was very sad. I personally hope we see more Ishida/Orihime moments. Totally consider coloring more of this incredible manga, you did a good job!

  2. Excel Nov 30, 2004

    This looks great, the pose looks good and I really like the background. Great Job!!!

  3. Bloodlust Dec 01, 2004

    really is rreally good job, wish I could colour my own drawings like this, really thats just too good

  4. evasion Dec 01, 2004

    Nice job with the CG! I like how you made the colors vibrant and full of motion. Great job!

  5. halcyonTwilight Dec 01, 2004

    Nice coloring ^^ The blood looks really good....color i mean XD It hurts just to look at it >.< Hmmm....the highlights on the clothes need some softening, but other than that really nice work :) And bleach rocks XD

  6. semanga Dec 01, 2004

    wow bin total begeistert....... echt ........sieht klasse aus kannst stolz sein auf dich ich bin es

  7. Kurosawa Dec 01, 2004

    oh my... really cool Chibikko^^. The colour blood is good^^. I like the CG you make :d
    i think the clothes need more soft , but the rest is really Good :D
    Keep the good job , wanna see mores too ^^. 'fav'

  8. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 02, 2004

    OH wow.....looks like you did a nice touch of up the original drawing actually. Clearity is MUCH better on this and the CG'ing is simply amazing. =P

    Noob comment : "Omfg! Chibi-chan! You are such an elite artist! Your drawing skillz roxor!"

    =p hehe, nonetheless I really love the work you've done. The choice of colors was a good one and it looks great overall! Just so powerful and full of energy, or electricity.....anyways you really did a wonderful job CG'ing, I just have to state it again cause you did. It something else and being your first real CG.....excellant choice and perfect results. Favorite for me. ^^ I'm gonna have to start buying the manga again...=P.

  9. Fantasia Dec 02, 2004

    it's really awesome~
    you made the colth and the bg very great
    I like the powerful effect,and also the blood effect~

  10. Oshii-Rion Dec 02, 2004

    O wow! I like Your Doujinshi! It's so cool! My favorite :nya:

  11. zombiehunter Dec 02, 2004

    Wow!! Nice nice CG!! It really enhances the overall image. Keep up the great work! :D

  12. Frosty Dec 04, 2004

    wooo this kool way kool. XD
    very nice CG artwork you did chibikko. XD (even if you only did colored this one) lol... XD
    the motion everything looks awesome. ^^
    a and +fav for an amazing works of art. XD

  13. Deen Dec 04, 2004

    Wuihhhh.... cool. cool doujinshi from chibi-chamaaaaaaa ko chan
    I see the spirit of the man, spirit for fighting, spirit for struggle

    His spirit is like Luffy the One Piece, right... Chibi Ko-chan ^^

  14. YumeChan Dec 05, 2004

    Fantastic CG joB! i love the effects!
    Lovely job on this!! :3 Keep up the superb joB!

  15. SakuraHaruno Dec 21, 2004

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! i've tried to colorize an images but... *cough* i'm bad at this.. cool piiiiic! keep 'em coming ;___; Ishida *--¬* he is not as sexy as ichigo... but he is sexy xDD

  16. baronkong Dec 23, 2004

    ahhhhhhh!!! great pic again... especially background , i really love it thank you..........

  17. ballistics Jan 21, 2005

    NO really...Why is he wearing that? I donno but hey I'll find out as soon as I get the new Vol of Bleach...Yeah I know...I'm a new bleach fan I've only read up to book 4. I know there's bleach on the net but i like to buy my manga...what can i say...I like bleach enough to buy it! (although I am watching the anime right now...which kinda defeats the purpose but not to much)

    Anyways, back to the picture...yeah it looks good...but i just wonder whats the deal with the uniform...?_? nice job!

    Well there you have it amigos, One Piece is tight Deen...luffy is pimp game! Ballistics out...[B]

  18. hennokappa Apr 07, 2005

    I don't quite get it, since I'm following the anime, not the manga...but Ishida is by far my fav character, and I applaud anyone who posts Ishida pics up. They're so rare- I don't understand it! T_T Lol. But this is an awesome pic, is it really doujinshi?! Impressive!

  19. damian-atm May 06, 2005

    WOW; the bleeding quincy i really dont remember his name but i think the idea its perfect. jajaja

  20. yu-chan May 22, 2005

    wow!! this is awesome!! great background and position! keep on doing great work!

  21. Sammie-Chan May 24, 2005

    Awesome cg!!! Effects are so good!! ^0^ Uryu looks so sexy!!!!! =3

  22. shikisai May 27, 2005

    Ishida!! (*faints*) Great coloring job. Really fits the scene. Thanks for sharing!

  23. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Jun 01, 2005

    wow! great job again chibikko-san! i love ishida and he looks so cool in this shot! i like the mist/smoke effect towards the bottom!

  24. RengekiShin Jun 01, 2005

    Thanks for sharing this, my friend would really love this one. =P Good job in coloring it.

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