Uemura Shoen Wallpaper: Rokujo

Uemura Shoen Wallpaper
Uemura Shoen Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This is a wall done with the woman from Uemura Shoen's "Rokujo" (which is supposed to be the flames of desire). This piece is at the National Art Museum in Tokyo, and I found it to be one of the most beautiful paintings I have seen from that part of the world.

I do not know whether I did justice to this art in my wall, but all elements are taken from other asian art, with minimal effects and a fair amount of touchup. Hope you all like it as much as I like this painting.

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  1. evasion Nov 30, 2004

    Oh wow, I love this wall! It is very elegantly done ^_^. Awesome job! :)

  2. amandasarahlynn Nov 30, 2004

    This is very nicley done ^^ and you did do it justice.
    *Adds to Favs*

  3. MariArte Nov 30, 2004

    :) I like that style of image, goes direct to my favorites :nya:

  4. asuk Nov 30, 2004

    wow...fascinating. i like how you captured the 'asianess' of the art. btw, how did you add the japanese writing? is it a font style or an image layer? deserves my fav.

  5. mentis Nov 30, 2004

    Holy shamolies you guys. I just posted this one and I'm getting a whole bunch of response to it within about TWO minutes! He he...that's awesome!

    Thanks to all of you. The kanji is an image layer, which was a scan of a scroll out of another art book I have :P.

  6. Pri Dec 01, 2004

    beautiful work. you've captured an air that's both ancient and elegant.
    this one's going on the computer at work!

  7. zombiehunter Dec 01, 2004

    Wow!!! That's incredible! I think the warm, earthy colours are what makes this wallpaper particularly nice... also the amazing art work and some kick-ass wallpaper making skills!! Great work!

  8. volrath77 Dec 01, 2004

    Beautiful. Fav'ed.

  9. haLaya Dec 01, 2004

    the whole composition of this wall is really awesome. great job! :)

  10. euna Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2004

    nice mentis-chan! the scan and the bg fits in very nicely.... nice work!!

  11. calisqo Dec 01, 2004

    Instant fav.

    Luckily i saw this .
    This the greatest thing happen today, no second . (1st i got accepted in elite wallpaper critique )

    Here's the commment.
    Compositiona n scan 10/10 .

    The pale yellow is so traditional inasian painting : loving it thanks for preserving the culture : )

    just awesome THE BEST WALL IN general wallpaper : )
    thanks x 10000

  12. Tha-Darkside Dec 01, 2004

    This is a really great wall, it captures the traditional look & style of asian art very well. Easily one of my favorites.

  13. GaiJiN Dec 01, 2004

    I have to say you did it justice, because I somehow feel you really captured the picture within your background. Really traditionnal and elegant look, I hope to see more like this one :D !

  14. Ka-sempai Dec 01, 2004

    Beautiful... it's a lot "strange" but the effects are all wonderful!!! Great work :)

  15. sunakoera Dec 01, 2004

    >.> Awesome... *favorites list* XD; It looks great.. The way you put all of it together is amazing. Nicely done.

  16. Electrastar Dec 01, 2004

    Beautiful, I thought is was a drawing at first...Hard to tell that the woman came from a painting....you blended it all very nicely, a great realisation.

  17. mentis Dec 01, 2004

    XD Yay, thanks to all of your support, Rokujo is the featured General Wall for today (12.01.04)!!! Thank you so much everyone. I am honored XD

  18. Blooming-Bunny Dec 01, 2004

    Wow... it's... wow. At first glance, I thought it was a scan since it blends together so well, but after downloading the larger version, I got the full effect. Sugoi! :)

  19. Blackmetal Banned Member Dec 02, 2004

    Very good!

    Congratulations ^^
    This work are very impressive, and goes direct to my desktop. I like that, now at the end of day ... ak.a... nightfall smiley

    Anyway,,, good work.-

  20. angel14 Restricted Member Dec 02, 2004

    Wow! This is avery beautiful painting.I really like japanesse artwork.This artist is very good!!!!!!!!

  21. artgeek12 Dec 02, 2004

    The text over the BG is a good touch. The overall color also give the piece a sense of antiquity...me likes :nya:

  22. KarlZealtin Dec 03, 2004

    Nice wall, love it. I've never seen Japanese art so thanks for sharing :)

  23. Nikanoru Dec 03, 2004

    Simple traditional art^^. Yes, very unique style though, kudos to you!!!!!

  24. CMonster Dec 04, 2004

    pretty wall very authentic looking and a pretty jap woman too XD

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