Aoi Nanase Wallpaper: Angel Flavor

Aoi Nanase Wallpaper
Aoi Nanase Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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Ahhh. A classic wall from me. When I posted this at AO, ppl there liked it. I WAS gonna post it here but SOMEONE had the absolute NERVE to rip this. Fortunately, I found out by Kev. I wish I found out who that was.... Anyways animosity aside, my signature flower BG and subtle stuff. I might redo this one another day but I finishing the larger pic of the girl. A redo. Till then, enjoy!!

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  1. KorganoS Nov 29, 2004

    Very pretty... yes, that ripper needs some nerve surgery indeed XD
    I'd love to see how the redo version will turn out to be..... :D this one is already that great....

  2. jackalx66 Nov 29, 2004

    another version too ^^
    can't wait XD
    i like this one already
    and add it to my fav ^^
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  3. Ritalin Nov 29, 2004

    I almost thought you ripped this... hahaha. >_> I saw it on AnimeOnline a long time ago when you put it there. ^_^

    Pretty blue flowers. I used this as a desktop awhile back... it looks nice. Not much I can really say... it all fits.

  4. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2004

    hey awesome job with the flowers and the colors are great :D

  5. kc2 Nov 29, 2004

    Nice walllpaper, I like a lot the soft colors that this wall has.!
    good work and keep it up! XD

  6. Mistress Nov 29, 2004

    so beauliful! the colors are awesome!
    add to my fav ^___^

  7. cloudcherry Nov 29, 2004

    wow beautiful wallie ded113!!!!
    ^____________^ love the soothing look...so sweet and gentle.
    BG relates nicely to scan ^___^ gorgeous!!!
    And thats annoying about the ripper...what a loser *biffs cherry pips at them*
    Great wallie!!! It's so beautiful!!! Thank you for this wall (n__n)

  8. tAtEkAnE Nov 29, 2004

    really pretty! XD softlooking and nice to the eyes, it's simple yet it works :D woooo! good job ded!

  9. rknight1 Nov 29, 2004

    I like it when I see these kinds of walls with the fancy patterns in back. :) A favorite for the flowers.

  10. Celessa Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2004

    This one turned out very good - I wonder why not many appreciate your wallie when it could be one of the finest I've seen by far. Anyhou - I added it to my fav+ and wonderful wallie. It looks and smells so sweet like sugar lol - Well done ^^

  11. Nuriko Retired Moderator Nov 29, 2004

    Very elegant wallpaper. The cool colors are a nice match to get hair and style.

  12. zephiris26 Nov 29, 2004

    This is just beautiful XD Nanase Aoi is my favorite artist, and the wall you made is just amazing ~the colors blend together so well :D +fav ^^

  13. kaix3 Nov 30, 2004

    this wallpaper is beautifully made. nice work and good job. looking forward to seeing more of your work. lata

  14. shinta Nov 30, 2004

    Nice classy look ded! The white and blue colors give the wallpaper a very formal feeling. Add the roses and *poof!* LOLz. I just don't think that the grainy parts fit in. I dunno, they're too grainy? >_<

  15. sammo Retired Moderator Nov 30, 2004

    lovely rosey background! reminds me of your old wallpapering style, and the wall is very elegant :)

  16. halcyonTwilight Nov 30, 2004

    Love this wall ^^ Forget my opinon....it's just great :D The colors (yes like everyone has said...but i feel like sayin it XD) are sweet. +fav :)

  17. Blackmetal Banned Member Dec 02, 2004

    Very good!

    Congratulations ^^
    This work are very impressive, and goes direct to my desktop. I like that, now at the end of day ... ak.a... nightfall smiley

    Anyway,,, good work.-

  18. CyanideBlizzard Retired Moderator Dec 06, 2004

    O.O ..... Ded...I just realized I've seen this before.....I can't remember where (I went anime wallpaper hunting roughly a year ago...so I can't remember but I need to hunt down the site that has Red's walls as well....so I'll most likely be looking around to see which sites have this wall or any other of yours).

    With that aside, I fell inlove with this wall....seriously it was an arrow through my heart as soon as I viewed it. The white roses were the first thing.......I would of never considered it as an option for a background but here it is....and wow does it look amazing, the idea of making it fade out like you did was another great idea. I must admit though....the girl......unbelievable....She is so beautiful....shes got my favorite hair color and the gesture and pose are so elegant....but above all else, is that dress....Simply stunning! She truly is an angel.....Gah I can't get enough of this background. Favorite of the week. To be like a noob? OMFG DED U R 1337 @_@. =P

  19. Val3f0r Dec 14, 2004

    ehhhhh..... Ded...... this is sooo beautiful XD sooo pretty white colours
    Love the scan too ^^ yay a redo in the future XD looking forward to it ^^
    great work ded XD

  20. ani-obi-wan Dec 20, 2004

    wow its got a heavnely feel to it... which is a good thing (heaven chorous)

  21. Jessy Dec 21, 2004

    This one is so beautiful!!
    It brings me so much piece!!
    It's added!!

  22. xiaku Dec 23, 2004

    i <3 it! it's adorable!
    classic, elegant, and so poise!
    one of my favorites, for sure!
    superb job! ^_____^

  23. dindon Dec 23, 2004

    je vien de voir un pe plus aoi ce matin parce que g recu un com de la part d'un gar ( thx a lui ) et la je pe dire que ce ke aoi fait c vraiment du boulo :D

  24. peachiemint Dec 26, 2004

    o wow... amazing, i simply luv ur wallies. they always look so marvelous. ur a pro at paint shop pro XP lol anyhoo, gotta add diz to mai favorite. gorgeous wallie =^^=

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