Aizu: Iori's smile ^_^

Masakazu Katsura, Aizu, Iori Yoshizuki
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lol, i found this old drawing of Iori at the back of my cabinet. i think i drew this 4 years ago...sooo long ago huh.

[edit] yup i think i based the drawing at the first or second volume lol.

[edit again] how big the image? 2x bigger than the manga...pretty big huh

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  1. KorganoS Nov 26, 2004

    lol 4 years ago... exactly when I was at my I"s addiction ^^
    dude, you're already a mastah at drawing since 4 years ago... o.O w00t....
    Vry very nice work, Crash-kun :D
    Now where is the sketch of Itsuki-chan?? XD lol

  2. tAtEkAnE Nov 26, 2004

    really nice crash XD hahahaha! i like the shading! ur really good but i'm not digging her jacket lol XD

  3. Rebel-Soul-Kaze Nov 26, 2004

    Whoa!!! Awesome drawing Crash Kun!!! and like Korganos say: where is the Itsuki-Chan sketch ^-^uuu

  4. ryukoudo Nov 26, 2004

    Hmmm...very nice XD :D
    I like Iori with her smile. :)
    Yo!! :) :)

  5. Furikuu Nov 26, 2004

    The closeup really looks like that same pose of her in the manga ┬ŽD~

  6. rknight1 Nov 26, 2004

    Nice work! Iori's always great and you did a fine job of her. :)

  7. evasion Nov 26, 2004

    *gasps* you are such a pro :) Awesome work! I love how you did the hair ^_^

  8. jackalx66 Nov 26, 2004

    wai so nice ^_^
    i like i's
    and u make nice sketches of her
    *consider to cging this one ^_^ ?*
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    +fav too, keep up the good job

  9. Osiris Retired Moderator Nov 27, 2004

    cute girl :3

  10. Kenzotsuke Nov 27, 2004

    yeah!cool!she is so cute and I like her smile,nice drawing!

  11. ayanechan Nov 28, 2004

    *kills,bleeds,faints* i don't die that easily ^_~ lol.. great work.. really nice.. i really wished that i could draw like that ;_____________________;

  12. walkure245 Nov 28, 2004

    Very nice work! Iori looks really pretty and you did a wonderful job on the shading. You're really good! ^_^

  13. cloudcherry Nov 28, 2004

    you is sooooo good drawer crashhiee!
    and 4 years ago??? woooooo o_O
    dat is soooo good!!!!! her eyes and shading on hair is sooo good!!! ^____^

  14. shinta Nov 28, 2004

    Wowowowowiieeee! Cool drawing! Especially the shading *__* I wanna learn that!!! *shakes fist*

  15. calisqo Nov 29, 2004

    Let this be first time i add a fav from doujinshi.
    The girl is so alive nice work.

  16. charaznableamurorei Nov 29, 2004

    anooo, it's kinda late, but I'll your sketch to my favs, Crash-kun-friend!

    Great sketch, Crash-kun! 'Wish my hair was like that... (enter frustration at the impossibility of real humans having anime hairdos....)

  17. Ujudi Nov 30, 2004

    4 years ago? o_O Wow- 'old school style.' Her eyes look odd in the right image though... very faint... maybe it's just the scanner you used. Her neck looks a little oddly positioned to me- I'm still trying to find the reason. ^^'' Love the shading- especially the highlighs in her hair.

  18. warui Nov 30, 2004

    $#%^&*() dude, you are my god XD!

    Iori is my favorite character of all time, really that series gave me some rocky emotional twists.

    FAV +!!!!

  19. Valindra Nov 30, 2004

    Wow, this is really beautiful.
    You managed to bring the detail and shine of her hair out very well.
    Awsome picture.

  20. zombiehunter Dec 01, 2004

    Amazing work! Ah, the shading on her hair is absolutley beautiful!! Nice nice work!!

  21. Fantasia Dec 02, 2004

    very very cute~the pencil pic is awesome

  22. Akinosuke Dec 02, 2004

    This is very great drawing! That girl looks very cute with that smile ^_^ I shall add this to my favorites!

  23. Akinosuke Dec 02, 2004

    Why, oh why this double posted this :(

  24. artgeek12 Dec 02, 2004

    I wonder...how large was the original drawing? Large or small, very nice. Way to show them skills...

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