Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Wallpaper: :: OVERLAP ::

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, Yami Yuugi, Yuugi Mutou Wallpaper
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Series Yami Yuugi Character Yuugi Mutou Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Okay, I finally got back from a murderous run in with the mall ppl today and get to work on some stuff that I wanted to do. XD and by starters, I give you a new wall. ^_^'

The pic is a fanart from my community Duel monster site http://www.janime.net/ "still visit now and then. ^^ check them out for all your yugioh stuff... lol... ^^

I originally made a wall like this a week ago and was gonna post it but sadly I lost that file along with a bunch of stuff due to my recent HD crash. >_< anyways, its not as good as I origianlly have hope to be but it still looks great. ^^ learn a few new tricks on some newbie vectoring from tama's website http://www.clearlypixelated.com/vector/tutorials-paths.php "great tutorial btw." ^^ ... so I fought I'll give it a try. ^^

Overall this thing is 87 layers about 10-11 hours or so. *3-5 of those hrs were basically figuring out how the tutorial goes* XD this is my biggest photoshop work but it sure does not look like it. ~_~ anyways, hope you guys like this. ^^

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Browse Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Athrun Nov 27, 2004

    Wooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! ZOMFG!!!111oneoneone That's so awesome!

    ...altho the text "Overlap" on the bottom right doesn't really suit the theme, IMO. :P

    but man! What a kickass wallpaper! xd!!!

    * adds to fav

  2. Pikapika Nov 27, 2004

    wooOoo its yugieee as a chibi. ^.^ my little brother love this show. ^.^ cutieee ^.^

  3. YoukoxLover Nov 27, 2004

    ahaha yugioh~! .. *glomps* heeyyoo frosty! nice wallie!!! me wuvs it~! hehe itz sooo cute! ^____________^ +fav ... waaa... chibi yugi! *-* ...

  4. chibi-lizard Nov 27, 2004

    wow !!! that's one cute and nice yugioh wallie !! :D and the bg is pretty !!! ~hee~ :D

  5. Yina Nov 27, 2004

    waahhh.. they look so sweet!!! The background looks fantastic!! O__O +fav ^^

  6. CrabbyCandy Nov 27, 2004

    I don't really like this anime but I gotta say this is one cute looking wallpaper. ^__^ and I like how you did with the background work. I'll save this for my annoying little brother's computer. lol. XD great job frosty. ^_^'

  7. krad-orange Nov 27, 2004

    its so cute!!!! good work! i don't usually watch yugioh but i compliment you on this one. :)

  8. shirahana Nov 27, 2004

    Cool ^_^ Lots of blending and effects! Some parts look a tad blurry though, as if they were transformed into something larger than their original size. But other than that, I think it's a cute wallpaper! ^-^;

  9. Devilet Nov 27, 2004

    ohh, that is really cute, I like effects, you've done a good job bringing the focus onto the characters.. but hmm, some parts of the background are low quality ^^;
    ehh, still a good work, keep it up Frosty! ^^

  10. Nakayori Nov 27, 2004

    Cuteness! X3;; :: Tackle glomps. :: *-*;; Nice wallpaper, love the fanart you used. And the background is awesome. o__o;;

  11. KorganoS Nov 27, 2004

    Awesome vectoring!! XD and it's your first!! whoa... you must be very proud!
    Yu Gi Oh eh? I'm not into this kind of anime, but I'm sure my lil' bro will like this a LOT!!
    Thanks for the great work, tiddy magician!!! XD roflz
    now you're a tiddy vector magician!

  12. bandgirl Nov 27, 2004

    sorry about your hd crash O_o... I know how that feels x_x.

    Anyways... really cool wallie, Frosty! I've never watched Yu gi oh, but the fan art seems very well done. I like the idea for the bg... it's a little pixelated but you still get a good effect.

    keep up the good work Frosty-kun! :D

  13. peachiemint Nov 27, 2004

    aww... yugi looks soo kyute. aiyaa, i still luv ur milfiee wallies however. tee-hee anyhoo, thx for da gobble greeting frm yesterday. its been awhile, i know. thx for remember lil ol peachie here. until then, take care older bro (^.~)-- <3

  14. Evanrued Nov 27, 2004

    WOW frosty! This look so freakin awsome! When I get my computer back from being repaired, this will be the first wallpaper I use! It really does look cool! And I notices that you named it "overlap", The anime has an opening by that name, you should check it out, or I can send it to you. And Janime is such a cool site, very many lovely fanarts! This is a really good one and its deffinatly going into my favorites!

  15. jackalx66 Nov 27, 2004

    ur first vector ^^
    tama technique does help much XD
    me also thx her for another tut from her web too
    nice not bad at all
    wanna follow tama path to become vector waller ,eh ^^
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    +fav too, keep up the good work

  16. semanga Nov 27, 2004

    very cool like this very much , keep it up with your great walls :)

  17. slivermoon Nov 27, 2004

    weeeeeeeeee!! ^-^ a YuGiOh wally!! ^-^
    a love the colours in the bg, they are so nice
    though the fan art of little YuGi reminds me of a cat...
    and the title is of a song again like u'r Love Chronicle wally,
    anyways great job! :nya:

  18. cleo-chan Nov 27, 2004

    wow frosty you can't imagine how i love this wall of you...i really love yugioh so much and your wallie is soooo cute, fantastic and simply wonderful! i felt in love with it within the first moment i saw it...it's overwhelming...*love it sooo much*.
    yugi and yami are sooooo cute...soooooo sweet, thank you frosty for this submission (i will always be thankful to you for this work ^______~).
    it's definitely my nummer one in my favorites...
    hope you will create some other yugioh wallies like this...^^

  19. Kenzotsuke Nov 28, 2004

    kawaii artwork^^its a good wall and not bad for your first vector wallie^^
    i like this wall!good work.........+fav :)

  20. TheFreaky0ne Nov 28, 2004

    Yugi oh oh oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time to duel. XD Nice wal man. ^_^'

  21. Serebii Mute Member Nov 28, 2004

    Yugioh XD XD XD XD XD XD nice job ^_^' ^_^' ^_^' ^_^'

  22. ElementValkyrie Nov 28, 2004

    rofl! ^^ yugioh! this is the best looking yugioh wallpaper I have ever seen. MOG! A yugioh fan. XD love it. ^^

  23. Kurosawa Nov 28, 2004

    wuahh.. frosty... I can't speak about this ...really really Coolll. Your first vector is really great ^^. This one goes to my favorite :D Keep the good job fros :D

  24. calisqo Nov 29, 2004

    nice yigi scan .
    Very cute especially the lil dude.
    oberall nice complexcity : )
    good work

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