Sister Princess Wallpaper: ::sister princess~ Mamoru::

Naoto Tenhiro, Sister Princess, Mamoru Wallpaper
Naoto Tenhiro Mangaka Sister Princess Series Mamoru Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

err.. yay another wallpaper from me x__x since I wasn't satisfied with my previous one ^_^'
Anyways, in this.. wall.. erm.. I spent most of my time on the 'road' or whatever it is actually (exentric said it looked like a wall from another perspective =X... lol.. x_x;)... I tried changing the perspective of the whole wall u_u too much work + computer lagged out + saving the wall takes more than a minute =.=' Gosh the road's just so hard for me to brush. =_=' It's my first time and I think I did pretty okay with it.
The mountain and bushes, I dunno >_>;; somehow they upset me ;_;... huhu.. >_<
This wall took me around 8 hours and 68 layers all together. Argh, nowonder my computer lagged like hell T_T.. *still craving for new monitor...need to ditch this yellow screened one x_x;;*.... dammit ><....

Oh and I'd like to thank ryu_sakuragi for the wuvly sister princess scan XD
http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/48076/ <--- the ori scan x_x;;..

For more resolutions pwease visit --> www.digikb.tk <-- :nya:

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  1. Keltosh Retired Moderator Nov 27, 2004

    Weee I like it a lot. Thanks for this wonderful sister pricess wall Yumi-chan

  2. YoukaiexterminatorSango Nov 27, 2004

    so pretty!!! Mamoru is a cool anime character! one of my faves! love ur wall!

  3. exentric Nov 27, 2004

    like I said >_>
    it looks more like a wall then a road from my perspective >_>
    just cant seem to see da thing as a road >_>

    oh yah forgot to mention, nice wallie~ XD
    nyahahahah~!! >_>

  4. GaiJiN Nov 27, 2004

    I can see you worked a lot on this one, and it's really nice XD ! As always, awesome sky, and yeah the road is nice too though the perspective is weird. Hum, I think the green is a bit too green, but maybe that's just me ( or your monitor ^_^' ). And I think the text would look better if you moved it a little up ^^. Anyway it's still a very great wall :D !

  5. DarkEVO Nov 27, 2004

    You have suffer the same problem as me as well. This is a good wallpaper Yumi, I love how the sky and ground blend together. You really did well. Favourite.

  6. AkinaSpirit Nov 27, 2004

    Yumi gets points for walling Mamoru-Chan :nya:
    Nice wall ^^
    mmm is it not a wall? XD ROTFL it looks like a wall more than a road ^_^' but nice try~

  7. KorganoS Nov 27, 2004

    That still looks like a wall to me also <_<
    xd but hey, it's an awesome work, Yumi-chan!! The chara is very cute (>_< I haven't watched SisPri )
    I hope you will get a new monitor soon ^^
    This one goes to my favorite!

  8. darkwaterbunny Nov 27, 2004

    its very nice! The effects you used are very nice and everything come together very good ^_^. And yeah, there is a bit too much green, but its still good ^_^

  9. phl Nov 27, 2004

    Well well. What have we here? Another nice background, well fitting with the girl.

    You did a very good job with this one also. Heh heh.

    Keep it up!

  10. shirahana Nov 27, 2004

    Woah! ^__^ I love everything about this wall! Everything's just so smooth and nicely done! I quite like the sky! XD

  11. Devilet Nov 27, 2004

    yeah, hmm, the road is a bit strange, looks more like it's coming up.. haha, I see you used the same sky as a previous one.. ohh, Yumi-chan by all means you should take your time with wallpapers, don't rush, good work takes time.. so you probably should of waited for your computer to stop being all laggy and fix the perspective, so you'll be ultimately satisfied with it, after all you are you're own toughest critic ^^ but I really like the fine details you put in some spots, and the bushes are pretty, the idea is great, excellent work Yumi!

  12. KohakuXP Nov 27, 2004

    Well, its another very creative wall..I think. ^_^

    i never pay attention to this Mamoru girl in Sister Princess, never notice her before. o_O

  13. YoukoxLover Nov 27, 2004

    wai~! Mamoru ish my favorite sister princess character! *-* ... she purtyy~ .. ahaha itz a road?.? looks like a wall ^-^;; .. hehe but it still looks nice!! ^_________^ .. me wuvs the bg ^.^ .. hehe good job yuuuuuuuumi-chan~! =) .. +favv

  14. TakamuraReiji Nov 27, 2004

    omg!!! This is really great!!! And...well,...you did a great job of all the time making this wallie...*surprised* Again, nice wallie. :)

  15. ShiroiLina Nov 27, 2004

    such a kawaii wallpaper!!!!!!!!! i love it! very nicely done Yumi-Chan!!!! :D i really like it! keep it up!!! :) :D

  16. Mistress Nov 27, 2004

    very very very beautiful! ^^ i love this wall ^.~
    Great job Yumi-chan! =^____^=

  17. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 27, 2004

    kawaii girl and kawaii scenery...what more can i ask for :3

  18. jackalx66 Nov 27, 2004

    very nice wall
    nice bg ^_^
    and the chara also cute ^^
    me love it
    + fav from me ^^
    thx for ur efort and share it in here

  19. Yumi-Chan Nov 28, 2004

    it's NOT A WALL lol..... x_____x;; it must be pretty bad lol >_<!!

  20. ayanechan Nov 28, 2004

    u're too good >.> *poke* t____________________________________________t *steals wallie and rubs off yumi's sig and put ayane's name on it* nyaha~! XD roffles! just kidding XD

  21. white-zero Nov 28, 2004

    Quote by Yumi-Chanit's NOT A WALL lol..... x_____x;; it must be pretty bad lol &gt;_<!!</div>

    Despite you saying this, you already have 20 favs. XD

    Hahahaha. Lemme add 'insult to injury'. XD

  22. Angelette Nov 28, 2004

    There's something funny where the grass and the wall meet, but its beautiful, and I love the color of your sky.

  23. Hita Nov 28, 2004

    Muuuu, Yumi-Chan, kawaii desu ^___^

  24. Kenzotsuke Nov 28, 2004

    yeah its agood wall,the scan is very clean and the bg pretty good!
    kep it up the good work!
    ...........+fav :)

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