Izumo 2 Wallpaper: Secret

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HERE is my new created wallpaper!!!!! I have worked on it more than 5 hours. It was very difficult to create the background.
I like night scenery and of course the moon. :)
The girl is on a secret place. Did you ever go swimming at night?
I did it but only in the summer XD
I hope you like it too and im looking forward of your comments, critic and of course favourites.

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  1. Barbara Nov 30, 2004

    This wal is special, yeah the bg is great, very impressive. Love your work :)

  2. Midori-chan Nov 30, 2004

    wow...dis wall is rare...
    especially the way u created the bg..
    it looks full of emotions....
    the girl is pretty too
    great job!! adds to fav! :D

  3. Asahi Nov 30, 2004

    wow led you become much better with every try !! i like the colors of the sky.. and i notice that i missed the brush of the reed..want have it too ;__; . great work ! keep it up =)

    und weils einfacher is... : der grosse mond schaut so vorgesetzt aus und nicht wirklich zum himmel gehoerend ~ mein einziger grosser kritikpunkt.

  4. Longi Nov 30, 2004

    really nice, the bg is great, she is pretty, very nice colors...
    great wall :D

  5. DarkParagon Nov 30, 2004

    Well I have to say I really really like the colours in this wall... the purples and pinks are very fitting, and the contrast is beautifully done. I like the scan as well (was going to use it myself in a similar wall). There is, however, a couple things that I think need some minor improvements. Firstly, the dual moons aren't really necessary... I know people like to see the two planets hovering in the sky, but I don't think it's necessary here. Being that they are two moons, it brings two different light sources into play that can detract from the overall wall. And, talking about light sources, hers is coming from the upper-left and the main source of light in this wall is directly behind her. The large white aura suggests that it's bright at that... so the lighting is kinda off. I would personally move the brighter light source to the upper left and then if you wanted to add another moon/planet, I'd put that more toward the middle. But that's just my personal opinion. Overall I think this wall is beautiful and a great use of colour and mood. Good job. :)

  6. Jormungand Nov 30, 2004

    Weeee~! That background is stunning @_@ love the shades and the sky texture :D
    imo it would look even better without the moon on the left corner because it looks so different from the one in the middle... and it's not exactly circle @_@ but maybe that's just me >_>
    anyway, this wallie looks really really great ^.~

  7. The-Stuff Nov 30, 2004

    just ..wow .. like how the moon is the focal in the back .. reflects off of the othere 'moons/planetes' .. it almost gives the impression that she led someone she loves there .. and is being shy about the whole exsperiance .. kinda romantic

  8. KittyPuchiko Nov 30, 2004

    I love the background so much! :D +Fav It's just so beautiful! Keep it up ^^

  9. spikespiegel Nov 30, 2004

    Wow o_O.That's beautifull that eclipse and the purple sky are unreal.The background looks so kewl.Nice work ^_^.

  10. StarCentury Nov 30, 2004

    Damn! You're really good when it comes to professionalism, Led! I want to learn how to make my own scenery similar to your creations! Teach me, senpai! XD

  11. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 30, 2004

    great use of purple :3

    also, i love the moon hovering over her head, not sure about the other one though XD

  12. DarkSith Nov 30, 2004

    WOW !!! This wallpaper is excellent, especially the background :) Nice purple ^^
    Excellent work Led and of course +fav XD

  13. cain Nov 30, 2004

    amazing work , i love the moon , its just great +fav

  14. cleo-chan Nov 30, 2004

    wowi, das sieht ja klasse aus, ich liebe den hintergrund...die arbeit hat sich wirklich total gelohnt, supi gemacht!!!!!!! die farben gefallen mir auch, passt zu der nächtlichen szene^^
    und das mädel ist auch süß und passt so richtig zu deinem "secret place"^^
    fantastic wallie, mehr kann ich dazu auch nicht mehr sagen, außer: mach weiter so, freu mich schon auf deine nächsten werke ^____~

  15. jackalx66 Nov 30, 2004

    the colour just amaze me
    and the bg is nice
    great job
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    +fav from me ^^

  16. ultimaslair Dec 01, 2004

    The background is great! I bet that was hard to create, but the result is spectacular! Really, awesome work! I really like the purple tone here, it's really great. Also, very nice image, and very nice implementation on the background.

    However, one thing I did notice. To the left of the girl, the clouds apparently cut off the top of the tree. This was just something minor I noticed. Other than that, its perfect!

  17. cloud811 Dec 01, 2004

    ohhh purple! i love it! can u teach me how do make good wallies?

  18. Yura Dec 01, 2004

    beautiful wall, nice colors and is kinda romantic i love it
    really great scan and u made a great bg for it it looks really great
    i kinda dont like the moon in the left but still great work fav

  19. euna Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2004

    wow.... pretty~~~~
    Beautiful bg.. especially the sky... but I wish the moon blended in more nicely... it sorta looks like it's been just cut and pasted..
    nevertheless, looks awesome. A fav from Euna!

  20. semanga Dec 01, 2004

    ohhh chrissy boy ich bin erstmal vom stul gekippt als ich dein neuestes wall gesehen habe und wenn du noch einmal sagst das du eine wandelnde katastrophe bist dann erinnere dich and das wall.... den ich könnte nie so was ..... nun hast du bewissen was in dir ein grossartiger waller steckt bin stolz auf dich :)

  21. Kurosawa Dec 01, 2004

    woahh ^^ Led , that's really great wallie . The BG was so calm and dark ^^. I like how you use purple Bg. Great Job :D
    "Fav from me"

  22. gundex Dec 01, 2004

    fantastic led-san... :D :D :D yes yes the scenery is very nice indeed... the colour of the sky is nice too i like it a lot... :D :D :D great work!!! +fav

  23. boost Banned Member Dec 02, 2004

    Another great wall.Man you're THE MAN.Your works are so fine that I just can't find the words to write it abouth.Ya got talent.

  24. Devilet Dec 03, 2004

    awww, my good twin Led has been making elite wallies while I was gone =D
    very beautiful... wow.. everything is so graceful and fluent.. blending perfectly, even though the moon on left looks odd, it doesn't bring away attention from everything else.. fav for all your hard work and gorgeous wallpaper ^.~

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