Wasurenagusa ~Forget-me-Not~ Wallpaper: Forget-me-Not // Final Inquiry

Noizi Ito, UNiSONSHIFT, Wasurenagusa ~Forget-me-Not~, Eario Wallpaper
Noizi Ito Mangaka UNiSONSHIFT Studio Wasurenagusa ~Forget-me-Not~ Game Eario Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

I am still alive. Waiting...watching the sands fall from my hourglass. The sands run out, signifying the end of the hour. I turn it around once more and started to wait as before.

Heh. How are you doing everyone? I am still alive, something I don't believe myself. It had been a long while since I walled. Who knows why, lack of inspiration? Time? Maa~ Somehow was able to produce this. Now I wonder, does anyone remember me? I don't know. I don't even know if people would look at this one. I just feel...a bit rusty. Hehe. Anyhow...have fun. A wall released after a long while. ^__^

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Browse Wasurenagusa ~Forget-me-Not~ Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Susan-chan Nov 30, 2004

    interesting combinations and effects:) it's a cute wally but i dont like that greyish thing in the corners^^ but i like it and i add it to my favs:)
    and we remember of u of course :D

  2. tAtEkAnE Nov 30, 2004

    me likes...when it's dark and well done tate likes it XD lol...i love the main image! and the quote is nice...XD

  3. shinie Nov 30, 2004

    :D I like this ambiant. Very beautiful dark scene ! I ad to my favorites :)

  4. tecnophreak Nov 30, 2004

    wooooow. now the BG is great, matches realwell, but the only thing I don't like is it is too undefined. too blurry, etc. but anyway, great job

  5. chibikko Nov 30, 2004

    nice colors zuri-chan, the quality of your works didn't lower. also the dust is great. good job!

  6. Yina Nov 30, 2004

    omg... the wallie looks wonderful!! add to fav! ^^

  7. tafou Nov 30, 2004

    Wow! The BG is really amazing (and the girl too ^^)

    it's a good job! I like it!

  8. Amaya Nov 30, 2004

    wow cool ^__^ ! I like it !
    But I think if the pink ball was red it would be better ~~

  9. UndyingShadow Nov 30, 2004

    great job with the bg! nice use of colors and grunge. nice image too!

  10. ded113 Dec 01, 2004

    Cool combinations! Great wall overrall! I had a feeling that you had waller's block...

  11. euna Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2004

    yay!! another Zuri-chan's wall!!
    MMM.... I've seen that scan - or a similar one... ^_^
    Zuri-chan, of course I remember you!!! Why would I forget you?? dat's impossible....
    so you're alive and well.. that's a great news... ^_^'
    This wallpaper's quite cool... I see blood on it... A little bit creepy, but it's great...
    Bg goes nicely with the scan.. Nice wall!

    PS- Zuri-chan, do ya wanna be Euna's big sista??? (Euna's starting her own MT family.. >___<)

  12. Osiris Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2004

    wheeee zuri did grunge :p

    well its not your best but still, it has pros n_n

    like the whole theme fits pretty well...but i thought she was a kawaii girl...you turned her into a kawaii murdering hoe XD XD j.k

    rave pride! XD

  13. Mi-Ki Dec 02, 2004

    Onee-san~!!!!!!!!!!!! >_< I miss looking at your wallies =( And I miss your rp's =p
    i really like the smoke/dust that forms around the bottom of the screen o_o Really does set the mood of the wallie too >_<

  14. Fantasia Dec 02, 2004

    awesome effect
    the bg is soooo nice
    and the scan is pretty too

  15. OracleAngel Retired Moderator Dec 02, 2004

    Boooyah the Zuri iZ Back! lovely grungy darkish wally as usual with the cool effects and hot evil babe! Still remmeber you! :) +fav

  16. zeine Dec 03, 2004

    Gorgeous work Zuri-chan... I love that mix of dark colors that fill out such passion and deep rage within it... Beautiful and striking blood-red colors that depict a magnificent outburst of energy and life... I really love the strong emotions pressing into this wall and it's very random yet composed in a combined way... Lovely mix of flowing motion and smoke effects... Awesome bg that creates a sort of confusing feel as the underlying factor to its distorted unique blend... Very commendable work with an exemplary finish... A strong graceful lost and longing vengeful soul in itself...

  17. belmikry Retired Moderator Dec 03, 2004

    beautiful.. i love the colours and the suggestions... very inspiring.. definate fav ^_^
    keep it up!! XD

  18. Hikari87 Dec 06, 2004

    Sugooiii~~ ^o^ This is a special wallie~~
    the effects are totally amzing and cool! XD
    The girl is also very kyutee~
    Nway, keep up the great work~ Zuri-chan! :)

  19. Val3f0r Dec 14, 2004

    The scan is really cool.... love the bg too.... looks great and nice effects
    What a great wally ^^ great work Zuri-chan as always :D ...

  20. Xion3 Jan 07, 2005

    A job well done, Zuri. I like the red and black grungy background, and the image looks awesome with it. *Adds to favs*

  21. Spettro Jan 08, 2005

    I love the girl of this pict! ..and your wallpaper is cool! great job! ;) thanks for that! :D

  22. ZKyoy Apr 29, 2005

    WOW! so lovely! red and black, my favourite color combination!
    i love everything about this wallpaper! definitely a fave!
    *faves and sets as wallpaper*

  23. lthnadml May 05, 2005

    I like this wallpaper of yours! I even like the way you did the background colors also!!
    I really like the effect and those colors are crazy ! ! !
    Excellent job!

  24. imabird Jul 07, 2005

    kool nice no i don't remeber you haha i'm new here +fav ^_^'

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