Sora-iro no Organ Wallpaper: ~Will you come back?~

Ryo Ueda, Princess Soft, Sora-iro no Organ, Menum Wallpaper
Ryo Ueda Mangaka Princess Soft Studio Sora-iro no Organ Visual Novel Menum Character

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

It's about time I submitted something... ^^
All my exams finished yesterday~~ woohoo!!! That's 13 major exams in total over the last two months (sums up to 35 hours of exams... whew =3)
Anywayz, about the wallpaper.
I had this wallpaper planned for a while and I decided to do it today (I really should be working on the wall for Irix contest... ^_^ sorry to my teammates... I'll get it done in time!!!)
Because my computer kept freezing and was darn slow... and I alsp needed to find some pictures like that boat, took me pretty much most of the day ^^
I used about 10 layers... (I don't use a lot because I always end up merging them... ^^)..
And... the only thing I really changed on the scan was to add in the top of the ribbon... it was chopped off from the scan... so I drew it. ^^ Turned out okay .. :D oh and I added a bit of the corner of the dock as well ^_^
I'd like to add my special thanks to http://brushes.rebelkitty.com/ for the wonderful cloud brushes... ^^
Umm... I found the boat from a photo on Altavista and the last special thanks goes to Shinta for her water tutorial... ^^ My first water turned out quite unrealistic... hehehe >___<
Anywayz, hope you guyz like this wallpaper. I'm glad of how it turned out...
I'll stop blabbin and free you from this torture... ^^

EDIT: how many of you have noticed that the boat has something to do with the title?? (I'll leave you to work it out... ^^ Lesterknight got upset because I blew it for him... ^^ Sorry!)

EDIT: This is like the fourth time I'm editing this,... ^^ I got the scan from MT - thanks a bunch to xelns who submitted it in the first place!

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  1. xiaku Nov 26, 2004

    kyaaa! this wallie is CUTE!
    i love the sunset color scheme...
    it's really nice.
    one of my faves. =]

    w00t, i'm first! xD

  2. jackalx66 Nov 26, 2004

    very pretty ^^
    i love it
    good job,eunasahng
    i will fav it, dl it, and spread it
    this art must be in the highlighted submission XD
    all is nice composition and well blend
    thx for ur effort and share it in here

  3. Barbara Nov 26, 2004

    Beautiful wal, very nice bg, but the girl looks so sad :\ . I want her to be happy because she is so cute :)

  4. agent79 Nov 26, 2004

    very nice wall.

  5. ultimaslair Nov 26, 2004

    Beautiful! Very lovely sunset. The colors are awesome, very vibrat, and it really has a soothing feeling to it. Nice image, very good job overall!

  6. semanga Nov 26, 2004

    very great work you have made here girl .... the sunset bg is amazing .. love it, like all your walls ..... definite fav :)

  7. KorganoS Nov 26, 2004

    Wonderful work, Euna!! :D
    The sunset is very nice, and the overall wallie has a very deep mood in it... :D
    And the title makes it sounds more mellow... ^^
    i love this one a lot....
    goes into my favorite!!

  8. nad21 Nov 26, 2004

    That's a really really nice wallpaper. Good artwork and also good background. *add to favorites* :)

  9. lensterknight Nov 26, 2004

    imho, it's one of your best, if not the finest, submissions to date.

    But... bah, you shouldn't have explained the boat. You kept me from noticing it myself. XD

    Something bothers me about the character's pic's quality. Not sure what, though.

    Nice work, still~

  10. halcyonTwilight Nov 26, 2004

    Really nice ^^ Bah...this wall is too good...i wish i could make a awesome like this ;_; Actually, i wish i had the time XD Darn....i envy you..you finished all your exams *looks over at pile of homework*

    Anyhows, love the water and the whole bg ^^ It's really nice to see a really good sunset wall :D Love the wall ^__^

  11. cloudcherry Nov 26, 2004

    nyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Euuuuunaaaaa!!!
    me had my last exam today hehehehe!!! *phew* all over!! ^________^
    wowzas euuuna!!!! THIS IS MY MOST favey FROM YOU!!!!
    and all your wallzzzzz are super so thats saying sumthing!!!
    Beautiful BG + gorgeous scan + kwel colours + theme + birdiezzzz + made by euuuna = perfect WALLIE!!!
    me luvs it u did super job!!!!! ^___________________^ *parteezzzz*

  12. YoukoxLover Nov 26, 2004

    unni!!!! ^_^v.. awwoo.. i was suppose to post first.... >.>;; ..

    *hugs* this wallie ish so cute... wai~ the scene ish beautiful~.. i love it! hehehe... awwoo.. shez waitin for someone? .. ;_; .. *criiesss* ... +favv

  13. Paolo Nov 26, 2004

    *yawn* oh man im getting sleepy... but i must make my final comment. pretty nice sunset don't u think?

  14. Kenzotsuke Nov 26, 2004

    wow wow!i love the colors!very good choice! and the scan is cute too^^
    a another great wall from you!!
    hop in favorite :)

  15. exentric Nov 26, 2004

    just.. wow...
    simple amazing..
    nothing more can be said @_@
    very good joh euna~ ^_^

  16. penpen Nov 26, 2004

    tres joli wallpapres !! bravo !!

  17. Susan-chan Nov 26, 2004

    wow! it 's a very very super wallpaper!! i luv the colors and everything^^ good job^^ add to fav:)

  18. Sherou Nov 26, 2004

    wow great wallp XD, the girl on the pic seems lonely and the background suite it

  19. hidekeitaro Nov 26, 2004

    Excellent wallpaper!!!!!
    A excellent background (this scene remember me some landscapes of Brasil :D ), a cute girl and a nice colors.
    I liked this wall. Congratulations XD

  20. shinta Nov 26, 2004

    WOW euna! Fantabulous work! You did a great job on everything! Wheeeeee!!! ^__^

  21. dans Nov 26, 2004

    wuuhhh.... it's really good. XD
    the bg is awesome.
    keep up the awesome work.
    a fav from me. :nya:

  22. mentis Nov 26, 2004

    Very nice work. I'm glad you're giving us another peace to enjoy. :D I think it turned out quite well, and the water looks great. My only suggestion would be not to try and create such a big "wave" around the boat. At that distance you would be safe with a much more subtle change in the water. But seriously, at first I wasn't sure if you really did the water yourself . :P Oh, and I think that it's pretty obvious that the boat has something to do with the title. ;) Nice work, and keep em coming!

  23. mentis Nov 26, 2004

    Waaah...I double posted!!!

    Gomenasai! Gomenasai!!!

    Please delete Euna-dono!!!

  24. kc2 Nov 26, 2004

    Wonderful wallpaper, colors are very peaceful and match really well.
    Keep on the good work!! XD

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