Yukirin Wallpaper: The Exorcist

Yukirin Wallpaper
Yukirin Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

phew... this is my newest wallie "The exorcist ". I make BG with the grave,because it's really match with the chara :D Made all by adobe photoshop 7 ^^,like before.
About the exctraction..... I don't have to tell, because it's like a "nightmare" . The extraction take's 2 days to complete it ^^
Thx to Biriwilg ^^

comment and suggest are welcome ( maybe fav too ) :D
Ok c you around, I hope you like it ^^.

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  1. Lenya Nov 25, 2004

    Very nice wp ^^ The bg is great ^__^ *fav*

  2. KorganoS Nov 25, 2004

    Whhoooo??? o.O I can imagine how 'Nightmare' the extraction wass..... dude... that Yukirin scan was hellish with all the hair strands and the lightings.... >_<
    Damn... you've made it look soo good..... and wth? what is that I see in the farness?? a gargoyle?? XD whaa! nice detail!!! excellent job!!
    The colors are also magnificent and helps to build the mood for the whole wallie.....
    I some minor flaws, but that's nothing compared to the very nice overall look.... :D
    a definitely favorite!! Eagerly looking forward to your next wallies, Kuro-san!!

  3. Adrima Nov 25, 2004

    damn it o_o
    i love what you did with the yukirin scan o.o
    oh man.. this is so amazing O_O *fav* >.< *must hav this* >.<

  4. dans Nov 25, 2004

    omg..... it's so cool. XD
    everything looks good.
    keep the awesome work, Kuro.
    *two thumbs up* definitely a fav.

  5. Miyu-DX Nov 25, 2004

    Wow, cool wallie! way too cool!!!! Adrima's true, this is one of the must hv wallie!
    ur work is very clean and nice, i like it, definitely a fave for you! >.<, kyaaaaaa, so cooL!

  6. exentric Nov 25, 2004

    oh... my... god..
    wonderful bg..
    just amzaing..
    the extraction seems a bit complicated but you did a pretty good job. ^_^
    all in all~
    very nice work~ ^_^

  7. white-zero Nov 25, 2004

    Yep. I can tell the extraction was hell. But in the end, it turned out good, yes?

  8. chibikko Nov 25, 2004

    wow kurosawa, this is really cool. the background looks so great and the exorcist girl is great, too. also the colors, awww fav fav

  9. Asahi Nov 25, 2004

    the devil in the background hasnt a good position.. i think a little more left/right and higher would be better. but i like the rest of your wallpaper work very well and so it is a fav for you <3

  10. Led Nov 25, 2004

    Wowowooo it looks wonderful!!!!!! The background is pretty..... I cant speak XD Great work and of course one of my new favourtis. :)
    Thank ya for sharing it ^^

  11. Midori-chan Nov 25, 2004

    wow!! the bg is really nice!!
    it really attracted miie when i came here to check on my notifications!!
    the girl is coOL too!! sugoi!!:o
    u r great!!
    thanx for sharing it here!!
    adds to fav!! :D

  12. Athrun Nov 25, 2004

    nice the text great and the BG suits the theme and character!

    * adds to fav

  13. GaiJiN Nov 25, 2004

    Well, everything I wanted to say was already...
    Really awesome extraction job ( it looks like it would have been even easier to reCG some lines than to extract them ^_^' ). I think everything is fine, only thing I could think of to improve is the overall balance of the composition
    But hey, that's a fav XD !

  14. Devilet Nov 25, 2004

    waaiiwaii~ Kursosawa that's really good o.o ... 2 days for extraction?? Oh my... that's a long lonngg.. time... although I can understand why, cuz I know what that original pic looks like ^^; always loved the image ^_^ and you did such a wonderful job with the background, it really gives a mystic feel to it.. only there are some minor flaws as some people have stated here. Her wings should probably be a little more to the left and slightly higher or something, to make it look more like it's attached to her, and I can see some transparency going through the wings, would be better if it were completely solid ^^ but other than that, everything's great! I really like the planet in the top, and the background behind her very well done, the fog is excellent too, awesome work that you have done with this scan, a fav for me, keep it up, I look forward to seeing more from you Kurosawa :)

  15. anael Nov 25, 2004

    kawaiiii *.* !!! a excellent wallpaper i like it ^^ good job !!! +fav domo arigato :D

  16. Zelgadis Nov 25, 2004

    very well done! the compositing is number one and the extraction too!
    this one a fav

  17. afan Nov 25, 2004

    Holy f***! This is really good @_@ *stares at monitor for a few minutes*
    The extraction is nice but the bottom right corner area is kinda funny ^_^'
    Nice bg but the black wings are kinda messed up (in my opinion). Nice dude! +fav

  18. darkwaterbunny Nov 25, 2004

    I must say, great job! The effects that you used are so great. I like the browness, something that we dont see a lot. Only thing that I would change is that you should blend the top of the wing a little more into the background. And more sparklys would be good too ^_^. But really, this is a great wallie!!! Fav!!!

  19. walkure245 Nov 25, 2004

    So dark and mysterious~ Me likes. The bg is really good and the effects are awesome. A def fav~ ^_^

  20. Flowbeat Nov 25, 2004

    I really like it especialy the scan but some bugs me about it.. I cant quite place it maybe it's the depth of where the character is or those wings I cant quite tell lol but really nice still +fav

  21. penpen Nov 25, 2004

    Tres joli wallpapers !!!!
    Bon travail !!!

  22. jackalx66 Nov 25, 2004

    great wall
    the extraction is well done ^_^
    and the bg match well
    nice job well done
    thx for ur effort and share it in here
    +fav too
    i will happy to see this on highlighted submission

  23. jackalx66 Nov 25, 2004

    sorry for the double post
    with 56k
    is lagg here ^^'
    sorry again

  24. Frosty Nov 26, 2004

    wooo nice one. ^^
    the bg works and the scan image works very nice together. ^^
    bty nice and clean as well w/ some good vector-ish work too. ^^
    a and + fav for a great job. ^^

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