Love Hina Wallpaper: A Night On The Verandah~

Love Hina, Naru Narusegawa Wallpaper
Love Hina Series,OVA Naru Narusegawa Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

waii waii~~ XD
another wallie from meh! XP
this time its Naru from Love Hina! XD
took me like 4-5 hours to make this. ^_^
da floor was a pain in da butt to make >_>
plus... I totally lost the verandah since right after I saved it as jpeg, my PS crashed on me... T_T
dam u PS!!! T____T

anyway... T_T
for reso go to meh site, The Anime World

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  1. RonWeasley Nov 28, 2004

    nice! i like the bg!!

  2. Anjhurin Nov 28, 2004

    eh cool wall, but i didn't remember this tree from love hina eheh (otherwise keitaro might have impaled on it i think ^_^' )
    yeah definitely nice work, the moon is pretty good and the floor too. the tree is less to my taste though, and the chara a little blurry, but still pretty smooth to the eye :D

  3. heykay15 Nov 28, 2004

    good balance to it. the moon's a bit overused.. but at least it's not the main focus of the wall.

    the contrast between the shading in naru's calves is a bit extreme. veranda only has no "h" but u knew that right ;)

    are those starts in the background? yeah... right in the center it's missing stars! i just sorta wish there were stars there. to the left of naru's head in the clearing.

    nice colors!

  4. Keltosh Retired Moderator Nov 28, 2004

    I really like this one exentric, Simple but cool. A definite favorite :D

  5. white-zero Nov 28, 2004

    Uehehehehe. Awesome work as always. Damn you. XD

  6. KorganoS Nov 28, 2004

    A Naru wall !! XD
    Yipee... LH goodness.. the floor looks very detailed.... and the silhouette of the tree is very nice! :D
    Excellent work, Kash!
    must add this to my favorites...

  7. dans Nov 28, 2004

    Awesome. i love the floor. it's very detailed.
    keep up the awesome work. :D
    *two thumbs up* a fav.

  8. Clover Nov 28, 2004

    i know this picture, and i like what you have done with it.
    the bg is worked out really great

  9. tAtEkAnE Nov 28, 2004

    really nice work on the rails, and floor XD or the veranda lol, is she suposed to be glowing? XD the text needs more work methinks tho XD but all in all sweet wall ^_^

  10. kitat Nov 28, 2004

    I like this overall tone , and I think that it is the background which suits her well .. Nice works !!

  11. Sandy Nov 28, 2004

    Nice overall looking but I have some critics too make. :)

    The tree needs indeed some work. Naru is a bit too blurry. There is some weird dark blue outline around the moon. Right under Naru's skirt, there seems to be a straight cut of what seems the rest of the picture tree which should have been hidden I believe. The wood in the paper door to the very bottom right ends in floating in the air. If the shadow of the tree is so visible on the floor, why the fence's isn't? *ass sounding XD*

  12. Kurosawa Nov 28, 2004

    wuahh.. exentric.. That's really great :D wait... waks the floor detaill.. and the tree really -really nice - nice. Excellent work !!
    This one goes to my favorite :D

  13. Yumi-Chan Nov 28, 2004

    Asal tak credit saya sedikit? I helped u a very tiny bit wat :P ahahah na lah just kidding nia.. anyways XD hahah I kinda like this wall lol. Damn you u have PS CS >_> U get all da watsoever 'filters' >_< and yea the wood thingies are nice ;___;!
    HuHu you took away the other door >.< I like it there nyahaha.. oh well its all up 2 kashi whether which he likes best :D LoL btw good job kashi ^____^

  14. ShiroiLina Nov 28, 2004

    ohh such nice and well done wall!! very well done indeed! :D love how you made it! :D keep it up!!! :D

  15. darkwaterbunny Nov 28, 2004

    ooooooohhhh great job! I likes it, the feel from it is great, it really looks nice. I like the dark night theme ^-^ its great. fav!

  16. DarkParagon Nov 28, 2004

    A beautiful wall... Simple and effective. I like how the blues match the shirt under her dress, and the contrast of colours. Very nice. :)

  17. jackalx66 Nov 28, 2004

    me like it ^^
    u always make something new
    i like that spirit
    the one i notice is only the veranda, some r floating
    that confused me is the light source
    if it from indoor, no shadow from fence is right
    but there's a shadow on the floor from tree ?
    that mean light from moon
    coz of that, better if u make the shadow on both then

    overall is nice wall and u right
    the floor is damn cool XD
    sorry for ur ps ^^'
    hope it will fixed soon
    but this deserve a fav too ^^
    so don't be sad again ok
    cheer up ^___________^
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    *9.5* ps: reply in my gb, ok XD, me want another spam from j00

  18. Midori-chan Nov 28, 2004

    wow...dat was really a nice wall!!
    the bg is so nice....it gives the moody feeling...
    conclusion...the wall is great!!!! :D

  19. sean392 Nov 28, 2004

    beautiful!!! i luv the verandah background..... just beautiful :D

  20. shinta Nov 28, 2004

    This is just me, but it looks like Naru isn't sitting very comfortably on the rail. I think the rail should be moved up a few notches, or move Naru down. Great wood texture on the sliding door and floor! ^__^

  21. Devilet Nov 28, 2004

    nyaaa... omg.. that's so beautiful! wow.. I can see why the floor was hard, but it turned out perfect I must say ^^ ohh, yeah the tree looks a little odd, but not too much, really isn't a big problem, owww, and those fine details like the shadowing.. that's a nice touch! a big plus for all your effort.. it's a beautiful wall! ^.~ keep it up! add to favs!

  22. danh21 Nov 28, 2004

    i like the background very much!~

    thank you for sharing so good wallpaper!

  23. euna Retired Moderator Nov 28, 2004

    exentric makes another beautiful wallie~~ YAY!!
    very pretty... ^^
    i luv the bg... especially that tree... lovely work!

  24. Led Nov 28, 2004

    WOW you made it very perfect!!! I like it really much. All on this walli is wonderful.
    The tree looks very speciall. I cant say anything...only Great job and a new fav of me :-)

    See ya around ^^

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