Chobits Wallpaper: chobits : magical night

CLAMP, Madhouse, Chobits, Chii Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Madhouse Studio Chobits Series Chii Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Voici ma nouvelle oeuvre ! ! ! bon la j'ai vraiment essayer de m'appliquer et de faire de mon mieu donc j'espere vraiment qu'il vous plaira ! ! ! en tout cas je pense que c'est mon meilleur wall jusqu'a present ! ! ! bYe a tous ! ! ! !

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  1. shinie Nov 28, 2004

    hello! très joli wall en effet j'adore le côté aurore boréale ça donne un aspect mins triste à la scène

  2. KorganoS Nov 28, 2004

    Very sweet wallpaper of Chobits!! and a very unique one, too!! XD most are daytime look, this one has a very interesting scene....
    Although I'm not that fond of the moon, but everything else looks nice!!
    This goes to my desktop and to my favorites!!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. nothingspecial Nov 28, 2004

    Wow! This one is one of the best Chobits walls out there! I'm gonna use this one ;)
    Keep it up!

  4. Zellie Nov 28, 2004

    tres joli wall. J'aime bien cette ambiance nostalgique.
    vraiment du bon boulot;
    Hop + fav

  5. Hellscream Nov 28, 2004

    arg! les accents marche pas sur ce site lol :) Yep yep nice walp ^^

  6. Asahi Nov 28, 2004

    ahhh to much french (?) ^_^' in the description . i like the colors that you have use for the wallpaper ! =) the tree behind her looks interesting.. the only thing i didnt need are the birds.. and some of the falling stars (to many of them !!) .

  7. Asahi Nov 28, 2004

    hmm would like to use a not only the same bird-brush ? with the fallen stars is now better imo.

    if i looke at your work, it seems like a dream because of the mood and the colors in this walli.

  8. NikaNeko Nov 28, 2004

    Ho!C'est cool ton wall!(Surtout qu'il a Chii )J'aime bien les effets que ta mis c'est euh..ben c'est très jolie le résultat!
    MouHaHaHa!!Je le met dans mes préférers!! :D
    Bon Travaille!


  9. euna Retired Moderator Nov 28, 2004

    Beautiful wallpaper... The sky in particular is just lovely... ^^
    The tree's really good too!
    Just one thing... the leaves might be too monotonous... looks the same throughout...
    Nevertheless, it looks great!
    Nice job!

    PS- I'll add you to my f'list!

  10. AWS Nov 28, 2004

    Very Nice Wallpaper. The colours are so vibrant and yet don't wash together but blend nicely. The Japanese Symbol (Haven't the slightest idea what it means) glows beautifully and the purple leaves is simply pure genius :) . Keep up the good work.

  11. Rhapsody Nov 29, 2004

    Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous!! I love the night scene with Chii leaning up against the tree, as well as the butterflies scattered throughout the grass!

  12. Kenzotsuke Nov 29, 2004

    po mal du tout ton nouvo wall!tres jolies couleurs en tout k jm po trop chobbits mais ton wall est reussi!bravo^^
    ...........+fav :)

  13. ultimaslair Nov 29, 2004

    Cool! I like the colors you used for this wall. Very nice backgounrd. It feels very....stellar. I also like the random...creature you have up on the tree too...

  14. hidekeitaro Nov 29, 2004

    This wallpaper is really magical :d
    i love Chobits and this wall is very nice xd
    i don't understanding only why are a animal like a digimon in top on tree? hehehehe... But itn; t a problem. :D
    Congratulations for the nice job :)

  15. Nahira Nov 29, 2004

    Cool, non seulement ce wallpaper est magnifique, mais en plus je peux le dire en français! ^_^

    J'aime beaucoup les couleurs dans cette tonalité, et l'ambiance qu'elles créent dans cette image correspond bien à l'expression de Chii. Et ça me fait plaisir de trouver enfin un fond d'écran de chobits dont le but ne soit pas de montrer Chii dans la tenue la plus courte et la plus évaporée possible. -_^

    Bref... je l'ajoute de suite dans mes préférés. ^_^

  16. slivermoon Dec 03, 2004

    ohhhhh... :)
    j'adore le decouverte et le couleurs, c'est tres bonne
    desole, je suis mauvais en france :sweat: :sweat: really i'm no good

  17. Led Dec 04, 2004

    woooooooooo its so beautiful. Chi is so pretty and innocence!! I love it. Great job and of course a new favourite of me ^^

  18. evilsesshomaru Dec 06, 2004

    nice wall ^^ the moon is perfect I love it ^^
    see ya :D

  19. AkinaSpirit Dec 10, 2004

    Wow... a very magical scenery :D
    ...though a little strange that there's a creature on the tree... a creature wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't from Digimon of some sort..
    Good wall though!

  20. Shkira Dec 12, 2004

    Another very beautiful wallpaper. I love the colors! Great work!

  21. Katerinahuynh Dec 27, 2004

    Thanks for sharing this pretty wallpaper.
    I really like it.
    It looks so cool.

  22. cerena Dec 30, 2004

    O_O woowwwwww, it's great... all the effect and the background is nice.. it really shows the loneliness... thanks for sharing ^^

  23. Leksing Jan 03, 2005

    Amazing this wall I Fell so love It if i looke at your work, it seems like a dream because of the mood and the colors in this walli.

  24. Xion3 Jan 06, 2005

    That is one excellent background! I love the colours, textures and the moon too. Although I think the picture of Chi could've used a little bit of blending into the picture, but it's still fantastic work! Good job.

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