Shingetsutan Tsukihime Wallpaper: The Stars, The Sky, and the...

TYPE-MOON, J.C. Staff, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Hisui (Shingetsutan Tsukihime) Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio J.C. Staff Studio Shingetsutan Tsukihime Series,Visual Novel Hisui (Shingetsutan Tsukihime) Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

The stars in the sky, watching over the sadness of the heart...

The background of this wall's composed by only 7 layers...
Not enough to create a decent space-sky-stars effect as I wished for. -_-
Yet, I hope you'll like this one.
Perhaps it's too simple of a wall, nee?

Um, the original scan:
(Falls under Tsukihime category)
[I forget the numbering >_<]

Oh, and I'm also did a small modification to the character scan.
Can you guess what it is? =^o^=


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  1. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Nov 30, 2004

    did aoi do something to the face? ^-^ tee heeez ..
    simple wallie are coooolllz~<33 ^-^ tee heeez .. cuz saki luverz it veerrii mucchh!

    bg rockz~

  2. shirahana Nov 30, 2004

    Pretty! ^_^

    I'm going to guess that you added a mark to the mask that the character is holding.... I'm probably ont even close... =__=;

    or..... maybe you added a nose to the character ^^;

    i don't know... =__=; Tell us.....

  3. ForsakenDreams Nov 30, 2004

    Even though you say this wall is simple, I think it is beautiful!
    The bg is very nice.
    As for the modification you made, I have no idea.

  4. darksaberx88 Nov 30, 2004

    very nice wallpaper love the background it very beautiful awesome job i will add it 2 my Fav..........{^__^}{^___^}

  5. cloudcherry Nov 30, 2004

    nyuuuuu so pretty!!!!!
    Luv the BG and scan!!!! so kwel!!!!
    good job!!! ^_______________^

  6. irix Nov 30, 2004

    That's a kawaii wall!!! :nya:

  7. euna Retired Moderator Nov 30, 2004

    waaaa~~~~ pretty wallpaper!!! kirei desuyo!!
    Scan's awesome and I don't need to say anything about the bg... it's beautiful....
    Wonderful work! *fav*

  8. Barbara Nov 30, 2004

    The bg is great, the girl is cute but she looks sad. It doesn't matter 'cause that's my fav :)

  9. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 30, 2004

    hey aoi, havnt seen you in awhile ;_;

    wub the wall, simple yet cute :3

  10. Asahi Nov 30, 2004

    oh well ! i like your background more than a possible background with space ! looks more different the actually one ! =) good job done !

  11. AkinaSpirit Nov 30, 2004

    Sweet wall ^_^
    Nice bg... hmm you wanted a space-sky-stars effect? Then add more layers :hmpf: joking joking ^_^'
    Besides.... I didn't know you could create a starry space bg *runs for dear life* ((((((o^^)o
    I'm kidding ^^! A nice new type of wall~
    About the modification of the scan, you inverted (not sure that's the right word for it -_-) the scan and corrected the kanji on the mask =^^=

    mmm... now what's my prize for getting it right? ^_^' just kidding~

    Nyaa? You signed your comment with the word 'nyaa'? You stole my line >o< nyuuuu~

  12. penpen Nov 30, 2004

    Vraiment cool ton wall bravo !!!!!

  13. gigahertz Dec 01, 2004

    Quote by ForsakenDreamsEven though you say this wall is simple, I think it is beautiful!
    The bg is very nice.As for the modification you made, I have no idea.

    Everything he/she said. It looks very nice but I can't see the mod -_-

  14. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 02, 2004

    Aoi! ^^ *gives you some strawberry pocky and a BIG hug* Its great to see you back on MT and with a wall too. I'm glad that you still have time to share your talent with us....thank you so very much for doing so too...

    I've been browsing the gallery and checking out the scan and then the scan in this one and trying to find the difference....and to be honest....I really can't.... I know you did something different, but I just can't tell.... the mask, her face, hair, bow, bah @_@. I'm sure that I'm looking too hard and the change is relatively easy to spot...but I just can't see it ='( I feel so bad for not noticing.... Though I must say I really love this background....You have such a beautiful effect in the center...the combination of lighting and choice of colors......simply breath-taking....and it fits so well too! Gah just gorgeous....so breath-taking and putting in the boarder was a very nice touch as well, giving off that sort of 'wide-screen' impression to the background. Simply lushous combination and just so....beautiful....favorite hands down......

    Though I must know what you did.....@_@ I really feel bad for missing it though...

  15. Val3f0r Dec 14, 2004

    a simple wall??? >_> guess not... its a beautiful simple wall ^^ love the bg and very nice character scan...
    >_> <_<
    *wondering what the modification is XD*
    anyway.... a great piece of work from you Aoi ^^

  16. Sugoi Apr 04, 2005

    Very cute girl, the background suits very well to the subject. Great work! ^_^

  17. ipiotchi Aug 06, 2006

    very beautiful^^

  18. only00 Mute Member Jun 12, 2010

    it looks awsome i love the quality ^.^ red and black are a good combination keep up the good work +fav

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