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One of my pics :)
I drew it about month ago - it took me 1h30min...
Its my own character...Her name is Laurel nad she is dead.....Her death was very sad but its a long story.....
Its nothing special....Her nose and her face are kinda big 0_o
I drew one of the flowers in bad perspective :/
I haven't got A3 scannner so I had to erased ugly, green line which was in the picture :/...
I want to improve my drawing skills so I will appreciate any comments - even these criticals.....
Hope you will like it.... :)

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  1. belmikry Retired Moderator Nov 28, 2004

    awww... i really like this... you did such a good job on the water... and i don;t think her nose or face is to big at all... :o

    it's very well sketched *fav* from me!! XD

  2. Barbara Nov 28, 2004

    You are a good drawer. I don't like anything related to death, it just looks like she is sleeping.

  3. maho-ho Nov 28, 2004

    Really very best!!!!!!
    Good job!!!!!!
    I like you talent!!!!!

  4. Devilet Nov 28, 2004


    nothing special?? this is good!
    I really like your style.. and it's done well, looks sad.. also the water is pefect!
    waiiwaii~ a fav :D

  5. Sereneness Nov 28, 2004

    I like how you drew the eye area :). And the the creature standing next to her is very cute! The nose is a tad too big for her face, makes her look too cartoonish. I think the hair should float around her head more (to be more realistic), and the rumpled clothes on her chest is a little confusing and doesn't make sense to me ^^;. Very good job with the drawing, I could never do something like that in 1h30min lol.

  6. chibikko Nov 28, 2004

    uuh you spoiled us that she'll die in the end of the story =P. i find her face is very pretty. it's always the style that makes the nose and mouth etc. your style is very nice. and the drawing is very sad but still peaceful.

  7. jackalx66 Nov 29, 2004

    nice draw ^^
    me like it
    the shading also nice
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  8. calisqo Nov 29, 2004

    nice, effect witht he drawings.
    Especially the water .
    Really cool.
    Thanks for sharin great works .
    Keep up

  9. Frosty Nov 29, 2004

    hey, nice little sketch you have here. ^^
    like the water movement on this sketch. ^^
    the girl kind of look like Lain from serial experiment lain. ^^
    the nose part is actually okay, but I think the water movement over the girl's cest area needs to shade it so it looks like as if she is under the water, because right now it looks kind of like as if its part of her. XD
    Overall its a great work. ^^ Keep it up. ^^
    A and +fav for a great sketch Nayako. ^^

  10. calvinyip85 Nov 29, 2004

    If it have a colouring mush be a prefect pic.

  11. slivermoon Nov 30, 2004

    u'r good at drawing ^-^
    the flowers, and water ripples are nice
    the girl's face is not that bad, its okay, but u may want to improve on the way her hair was drawn
    it doesn't look too natural on her head

  12. kateChan Nov 30, 2004

    Even when she's dead she's really cute :) Awww... That little "something" in water is adorable ^^

  13. chisana Nov 30, 2004

    very nice drawing!though,I like colorful ones better,but this one is special ^^
    the water effects are really cool...keep on the good job :)

  14. Edzio Dec 01, 2004

    It's beautiful, you have talent^^ I love that flower.
    I think nose is a bit badly drawn.
    Cheek is too round.
    The creature is really cute^^
    Overall it's very good pic.

  15. Oshii-Rion Dec 03, 2004

    You have big talent! So cool! This... small thing is so cute :3 I like this! Favorite!

  16. daikatana Banned Member Dec 11, 2004

    Ohh my God it's incredible, brilliant amazing and wonderful excellent work I ever seen ^_^
    And only 1.5h o_0

  17. Spriggan Dec 13, 2004

    wow thats truely nice!!! I admire your talent , everything look so good..same that..that bubble with two eyes :o in the upper right mouahhaha j/k^^ beautiful work.

  18. AWS Dec 19, 2004

    I know this post is a little late(3 weeks late as of this post), but I just had to reaffirm what people have already said namely this drawing is great, and second her nose and her face are not too big in fact personally I prefer those proportions and also her eyes(or eye-lashes) are extremely expressive(i.e. I'm dead :) ) anyways that's my thoughts on this pic and I'm just encouraging you to keep up the good work. By the way my opinion doesn't mean anything as an artist only as an observer. Cya Around

  19. hytokiri Dec 30, 2004

    I think your draw is great, and like you I also gonna try my best in every single way of improve my drawing skills, so keep it in mind and try your best to. live on!!!

  20. Mario2 Feb 17, 2005

    Hey, this is magnificent! With such wonderful skills you should think about drawing your own manga series (I'm serious!) The only error is with this flower (perspective) but anyway it's awesome work!

  21. LimaChan Mar 27, 2005

    she looks like ophelia from hamlet....ists a great painting in tate museum??? dont know...

  22. kanamiko May 03, 2005

    wow it look so nice. ^^
    the shadding it nice too hee...(^-^)
    i really like it . :)

  23. Phae Jun 02, 2005

    Ofelia? :)
    beautiful ^^
    do ulubionych leci oczywiscie ;)
    naprawde, masz talent :)

  24. naibaf2 Jul 08, 2005

    Oh no, it's a very sad drawing... I like your style and the way the water lines go.


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